Chapter 187 – Out of the Bath

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 187 – Out of the Bath

Once they were done bathing, Mahiru chased Amane out to the living room, wanting him to get changed.

According to her, it would take her a lot of time to care for her skin and change clothes, and she did not want to show Amane that.

Amane could only obediently abide since she said so, and steadied his uneasy heart and body as he got changed. He waited for her at the living room.

…Everything was fine till this point, but half an hour passed.

Amane opened the notebook with the notes on it, and started reading his notes with the TV sounds as background. He wanted to call out as Mahiru really took her time, but the moment he lifted his head, Mahiru appeared on the corridor.

It was to be expected, but she was wearing her nightwear.

It was Autumn, but the heat still lingered, and the air conditioning remained a must. It was to be expected as to why she seemed to be baring more skin.

She did not reveal that much, and the black bikini did show more than this.

However, the fact that she did not reveal much instead gave an alluring side.

“Wh-what is it…? Is it really strange?”

Mahiru fidgeted as she was stared at. She was wearing a one-piece nightwear, or a negligee.

Amane did see the negligee during the initial stayover, but there was comparatively little fabric. The sleeves remained the same, just that they were slightly shorter, revealing the knees slightly, along with a wider collar that could show the neck.

It was not especially transparent, and the curves were not particularly emphasized.

She looked so strangely alluring at this moment, for she had just came out of the bath, along with the fact that she had no extra fat, which made her look so innocent.

“…No, it really suits you. Very adorable.”

“R-really? I guess I did not pick the wrong one.”

“You chose it for me?”

“Erm…I feel that you probably would prefer this simple, cute one…”

It seemed she understood Amane’s preference of clothes after having been together for so long. Amane knew that anything would look good on Mahiru, and would not instruct her to wear anything in particular, but he preferred the innocent type.

Mahiru understood this, and chose a very conservative looking clothing that revealed little.

“E-Erm, Chitose-san recommended one that exposed much…but that, is a little embarrassing.”

“…You have that?”

“I-it is because…days ago, she demanded that I buy it.”

It seemed they bought it after exams ended. This proved that Mahiru had planned to stay over, or rather, she planned to stay over from that point.

“I-it is a little too early. Uu, I cannot do so.”

“…Oh? That means you’re going to wear it for me one day?”

Amane asked mischievously, and Mahiru turned red immediately, lowered her head as she shivered, “…If you wish to look.” she whispered.

She would shrivel for a short moment whenever he bullied her too much. Just joking, Amane shrugged and chuckled, and Mahiru kept her head low as she scampered towards Amane, sitting next to him.

He looked aside, and found the red faced Mahiru looking at him with moist eyes.

“…N-not that I am unwilling. I-it is just awkward.”

“I get that. You don’t have to be so desperate. You’re making it sound like I’m the one causing you to cry.”

“…I am not crying. It is just awkward.”

“I get that…you don’t have to push yourself.”

So Amane thought, but if that happened, Mahiru would surely shrivel and shiver, but that was fine. He personally felt that she could wear it for him when she wanted to.

Mahiru let Amane pat her head and console her for a while.

“…But really, you spent quite some time in there.”

He asked once the redness on her face faded. Mahiru lifted her head, and her eyebrows dropped a little.

“…I need to take care of my skin and dry my hair.”

“I see. Your hair’s very long after all.”

Her hair was beyond waist length, and needed a much longer time to dry compared to Amane’s. Furthermore, she had to care of it, which would require more time.

“…You say that, but you have not dried your hair.”

“…Got mesmerized with studies.”

“I have told you many times that you will damage your hair if you leave it be. I did bring my hair dryer over so that we can use it separately…goodness.”

Mahiru sighed with dismay, covered Amane’s hair with the towel dangling on his shoulder, and rubbed off the moisture. The hair was mostly dry however, You have to dry your hair well, so she coaxed.

She carried that bag with her each other the bath, took out some unknown fluid, and brushed it through Amane’s hair. She then continued to rub the liquid in her hands, and spread it inside out of his hair.

“Your hair may be fine since it is so smooth, but you can be prettier if you care for it a little more. It is a pity…are you listening?”

“I am, you’re really amazing Mahiru.”

“Say, you are not listening.”

She went behind him, cutely scolded him, took a dryer, and blew it on his hair.

Amane gently chuckled as he felt the warm, not too hot wind.

…I wonder if she’ll be angry if I say that I’m waiting for her to do this.

He was not complaining about the hassle, but he knew that she was very dedicated to it, and hoped for her to do so on such days.

But if he were to say it out, Mahiru might really be incensed, in a cute manner. He kept those words to himself, closed his eyes, and enjoyed Mahiru’s gentle artistry.