Chapter 175 – Going to School

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 175 – Going to School

“I believe you did not forget anything, no?”

Amane sorted his clothes again after breakfast, and was about to head out when Mahiru called out to me.

He probably did not forget anything, since he did prepare beforehand.

They would be in school for half the day, no need for textbooks, and probably only indoor slippers, stationery, assignments, and some forms to be submitted. He did put them all in a bag, checked through them, and it should be fine.

“I don’t think so.”


“Why are you not trusting me at all?”

“…Did you not forget this?”

Mahiru said, looking somewhat dumbfounded. She showed Amane the designated school tie, which Amane found it too stuffy to wear, and intended to do so later.

Ahhh, he instinctively blurted, and heard Mahiru sigh.

“You are participating in an after holiday assembly. You should take note of your appearance.”

Mahiru grumbled as she got ready to put the tie on Amane, who was strangely apologetic as he bent down.

Amane would put on his tie every day before summer vacation, and could do it on his own, but he had no intention to refuse her help when she wanted to do it.

Mahiru put on the tie with a grim look, and amane smiled.

…She’s going to be embarrassed again once she realizes what she’s doing.

Mahiru took the initiative to act like a newlywed, and he was glad.

Amane was really grateful that she was willing to do so, showing concern for him, and actually doing it naturally. What he would be most delighted with was that he could see her looking embarrassed once she realized what she did.

He saw her passionately put on his tie, and she probably noticed something amiss in his expression, for she gave him a doubtful look.

“…What is it?”

“No, it’s nothing. Just thinking that you’re cute, Mahiru.”

“It does seem you have assumed that you can bluff you way through by calling me cute.”

“Nope, but it’s a fact that you’re cute.”

“…Even if you keep saying so…well, it is fine if it is only directed to me.”

Mahiru said somewhat enthusiastically, and quickly latched his tie. Amane controlled his smile, and did not intend to keep teasing her again.

Instead, he patted her head, and held her hand.

“Let’s go then.”

“…It feels like I have been misdirected once again.”

“You’re overthinking it.”

Amane played dumb, slung his bag, picked up Mahiru’s, and went for the door.

Mahiru wanted to carry it herself, but Amane could not leave everything to her. He might really be relying on her thoroughly if he could not do this much at least.

Amane showed no intention of budging, and Mahiru’s cheeks relaxed as she looked somewhat happy, before she gently ribbed her head onto his elbow.


“…it is nothing.”

“Doesn’t feel like it.”

“Since you said it was nothing, it is the same for me.”

“You’re making it difficult for me to ask. Ah whatever, it’s nothing, alright?”

Amane chuckled, put on his shoes at the door, and left home together with Mahiru.

“I’m leaving.”

He muttered to himself, and Mahiru stared at Amane for a while, before imitating him, “I am leaving.”

Amane’s cheeks relaxed in joy as he quietly noted to himself that this was the home Mahiru would return to, and Mahiru did not ask further.

The reason was that Mahiru herself was blushing a little, smiling away. There was no way she could nitpick about Amane at this point.

So Amane held the hand of the blissful Mahiru, who grabbed it in return.