Chapter 171 – The Delivered Letter

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Chapter 171 – The Delivered Letter

After buying cakes for Chitose and Mahiru, Amane returned to his apartment, and found that thing inside the letterbox at the entrance of the apartments.

An anonymous letter was mixed amidst the usual adverts.

“To Amane Fujimiya” so the fine handwriting on the letter. Amane had no idea who delivered it, casually flipped it, and doubted his eyes.

The sender’s name was on the back.

Asahi Shiina.

…Mahiru’s dad, huh?

Amane knew that Mahiru’s mother was named Sayo, and not the name listed on the letter.

Also, that man was probably the only one who knew of Amane.

He probably witnessed Mahiru welcoming him back then, and a simple investigation would show how intimate Amane and Mahiru.

However, Amane did not understand why the man purposely delivered a letter to him. It was one thing to deliver to his own daughter, and he did not think it was necessary to deliver it to his daughter’s boyfriend.

Mahiru said that her father was callous towards her, but if that was the case, he would not have dropped by to observe.

Amane could not understand the father’s intentions at all.

Caught in a dilemma, Amane decided to return home and open the letter once Chitose left, so he slipped it into his bag.

“You seem amiss after returning home. Did something happened.”

Chitose returned home after grumbling and finishing about 70% of her assignments, so Mahiru leaned over to look at Amane.

Amane intended to open the letter once Mahiru went home, but it appeared the latter noticed that he had been hiding something from her.

However, it would be more appropriate to say that Amane did not know what was written on it, rather than outright trying to hide from her. He felt it was  best if Mahiru would not realize so easily, but since she was suspicious, perhaps it would be more appropriate if he never hid this matter to begin with.

“Ah, erm, well.”

“Hm…ah, it is not that I have to know, if you do not wish to inform me.”

Mahiru clearly respected Amane’s opinion, and Amane put his feet on the floor, looking at her.

“Not that I don’t want to tell you…but you may not want to listen.”

“What I do not want to…ah, is that so?”

She probably noticed it involved her parents, and showed a faint, wry smile.

“Is that man still nearby?”

“Not at all…I received a letter.”

“A letter? From who?”

“…The name’s Asahi Shiina.”

“That is my father.”

Mahiru nodded tersely, not looking as rattled as Amane would have imagined. She seemed blase rather than shaken by it, and a little taken aback.

Her eyes looked a little colder however, probably because of how her parents had treated her.

“Anyway, I am curious as to why he sent a letter to you, Amane-kun, and how did he know of our relationship, but that has nothing to do with me, I believe.”

“You’re not concerned about what’s written on it?”

“I do not have an interest in peeking at others’ letters. The sender may be my father, but the recipient is you.”

Amane felt that he was too concerned about her, given her adamant reply, and she ended up worrying about him instead.

However, it seemed that Mahiru would rather not get involved, rather than accept the situation.

Her eyes drifted aside slightly, and did not look as calm as usual. “You may read, shall I move away for now?” She asked with an icy tone, and Amane shook his head with a wry look.

“Hm…well, I hope you’ll stay by my side. I don’t mind if you don’t like this idea, but I’m a little nervous to read a letter from my girlfriend’s parent.”

“I shall remain here then…it is up to you to decide whether to read the letter’s contents to me.”

Mahiru started reading the textbooks on the table. Amane sighed, and look the letter from the bag next to him.

The letter was sealed really tightly. He opened it cautiously, and read the contents.

Simply put, the sender wanted to meet Amane face to face to have a chat, and included his contact.

…Why me? Is he not going to check on Mahiru’s situation?

Amane had no idea why he, someone who was completely unrelated, was invited out.

“…Looks like he wants to meet me.”

“Not his own daughter, but you, Amane-kun? I see.”

Mahiru’s voice became more frosty, and Amane instinctively patted Mahiru’s head, who felt ticklish and narrowed her eyes.

“No, I am not angry…I simply do not understand what he means, why he wants to meet you.”

“…I guess it’s because a guy’s approaching his daughter.”

“That is impossible. Why would he ask now given that he ignored me all this time.”

“…How shall I deal with this?”

“I shall not stop you from meeting him.”

It seemed Mahiru really intended to leave it to Amane, for her reply was very blase.

“Ah, but I do not think you have to worry. He is a failure as a father, but he is not someone to threaten others…I should not be saying this as someone who do not understand my father however.”


“I do not know what he is planning, but rest assured, he is not the kind to harm others. You are free to meet him, Amane-kun.”

Mahiru said, and leaned onto Amane. “I see.” Amane gently muttered, and looked at the letter again.