Chapter 169 – Unfinished Assignment

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Chapter 169 – Unfinished Assignment

“Save me Amane.”


Chitose held the mechanical pencil, and grumbled as she faced the table. Amane refused her, and blatantly rolled his eyes at her.

It seemed shes stayed over at Mahiru’s place because she had to finish her assignments, and naturally came over to Amane’s place to do her assignments, probably to pull him along for the ride. However, Amane was done with his assignments a month ago, was left with revision, and had no need to panic.

He had no need to anxiously study on the table, so he sat on the sofa, looked at the magazine, and stared down at Chitose.

“Your fault for not finishing your assignments until the last moment. Mind planning a little? How about you suffer a little at the start and finish your assignments, rather than end your summer vacations in a poor mental state and mood. You’ll enjoy the rest of your time if you do that.”


“You did your assignments with Itsuki the last time, right? Now he’s done. He did it little by little every day, and you wouldn’t be like this if you learned from him.”


“Anyway, why do you think things will get solved if you ask others for help? You’re the one who has to do the assignments. You’re suffering because you’ve been lazy all this while. Stop struggling and do your assignments. That’ll get things done faster.”

“Mahirun~ Amane’s bullying me~!”

Amane felt he was right, but Chitose begged Mahiru for clemency.

It so happened that Mahiru returned with Chitose’s share of fruit juice, the glass of orange liquid on the tray.

“You cannot be too harsh on her, Amane-kun.”

Mahiru coaxed with a wry smile, and handed over some juice to Amane. “See~?” Chitose got gleeful, her eyes basically hinting that Amane should be more like Mahiru.

However, Mahiru did not appear to side Chitose completely; she appeared to be more biased towards Amane. It was for this reason that she had long finished her assignments, and started her own revision.

Mahiru was one to prioritize doing things little by little, but she had already finished her assignments. She once said that it was bad to hurry and finish them at the last moment, so she did all she had, and revised regularly to ensure she would not forget what she studied.

Amane was a little relieved that she had the same thought process.

With a gentle smile, Mahiru placed Chitose’s orange juice on the table, and gently placed her hand on Chitose’s shoulder.

“Chitose-san, do your best.”

“You too Mahirun!?”

“After all, I did ask you at the start of summer vacation if you want to do assignments together, but you wanted to play first…”


“You reap what you sow.”

Mahiru invited Chitose, but the latter chose to play. There was no need to pity the latter.

“Chitose-san, with me around, you should be fine even with many assignments.”


“Anyway, you should be able to finish half of it before dinner if you keep at it…no?”


Mahiru naturally severed off Chitose’s lifeline. driving the latter to despair. She’s pitiful, Amane thought callously as he stared at Chitose, drinking the orange juice Mahiru served.

Amane did plan to take over if they had trouble, or if Mahiru was too tired to teach, but Chitose would get too cocky if they pampered her too much, so he chose to be harsh in moderation.

*Don’t wanna, *Chitose moaned away as she started on her assignments unwillingly, and Amane stared at her sidelong face, thinking that he should buy some sweets later.