Chapter 182 – Invitation to Stay Overnight

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 182 – Invitation to Stay Overnight

“So, cushion as a reward. Is that fine?”

They returned home, had dinner, and started going through their mistakes. Mahiru was explaining the mistakes when Amane suddenly asked.

Once she heard the word cushion, she looked up from the notebook, and her eyes started fluttering around.

“…Uuu, I want that cushion.”

“Well, if you want it, here.”

“An-and, also…”

“Anything else you want?”

“N-not really…erm.”

Mahiru seemed to have difficulty spitting it out, so Amane gently patted her head, hoping to get her to calm down for the time being.

She would never stubbornly ask for anything, so since she had something she wanted, it was natural for him to oblige.

Mahiru showed a relaxed smile while being comforted, only to bashfully lower her head.

“…E-erm, are you free on Friday?”

“Hm? I don’t have anything special planned.”

“…In that case, erm…I-I wish to do, what we talked about.”

“Talked about?”

“…To stay over.”

The slightly trembling voice betrayed something completely unexpected. Amane unwittingly widened his eyes, and stared at Mahiru.

“…Chitose’s idea?”

“N-not at all. I was the one who suggested to stay over, and Chitose-san merely gave me a nudge…I am saying this because I want to be with you, Amane-kun, not because someone has told me to.”

“I-I see…uuu, stayover?”


Mahiru shriveled and embraced the cushion tightly, for what she might say next seemed to be too embarrassing, and Amane scratched his cheek in joy and embarrassment.

Taken aback he was, Amane did not dislike it, and instead yearned for him. He was more than glad to imagine the bliss of embracing Mahiru to sleep.

The problem however was to what extent he could endure this.

“…Well, I’m glad, but…you never thought about what I will do?”

“E-Erm…I will accept it if you wish to, Amane-kun…y-you will bear responsibility.”

“Of course. I’ll take you in even if it’s not.”

“Th-thank you…erm, so…this is a trial run…for us to sleep together, in the future.”

They were already cohabiting, somewhat, but sleeping on the same bed was a little different.

Mahiru was to spend a night at her boyfriend’s place for the first time as the girlfriend, so she was really embarrassed to mention this.

“…We, cannot?”

“T-that’s not it. Why do you think I’ll refuse…I’m more than happy.”

Amane was shocked as it was too sudden of Mahiru to mention it, but Amane intended to agree. He was glad that Mahiru needed him, and that she could accept him.

Of course, he did not intend to do anything. He was more than content that Mahiru was willing to entrust her all to him.

Mahiru was clearly delighted and bashful about being accepted. Same as usual, she cupped the cushion, and lowered her eyes.

“…I-I am, looking forward.”


They nodded stiffly.

…Friday, huh?

They were just going to spend a night together, and they did sleep together, but his heart was still pounding wildly, and he felt so nervous. Perhaps it was because they were determined to do this as lovers, to sleep on the same bed.

He was embarrassed even though he did not intend to do anything, and the passive Mahiru might be moreso.

Mahiru blushed, but did not retract her words. Amane quietly swore to himself that he would train his sanity a little before Friday.