Chapter 177 – After Homeroom

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 177 – After Homeroom

It was the first day of the school semester, and the school assembly ended, their homeroom teacher ended the session, and they could return home.

However, it was also because they had tests the next day.

“I don’t wanna have tests~”

Once class was dismissed, Chitose said next to Itsuki, sprawled on the table, and grumbled in frustration.

“Really? I think it’s easy if you do your revision normally. We have it easy here since we can go home earlier during exam period.”

“You and Mahirun get to say this since you’re elite students~ ordinary students hate tests~ isn’t that right, Yuu-chan?”

“Ahahaha, well, I understand what you two are thinking. I feel a little lonely since I don’t have club activities, but a rest day is a luxury to me. I don’t really have any thoughts about tests.”

“Ughh, you’re an elite student too Yuu-chan…?”

Kadowaki was the ace of the track team, but he was not all brawns. His studies were good, and in fact, he was in the upper echelon.

Chitose did not participate in any clubs, but she used to be on the track team, and preferred to be physically active rather than studying, which was why she was bad at the latter. Truth be told, the biggest reason was that she hated studying.

“Ikkun~, everyone’s bullying me.”

“No point looking for me. Well, just work hard, Chii.”

“Ikkun you traitor. You’ve been secretly studying during summer break.”

“I don’t get my freedom if my grades are too poor.”

Itsuki laughed. According to him, his parents demanded that he improve his greats.

He was capable to begin with, smart, but he always prioritized Chitose, resulting in his grades being average. His father was probably unhappy about this.

Guess that guy has it tough with his family, so Amane pitied as he prepared to go home. It appeared Mahiru was done, for she approached him while holding her bag.

“My apologies for keeping you waiting. I was talking to the teacher…”

“Ah it’s fine, I’m just chatting with them. Chitose’s just rambling stuff like tests tomorrow, and such.”

“I cannot help you there.”

“You’ve forsaken me!?”

“We will be having them tomorrow, and it is too reckless to remember everything that is to be tested, impossible even…and besides, what is the point of the long break?”

Chitose, who looked up pleadingly to Mahiru, collapsed onto the table again once she heard this rational take.

*You reap what you sow, *Amane gave a look of pity, and he was really powerless to help with her lack of memory and hard work.

However, once Mahiru said those harsh words of concern, she showed a conflicted smile, took a file from her bag, and handed it over to Chitose along with the documents.

“I expected this, so I have sorted out likely areas that will be tested. You probably will not fail.”

“Mahirun you Angel!”

“I have told you many times not to call me that…”

Chitose leaped and hugged Mahiru, causing the latter to frown.

On a side note, Amane did contribute to this file full of notes that could possibly be tested in this exam.

Amane and Mahiru both understood the habits of the teachers setting the papers, and chose points that they might choose. They would be sorry if they did not manage to pinpoint the teacher’s habits, but the crucial points should allow for Chitose to get just enough marks to pass.

“Amane-kun did help too. Do thank you.”



“Which one do you want, a photo of Mahirun happily eating crepes with cream on her face, or a teary, shivering Mahirun while watching a horror flick?”


“Why not both?’

“Amane-kun too!?”

Mahiru frowned, blushing furiously, for her photo was taken without her knowledge. Amane burst out laughing.

“Just joking.”


“I’ll keep it if you send me.”

The photos were not at fault, and Amane was naturally glad to receive the photos of his girlfriend’s adorable side, as seen from her friend.

Mahiru looked displeased to hear Amane say so, but she was not angry at him, for Chitose was cackling away. “Chitose-san no baka.” She cried out loudly.

“Say Mahirun, it’s good that you’re on good terms with Amane, and it’s a dream for him to have his lover’s photos, you know?”

“That is a completely different matter.”

Mahiru said adamantly, and turned her head aside. Both Amane and Chitose laughed, and she pouted away.