Chapter 170 – Bait is to be Dangled in Front

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 170 – Bait is to be Dangled in Front

“I’m~ tired~”

Chitose kept writing her assignments, took a little break midway through, and at this point, she was rolling on the carpet, fawning around. It seemed she was really tired.

Chitose was wearing shorts, so it was fine, but he would have seen her panties if she was wearing a skirt. Amane clearly looked bewildered.

“What happens if you roll about and spill your juice?”

“I’ll just get down and beg for mercy.”

“Better not spill it instead of sacrificing this much of your dignity. It’ll be troublesome to clean up the carpet and your clothes if you spill it.”

Mahiru cautiously removed the two glasses that were on the table, so that was not an issue. Nevertheless, a mishap could have happened if it continued.

Amane would not be angry even if the juice was spilled onto the carpet, but he really hoped this would not happen, considering the effort required to clean it.

“Be honest, you.” Mahiru too reproached.

The wry smile showed that Mahiru had no intention to actually stop Chitose, for she knew that the latter would be worn out if she had no breaks.

“Uuu~~ I’ll just go to Mahirun’s lap since there’s nowhere to go to.”

“Hold it. That’s my place.”

“Wahh, you miser. Can I, Mahirun~?”

“…If Amane-kun says no, then no.”

Mahiru lowered her eyes and shook her head, acting somewhat stiff.

Chitose did not look displeased by Mahiru’s gesture, and instead showed a happy smile.

“I don’t get a lap pillow, but as long as you’re happy, Mahirun.”

Mahiru appeared to be more bashful than delighted, but her face started to blush and relax, so Chitose was probably right.

Perhaps Mahiru was delighted to hear the word ‘my place’.

“Go enjoy it in my place then~ I’ll be motivated to write seeing you enjoy yourself.”

“Like hell, I know you just want to joke around. She’s not going to run away because she’s mine, and I’ll do it when you’re not around.”

“So you’ll do it?”

“I have the privilege Ah whatever, I’ll buy sweets for you, so hurry up with your assignments.”


Chitose suddenly jolted with sparkling eyes, and once again, Amane was painfully aware of how realistic she was.

*I’ve been waiting for these words. *She chuckled, causing Amane and Mahiru to smile wryly.

“So,  a reward’s a reward. I’ll go buy some if you get serious.”

“Goody goody~! You really are magnanimous Amane~! The usual shop I go to then! Cheesecake! Souffle!”

“That’s a tall order…though it’s not that far…”

The shop was a little further from the nearby patisserie, and more expensive, but they were about the same. Mahiru too seemed fond of that shop, so Amane was not opposed.

“What about you Mahiru?”

“Eh, me…?”

“How about Mahirun go with you?”

“Nope, you’ll definitely slack. I don’t want her walking out there in the heat.”

“How little do you trust me…but since you’re a gentleman Amane, I’ll endure for now.”

“I don’t feel like buying yours then.”

“Then what is the point of the reward…?”

“So shut up and do your assignments.”

Amane ignored Chitose’s doubtful look, and asked Mahiru what she wanted. Chocolate cake, so the response, and he stood up.

Cakes would not sell well in the summer, but there was always a chance that they would be sold out, so it was better to hurry out.

“Now then, let’s go.”

Amane took his wallet, left the living room, and Mahiru discreetly followed.”

It appeared she intended to send him off, and as he sat the entrance and put on his sneakers, Mahiru knelt down on one knee next to him.


“Erm, I apologize for making you go out in this hot weather…”

“Ah it’s fine, I’m the one who said it anyway. More importantly, keep an eye on Chitose.”

“Fufu, she may usually act like that, but she is very serious if she has to, you know?”

“I know that I know that, just keep an eye on her. Make sure she rests adequately, and get her to work hard.”


Mahiru nodded with a smile, and Amane too smiled as he stood up.

“I’ll be leaving then.”

“Ah, Amane-kun, please wait a moment.”

Amane turned around as Mahiru called for him, and she suddenly latched onto his chest.

The sudden situation had him stunned, and she gently reached her arms around his back, hugging him.

The faint fragrance and softness left him stifled. He resisted the urge to cry out, patted Mahiru’s head for the time being, and she narrowed her eyes in a ticklish manner, lifting her head.

“…I am a little tired from studying. Please give me some extra.”

She muttered softly, and Amane could not help but hug her. Her eyes looked bashful, but there was a smile on her face.

“…I’m not letting go if you say so.”

“That will not do. Chitose-san will be sad.”

“…Until she returns home then, okay?”

“Of course.”

Mahiru nodded, and buried her face into his chest. Amane made up his mind to settle this quickly and return home.