Chapter 190 – Good Morning

Hellping Heavenping

For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 190 – Good Morning

Amane woke up in the morning, found Mahiru sleeping in his clutches, and exhaled a little.

He turned his head towards the clock at the edge of the bed, ensuring that he did not shake, and saw it was 7am.

It was a rest day, and he did not need to wake up early. He intended to sleep an entire morning, and most definitely woke up a little early on this day.

He did not think it was a bad thing however, once he thought of how he had the time to see Mahiru, who had been sleeping blissfully.

Mahiru was sleeping soundly, looking so innocent.

She looked completely relaxed, probably because she was in Amane’s clutches. Anyone seeing that adorable sight would be healed.

So happy.

* *Amane recanted the blissful moments only he could savor as he embraced and enjoyed her warm, soft body.

He wanted to sleep just like that.

He naturally felt his face relax as he looked at the face of his dear lover, and maintained this expression. Then, Mahiru twitched.

It seemed she was not awake however, and merely inched a little, changing positions, and returned to his chest. She looked so adorable, and he quietly gulped.

If only it’s like this every day.

Surely it was a blessed thing to be able to spend time together with the one person who mattered to him.

However, the damage to his sanity would be abnormal if they were to remain together in this situation. Perhaps an occasional stay overnight would be fine.

If she were to visit every day, Amane had no confidence that he would not love her all over.

If possible, he wished to make contact only after they got used to it, when they got more intimate, and when Mahiru hoped for it, and not to act on impulse.

He endured with all his might, stroking her smooth hair silently with his fingers. Mahiru twitched once again, probably because the touch cause her to regain consciousness, and she lifted her head.

The originally sealed eyelids were half opened, and caramel-colored eyes were revealed.

She showed a sleepy look, and looked towards Amane’s face in her delirious state, gave a fluffy smile, and buried her face into Amane’s chest once again.

She’s definitely sleepy, Amane quietly laughed, patted her back, as though coaxing her.

She laid comfortably for a moment, and finally regained consciousness as she looked towards Amane once again, her eyes widened compared to before.

“…Good, morning.”

“Morning. You enjoyed your sleep.”


Her face turned red immediately, and it seemed she remembered herself fawning with Amane even during her groggy state.

Mahiru was so adorable, and Amane was more than glad to have her fawn, so he was fine with that. It seemed that she was embarrassed to show how numb and careless she was.

Amane hugged her once again to console her, kissed her on the forehead, and the redness on her face intensified.

“…A-Amane-kun, you do not seem that embarrassed recently.”

“It’s just us two…can’t we?”

“No-not that you cannot, but it too stimulating after I just woke up…erm, embarrassing, and awkward…”

“I won’t do that in the future then.”

“Ah, e-erm.”

“You’re not feeling awkward?”

“Uu…n-not that.”

“You don’t want me to do this again because you don’t want to feel awkward?”

“Not that…y-you know what I mean, right?”

“I don’t want to do anything awkward that you hate.”

“Goodness…I-I want it.”

Mahiru was red faced, shivering as she answered hesitantly, and Amane rubbed her head with a smile.

“Sorry for teasing you too much…so you mean I can do it anytime as long as it’s not right after you wake up?”

“No-no…you are correct.”

“Is it a yes or a no?”

Amane retorted mischievously, knowing what Mahiru wanted to convey, and kissed her on the forehead again.

He was not exactly unashamed, but his endearment of her was strong, and he would act accordingly. Mahiru was one to easily feel uneasy, and it was better to express his love.

He thought it was adorable how she was shivering away, so he cuddled her, and she wanted to escape the bed in embarrassment.

Of course, Amane could not possibly let her leave, and locked her in his clutches.

“Erm, I want to prepare breakfast.”

“Stay here a little longer.”


“…No good?”

I want us to be together for a little longer, so he implied as he stared at her face, and her cheeks turned red, her eyes swimming.

“N-not that you cannot…”


Once he was allowed, Amane embraced Mahiru gently once again, and she murmured away, burying her face into his chest once again.

“…How sleazy.”

“Sleazy, how?”

“In various ways.”

“You can push me off.”

“This is what I mean.”

You know I cannot do so, Mahiru whispered with a pout, and rolled her forehead about on his chest. It seemed she was fawning around rather than pouting though.

Amane gently combed his fingers through Mahiru’s hair, and she leaned over comfortably, her throat making a deep rumble.

Never thought she likes it when I fiddle with her hair, so he thought as he continued to do so. Mahiru let Amane continue for a while, and then lifted her head.

She looked relaxed, relieved, but her lips were curled into a mound.

“…I will be in trouble if you turn me into a good-for-nothing, Amane-kun.”

“Best if you can become that only to me.”

Mahiru was always on alert outside.

At this point, she was showing a little of her usual personality, but she had yet to discard her angelic actions. It was to be expected that he wanted to dote on her and melt her into a puddle of water.

“…Same to you, Amane-kun.”

“I’m already one…just that it only happens when I don’t have you.”

“…That is good. I too will become a good-for-nothing without you, Amane-kun.”


Either way, Amane did become a good-for-nothing thanks to Mahiru, and vice versa.

Amane smiled at Mahiru, who was in fawning mode, and cuddled Mahiru as he closed his eyes, hoping to drag on this little moment a little longer.