Chapter 174 – The Morning After Summer Vacation Ended

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Chapter 174 – The Morning After Summer Vacation Ended

It was the first morning of the new semester, and once Amane woke up, he instinctively looked towards the side, found no one next to him, and was disappointed.

Mahiru intended to stay overnight, but probably was overwhelmed by what Amane said, for she hurried home immediately after dinner.

Amane did not intend to act, but she was concerned by what he said.

I do not hate this, but I have to go back and calm down. That was what she said when she got up and left, and Amane just watched her leave, given that he realized that he achieved his aim of consoling her and putting her uneasiness to rest.

I’ll definitely be happy to hug her little body to sleep, so he thought as he got up, got changed, only to hear a door creak open.

It was the first day of school right after summer vacation, and Mahiru appeared earlier than usual.

He changed into his uniform, got out of his room, and saw Mahiru standing at the kitchen entrance, wearing an apron.

“Ah…go-good morning.”

Mahiru greeted somewhat hesitantly, and Amane snickered.

It was obvious that she was still mindful of him.

“Morning. Slept well?”

“…Somewhat. I am bothered because of you though, Amane-kun.”

“You hate that?”

“…Please do not ask me so when you already know.”

Mahiru blushed as she dope slapped him with her gloved hand, and he started laughing without a shred of conscience, went to the washroom, and tidied himself.

“…Why are you looking at me?”

“Well, I think you’re so adorable when you’re embarrassed.”

“I think it is bad of you to tease me more.”

“It’s fine if it’s just you.”

Mahiru remained embarrassed at the dining table. Amane stared at her, and she started to pout a little…or rather, a deliberate act to hide her embarrassment.

She still recalled the events that transpired the previous day, “baka.” and muttered before taking a bite of omelette. She was reproaching Amane, but it sounded so adorable.

The slightly pursed lips were probably because of Amane’s attitude.

She was miffed, but she remained elegant in how she ate breakfast, which was comforting. Amane gave her a warm stare, and she seemed to have noticed it as she gave him a reluctant look.

“…What is it?”

“Nothing. I just feel blessed to be able to have a good breakfast together with you.”

“…I do feel blessed too, but you are deliberately saying so now, are you not?”

“That’s for you to figure out.”

Amane said, and Mahiru gently kicked at his feet under the table. Amane stopped teasing her as she continued to eat with a bashful look, and slightly continued with his breakfast.