Chapter 176 – The Classroom after Summer Vacation ended

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 176 – The Classroom after Summer Vacation ended

The heat had yet to dissipate in September. The heat waves rumbled on in the morning, and the sun was too dazzling.

However, Amane did not feel that hot, for he saw Mahiru walking next to him, looking refreshed.

The hand holding his was colder, and felt comfortable to touch.

“It’s hot huh.”

“It is considered Autumn, but it does seem like it will take a while to cool down.”

Mahiru fanned herself with the hand not holding Amane’s. Her expression remained cool and collected despite what she said, and Amane’s face in turn was distorted from the heat, given that his black hair was hot due to the sunlight it absorbed.

“Hmm…I don’t like hot days though.”

“Is that so?”

“I’m better with the cold. Besides, you don’t like the smell of sweat, right?”

“…I do not mind if it is yours.”

“Alright, so I hate it. Got to take note of it.”

Amane could not expect himself to simply give off a nice fragrance, but he definitely did not want to give off a foul smell, so he had been paying attention to it. Moreso when he had to live together with someone.

Amane quietly decided that he would wipe himself dry with body paper at school, and use some odorless deodorant. Mahiru then brought her nose to his elbow.

“…Your original scent is nice, Amane-kun.”

“…Thanks. You smell great as usual too.”

“Th-that is because I have been taking care of myself. I do not want to make you suffer too, Amane-kun.”

“I feel the same. Do understand.”

Ultimately, both of them felt the same. Amane chuckled as he felt the cooling air in the heat, slowly walking towards school along with Mahiru’s pace.

“……You two trying to blind us early in the morning?”

“Blind what?”

Amane and Mahiru chatted away once they sat down, and found some reason, Itsuki greeted them with a cringing face.

The air conditioning was switched on in the classroom, and it was cooling. Every classroom had one, and they would not be bothered by the outside heat.

“Like…you two are making out so much, it’s blinding.”

“What’s blinding? We’re just chatting.”

“Yeah, you’re definitely talking like serious students, but well, the mood and attitude and eyes…”

Once they arrived at the classroom, they greeted their classmates, sat together for some mock test revisions, and it seemed this sight felt so passionate to the onlookers.

Amane was simply revising seriously, and had no idea how it looked so passionate.

“Say, can you please stop acting sweet instinctively with Shiina publicly?”

“We didn’t do anything. We’re just checking what we’re tested, quizzing each other.”

“…Say, Amane.”

“I don’t know what you’re getting at.

Whatcha saying? So he gave such a look, but Itsuki was giving the same look back at him.

“Look around you.”

Amane did as Itsuki said, looked around, and saw the boys giving him murderous looks, the girls looked elated, and somewhat envious.

Kadowaki, Hiiragi and Kuju, who were chatting away, gave them wry looks, and Amane’s face cringed.

“You two have been really dazzling recently, you know?”

“…Aren’t you the same with Chitose?”

“What do you mean? We’re deliberately doing it openly. It’s not like we’re acting like you two, giving off all that newlywed vibe.”

“It’s weird hearing you said that.”

Amane felt it was weirder for Itsuki to say that his frolicking till this point was deliberate, but apparently to the entire class, it seemed the fault was with Amane.

Mahiru’s cheeks turned red once she heard Itsuki say so, and it seemed she was in discomfort, for she might have realized so. Amane really hoped that Mahiru would have said so earlier.

“Anyway, be careful…it’ll be dangerous if you two do what you did back during the summer festival.”

“What do you mean, dangerous?”

“…I too feel it is a pity to show Amane-kun to others.”

Wait, is it that ridiculous? Amane answered once he heard Mahiru mutter, and patted her head. She pursed her lips slightly, seemingly pouting as she said, “This is where you are hopeless, Amane-kun.”