Chapter 181 – Results of the After Vacation Tests

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 181 – Results of the After Vacation Tests

A week later, the test results were announced.

Mahiru’s name remained at the top, as expected. She was not being prideful as she looked at it, and smiled once she noticed Amane’s stare.

She was giving the Angelic smile shown to outsiders, but one could see the trust and love she had for him.

“Yep, congrats for getting first.”

“Thank you very much.”

“You’ve always getting the results because you work hard. That’s great.”

Mahiru had always been taking care of Amane, but she seemed so casual about getting first. Obviously it was due to the knowledge she built up, along with her relentless hard work.

She often did revision and supplementary questions whenever she was with Amane, and memorized her flashcards. She never slacked in her studies as far as Amane could see.

“You say so, but you are fifth this time, Amane-kun.”

“Thanks to you for teaching me well.”

“Fufu, thank you for the thanks. I do enjoy teaching you when you understand things so well.”

“Well thanks…how is your student usually like?”

“She is amazingly focused when she is in the mood, but she does seem to be worried about what she is bad at…”

“That’s so Chitose.”

On a side note, Chitose was ranked around the middle. It seemed the personal notes did come in handy.

Itsuki too had a better rank than usual, around twentieth or so, which showed how much hard work he put in. He might usually look frivolous, but he was capable if he put in some effort, which he did.

“I believe she is relieved for the time being.”

“We’ll check the answers once we get our papers back. Better to find the mistakes  and correct them before they become habit.”

“Of course. It is a good thing to be so studious.”

“I don’t want to embarrass myself while being next to you.”

Amane had no outstanding athletic ability, and was not capable of creating a mood like Itsuki. He was relatively handsome, but not as outstanding as Mahiru’s god-given looks.

They loved each other, and dated after understanding each other. Others however might not be able to accept this.

Thus, Amane was working hard as much as he could, to shush the talking heads around them, and to be able to stand up right next to him. Studying was part of it.

“And the higher our scores, the more opportunities we’ll get.”


“Hm…like, the kind of jobs we’ll like to do?”

Grades were not everything, but the better the grades, the more opportunities to choose an environment suitable for himself.

His parents had him study to get good grades, to ensure that he had more options, that when he had things he wanted to do, he could develop in that direction…assuming he could. Once he met this condition, he would not suffer or regret it in the future.

Amane’s parents understood that he was studying on his own volition, and knew that he knew that more opportunities would arise with better grades. That was why they did minimal reminder. Despite that, they did teach him to seize the opportunity, to pull it towards him, and to study well and not regret in the future.

“I see. You have the pragmatism and foresight.”

“You should. Think about it…I’m a guy.”


“My pride’s gone if i ended up being raised by you even though I want to support you.”

Amane’s life was completely reliant on Mahiru, but his little dignity would crumble if this would include financial need.

He hoped to have more than excess funds to support Mahiru.

“My hard work has meaning since the one I’m working for is that outstanding.”

“Erm, so-sorry…?”

“Ah no, just remain as you are. I’m telling myself to work hard.”

“…I shall tell myself to cheer you own.”

We will be going through the answers, no?  Mahiru chuckled as she gently pinched at Amane’s hem, and he nodded, returning to the classroom with her.