Chapter 188 – Out of the Bath, and Embrace

Hellping Heavenping

For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 188 – Out of the Bath, and Embrace

Mahiru dried Amane’s hair, took care of it, and sat next to him, giving a long sigh.

She leaned her body over, and Amane gently held her palm, thank you, muttering so.

Amane merely touched the back of her hand gently, knowing that she was not tired, and was just fawning over him. He did not do anything more.

“…You are very patient during times like this, Amane-kun.”

“So that means I usually don’t?”

“I-I do not mean that…but you do dote on me whenever I fawn around, and I am especially glad.”

“Then go ahead and do so. I’ll be more than happy to spoil you.”

Spoiling the always hardworking Mahiru was truly enjoyable.

After all, this overnight stay was a requested reward, and Amane could not help but pet her.

Do you want me to pat you a little more? He gently whispered, and she shyly lowered her eyes, putting her forward on Amane’s elbow, rolling about.

“…I did experience that sufficiently during the bath. Any more and I will melt.”

“It’s fine for you to melt.”

“No worries. Lest I be unable to stand up.”

Because you do not know how to hold back, so Mahiru said somewhat emotionally, and Amane instead felt nonplussed, numb to it.

…I think I’m holding back somewhat.

Amane assumed he had been controlling himself from going overboard, or Mahiru from crossing the line.

There were times when he got too carried away, resulting in Mahiru pouting away. He however did not go all out.

He gave a wry smile as she butted with her forehead, and lowered his head to kiss her.

“I want to pet you more, and turn you into water.”

Amane felt extremely agitated as he imagined Mahiru melting away, still unused to fawning around, showing a sweet face.

He had nothing else in mind, and all he wanted was to see Mahiru looking happy, which would make him happy. However, a red faced Mahiru shook her head vehemently.

“I will die. Especially, when you say, such words, Amane-kun…”


“…Nothing, please do not mind.”

“But I mind.”

“I am fine…either way, I am glad to be doted on, but please do not overdo it. It is stressful to my body.”

Mahiru inched her body away, and turned her head aside. She probably wanted to look away from Amane, for she stared at the TV that had been running the entire time.

Only the news was airing, which was pointless. She stared intently at it however, for she might really be embarrassed.

Truth be told, he really was delighted to see her so bashful and fidgety.

She would never say that she hated Amane’s affection for her. It was really adorable to see her resist so thoroughly.

“…You’re easy to understand.”

“Please be quiet.”

“Will you do it for me?”

Amane asked with a teasing intent, and Mahiru turned her head around gingerly.

“…Er-erm, I did say that we will do so after bathing…but, eh…once more before we sleep.”


Amane felt it might be awkward for Mahiru to do so before they slept, but he was not bothered in the slightest. He remained silent, and laughed it off.

It seemed Mahiru had not considered that they could continue to do so on the bed, and with nowhere to escape. He patted her head, and she gave him a pout.

“…Why are you giving such a lecherous leer?”

“You’re overthinking it.”

“I am not. There is something to your leer.”

She slapped at him, and he lifted her by her back and knees to shush her, putting her on his knees.

He touched the stiffened Mahiru, You are definitely treating me like a child, she said somewhat spitefully, and headbutted his chest.

She would never hold back before the one she loved. He knew of her naive personality, and that gesture looked ever so adorable to him.

So cute, he muttered as he cuddled her again, and Mahiru murmured away as she earnestly leaned on him.