Chapter 189 – Good Night

Hellping Heavenping

For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 189 – Good Night

11pm, and Amane carried Mahiru into his bedroom.

He just wanted to go to sleep, as it was soon to be bedtime, but Mahiru appeared tense in his clutches, and her body was a little stiff.

Don’t worry, I won’t do anything, Amane whispered, put Mahiru on the bed, and she looked up at him with a blushing face.

“Y-you do not need to carry me over.”

“You look sleepy. It’s almost bed time.”

“…You say so…but, I always do wonder, am I not heavy to you?”

“How weak do you think I am…?”

Amane did at least do some muscle training and jogging, and trained so that he would not embarrassed himself. He could at least lift Mahiru.

He might have difficulty lifting her back when they first met, not because she was heavy, but because he was weak.

“I still need to carry you. I’m not that weak.”


I can’t carry you over my shoulders though, Amane joked. Mahiru widened her eyes, and smiled.

Once he saw Mahiru’s lack of tension, he gently sat next to her on the bed. Her cheeks were slightly red, but she did not panic, and instead leaned over towards him.

Amane knew it was her way of welcoming him, so he too showed a faint smile, and gently embraced her up front.

“Anyway, you’re not nervous without Kuma-san?”

The teddy bear he gave Mahiru was not part of her belongings on this day.

It seemed she cuddled it to sleep every day, but one had to wonder what made this day special…so he looked at the caramel-colored eyes, and they dropped bashfully.

“…I do not need it, for I have you today…and you will be jealous?”

“Yeah, I’ll feel awkward if you’re looking at something else even though you have me…so just look at me.”


“…But you aren’t looking at me.”

Her eyes were fixated near Amane’s throat, and she probably was not looking at him.

She lifted her head once she heard that.

The slightly reddened cheeks were reminiscent of a fresh fruit, and Amane had the urge to bite.

He might infuriate her if he really did so, so he merely kept the thought to himself, and stared directly into the faltering caramel-colored eyes.

“…How about a kiss?”

Mahiru might jolt in his clutches if he was too sudden, so he asked for her permission. The faint red intensified, and Mahiru’s eyes wavered.

However, she timidly nodded, probably having recalled their conversation at the living room.

It seemed she did not dislike it to begin with. She closed her eyes, and entrusted everything to Amane.

However, she was shivering a little, probably because she was not used to it.

The manner in which she shivered was as adorable as a little animal, and once he realized this, he smiled, exhaled, and with a slow movement that would not agitate her, he brought his lips onto her sealed lips.

Mahiru was so soft and tender all over.

So too were her lips, and they were damp, soft, bouncy, more vibrant than his.

More importantly, there was a slightly sweet fragrance, probably coming from Mahiru herself.

He gently pecked at the pink lips, and enjoyed that softness slowly, really slowly.

Whenever his lips grazed by and held hers, her body would shiver, but she never tried to escape nor show disgust, which showed that she probably accepted him,

…So cute.

He looked at her face as he kissed her, and saw a fine reaction. One moment she was ticklish, and the next she was comfortable.

She might feel embarrassed, but it seemed she liked kissing. Amane did not show any worry, and kissed her successfully.

He licked her lips, and she quivered. However, he did not reach his tongue in, and merely savored the sweetness, which caused her to relax, and lose all tension.

Her body and expression softened, and she was so adorable, Amane pecked at her lips once again.

Once he savored her lips sufficiently, Mahiru slapped at his chest, seemingly indicating that she was at her limit.

Upon being told to stop, Amane obediently moved his lips away. Mahiru was blushing, slightly panting as she glared at him. However, she remained somewhat dazed, and was not looking intimidating in the slightest.

“Th-that was a long time.”

“…Can’t I?”

“N-not that you, cannot…”

Amane got carried away as Mahiru had accepted this so comfortably. He would not have done so if she appeared unwilling. Truth be told, she would have escaped if she hated it.

In other words, there was no way she did not enjoy it, since she accepted so.

“…May I say something?”

“Say what?”

“You are so sleazy.”

“What sleazy?”

“W-why are you…so skilled at this?”

“…Your reaction tells me it’s good.”

It seemed Mahiru assumed Amane had it easy, and she raised her eyebrows slightly, but Amane himself did not.

He could count the kissing experiences he had, and gauged his actions based on her reactions. Even if he did not ask, it was clear that she would turn limp whenever he did so. He did pay attention whenever he kissed her.

He wanted to indicate that he was paying attention to her when he kissed her, but she widened her eyes, and her face was red like fire.

“W-were you watching me while kissing?”

“Eh, yeah. It’s really, really, really getting cuter…I know you’ll feel comfortable like this, and I’m glad.”


Mahiru started whacking at Amane’s chest with some strength, probably due to the embarrassment of being observed.

However, it did not hurt at all, and it seemed she was not being serious.

“…Pl-please do not say such a thing, fool.”

“You don’t feel good?”

“…I feel blessed, but please do not make me say it.”

“There are some things you need to say.”

“Y-you are teasing me now, no…I-I say.”

“Ow ow ow.”

Amane could not tease her any more as she was hitting him vigorously. He did not intend to tease her,a actually, but Mahiru might have assumed so.

“…Please do not bully me.”

“Sorry…don’t be angry.”

Amane patted her head, and she looked up at him, somewhat seething.

“Are you assuming that my mood will improve as long as you pat my head.”

“It’s not?”

“…It is, but I am not letting this slide.”

“Too bad.”

Amane shrugged, and Mahiru looked miffed as she leaned onto his chest.

“…Hug me, or I shall pout.”


It seemed that Mahiru wanted Amane to pamper her gently, rather than being miffed.

She headbutted him, and leaned on him while acting angry. Amane was more than glad to oblige, and hugged her.

This time, he did it gently, and earnestly…

He cautiously patted her back, and hugged her. She buried her face into his chest for a while, and slowly lifted her head.

After a few minutes, he checked to see if the face appeared pouty, and was a little relieved.

“…You are sometimes mischievous.”

“Sorry…I just want to dote.”

“Just do it normally.”

*Goodness gracious, * Mahiru responded in such a manner, straightened her back, and wrapped her hands on Amane’s neck.

She then kissed Amane, it is unfair if  I do not have a go for once, and whispered so to a dumbfounded Amane.

Faced with the impish smile and voice, Amane buried his face into Mahiru’s neck with a wry smile.

“You got to understand how destructive you are right now.”

“It is unfair for you to do so alone…it is ticklish.”

Mahiru took the initiative to fight back, and Amane immediately panicked. He then kissed her neck to hide how rattled he was.

A little whiff, and he scented upon an indescribable milky scent.

They used the same shower cream, so this meant that this scent belonged to Mahiru in the first place.

“…So fragrant.”

“I do use some body lotion to keep myself moist. Maybe that is is.”

It seemed the fragrance came from that body lotion, but Amane felt it contained some of her own scent.

Even without doing anything, Mahiru would give off a sweet scent. She never laxed on taking care of herself, and her skin moisture remained.

“You’re going to keep your skin smooth?”

“I do pay attention to many other things, which is why I can maintain such a nice skin.”

“Girls really have it tough…spending so much effort.”

“…I am doing it for myself.”

“You’re right, Girls like to dress up and make themselves look better after all.”

Mahiru was trendy, and liked to dress herself. Even if she did not date Amane, her insistence towards beauty might never disappear.

Amane had no illusion of wanting a girl who would dress up for a boy. He understood that Mahiru did so for herself, and could agree with what she said.

…This is one reason. But it seemed that was not the only reason as Mahiru whispered.

“You mean there’s something else?”

“…Erm, well…it feels better to touch, right?”

“Well, it’s your own body.”

She would be the one touching herself most, so it would be great if her skin felt nice to touch.

“No, not that…when you touch me, Amane-kun.”

And it was because of his prior conception “Eh” that he blurted out when he heard Mahiru’s reply.

“…I do not want my skin to be so parched when you touch it, that you will be disappointed…it feels comfortable to touch smooth tender skin, no?”


Amane clearly faltered, not expecting her to have thought of letting him touch.

Her face remained red, but Mahiru did not intend to retract her words. She latched onto Amane with more force, and shivered.

“…P=please do not be mistaken. I am doing it for you, Amane-kun, and also for myself…erm, it is my wish to let you touch me more…”

*Touch me more, *the moment she uttered those words, Amane instinctively rolled onto the bed with Mahiru.

*Kya, *a cute voice came from the lips, and Amane shush the lips, a faint groan coming through the gap.

He pried through the lips, as though sucking, and the sound was hoarse, delicate and sweet.

Mahiru might be at a loss as to what to do, and was hapless as she flailed her hands, seeking something to grab.

Amane held her flailing palms with his, which seemed to calm her down, relieving the tension from her body.

Or perhaps it was more accurate to say that she was limp, at a loss due to Amane’s sudden actions.

After savoring Mahiru who had become so sweet for some reason, Amane moved his lips away.

Mahiru was dumbfounded, gasping away, and looked up with a sweet expression. Amane looked down at her, and narrowed his eyes.

“…You understand the consequences of saying this on the bed, right?”

I’m really nervous too. Amane uttered these words that could be read as sexual harassment or a reminder, and Mahiru’s face turned completely red as she covered it with her hands.

“You know I want to treat you well, to treasure you well, right? You know I want to spend some time to get used to it slowly, right?”

Amane loved Mahiru, wanted to treasure her, and hoped to make her happy.

And it was because of such thoughts…that he endured, even though he knew he would not be hated if he acted. His sanity did not break even though they were clinging together in swimsuit. He did not push her down onto the bed even though the atmosphere seemed ripe.

But Mahiru’s words alone caused him to nearly bury himself headfirst into her.

Rather than her being bad, it was Amane’s fault for not being capable of enduring. He however hoped that Mahiru would not do anything that would flip his switch.

Much kindness and uncontrollable passion were invoked in his eyes and voice. After coaxing her, Mahiru nodded away while still covering her face.

“That’s good…sorry for doing that so suddenly. You’re shocked right?”

“I suppose so, yes. My heart was beating really fast.”

The sudden french kiss took Mahiru by surprise. She was still blushing, and would not show her face.



“…Next time, please, be…a little less intense.”

Mahiru did not refuse, and instead intended to do so a second time. Amane quietly pried aside her hands.

As expected, she was red like a ripe apple, and he silently put his lips onto her.

He gently and carefully doted on Mahiru, as she wished.

The previous one was an impulsive deep kiss, and this kiss was to comfort the shriveled Mahiru, one gently wrapped around her lips, filled with much affection, melting her more than before.

He slowly moved his lips away, looked down, and Mahiru glared at him with teary eyes, her face still limp as she gasped away.

“…I did not say now.”

“…I want it now. That’s not good?”

“…You may, but you warned me just now.”

“I did.”


*Baka, *so she pouted, but Amane knew she was hiding her embarrassment, so he chuckled and laid down next to Mahiru.

He took the remote control by the pillow, switched off the lights, and clung onto her. Her fine body quivered, but only out of shame, and she instead took the initiative to lean her face into Amane’s chest.

“Thank you for treasuring me that much.”


Clear bliss seeped through her soft whisper, and Amane too gave a gentle smile as he embraced Mahiru once again.

Perhaps they could take another step one day, but this would be enough for the day. Within his clutches was something he yearned to treasure, rather than act on impulse.

“…Good night.”

“…Good night.”

After this little murmur, Amane embraced Mahiru, and closed his eyes.