Chapter 161 – Meetup

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 161 – Meetup

“Wow, yukatas.”

Itsuki was already waiting for them when they arrived at the station closest to the festival.

It appeared Itsuki never expected the couple to be in yukatas, for his eyes widened in amazement once he saw them.

“It’s been days since we last met. Mom sent both yukatas.”

“Heh, Shihoko-san’s really well prepared. It’s like she reads your minds.

“I feel the same. Well, since she prepared them, I wore them.”

It seemed as though Shihoko had anticipated an invitation to the summer festival given how the items were packed in there, and in a certain sense, Amane was impressed.

Amane decided to thank her later by sending over a photo of Mahiru in yukata, and looked towards Itsuki again.

Itsuki was dressed in casual plainclothes, a simple shirt and jeans, but he looked fine in them. It really was a cardinal sin to be a handsome, and one would assume a yukata would suit him too.

“Yep yep, a beauty in yukata in quite the eyecandy.”

“Hey Ikkun, what about me~?”

“You’re always cute though Chii.”

“…You have a habit of laughing out loud whenever I use facial masks though.”

“But that’s cute too.”

“You’re obviously about to laugh here, right~?”

Chitose hammered at Itsuki with some strength, and Itsuki’s shoulders were huffing in laughter, resulting in Mahiru giving a wry smile.

Speaking of which, Amane did see Mahiru use facial masks when they returned to his hometown. He remembered feeling very impressed by how difficult it was to maintain one’s beauty, rather than finding it bemusing.

Of course, he too was nearly dragged into using them too, but he ultimately refused.

He reminded himself that her face was so pretty from the effort put in, and stroked her cheek with his finger, making sure not to damage her makeup. Mahiru then giggled from the tickle.

The mere sight had many around them gasping. Once again, Amane realized how beautiful his girlfriend was.

“Cute girlfriends really stand out, huh.”

“No, it’s just that you two really stand out…”

“Hm, not many people wearing yukatas at this summer festival though. It’s no wonder you stand out.”

“That’s the case but that’s not what I’m talking about…ah whatever.”

*Say, you…*Itsuki shrugged, and Amane ignored him as he gently dragged Mahiru to the sight.

This little gesture was meant to fend off the onlookers, to indicate that she belonged to him. She blinked a few times, and seemed to realize what he meant, for her blushing face looked delighted as she took the initiative to stand next to him.

Chitose and Itsuki cackled away once they saw that, and Mahiru did not care as she leaned on Amane.

“We can’t lose now. Come here~”

“Hahaha, coming in.”

Both of them clung to each other excitedly, seemingly in protest. Amane gave a wry smile, and looked down at Mahiru, who was clinging onto him.

Her eyes looking up at him were filled with trust, and Amane seemingly responded to that trust as he held that little hand of hers.

“Let’s not stand around already. Shall we go?”

“The festival’s starting. Righto let’s eat~”

Chitose expressed her priority for her appetite as she clung onto Itsuki’s arm, and happily raised her other hand. Itsuki too smiled, and turned towards the venue.

Amane glanced aside at Mahiru, and smiled as he firmly held her hand, following behind the other couple.