Chapter 191 – After The Breakfast on the Day after the Stayover

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 191 – After The Breakfast on the Day after the Stayover

They spent the night together, but after they woke up, they spent the time no differently from their usual weekends.

Like usual, Amane had Mahiru’s breakfast, washed his clothes, tidied up, swept around, and relaxed.

Cleaning up had become a habit to him thanks to Mahiru, so his room was often clean, and he did not need to spend much time doing so, which he was grateful for.

“What’s for lunch?”

“Hmm, we had some leftover meat sauce from the pasta, and I intend to use a little container to make lasagna.”

“Another tedious dish?”

“I shall make some white sauce. Is there anything else you want?”

“Just do what you want. Everything you cook is delicious. Looking forward to them.”

“Such a sweet talker.”

Mahiru giggled, but truth be told, her dishes really were delicious. Amane felt an ordinary high school girl would not be able to accomplish that much, and her dishes were better than any poor restaurant out there.

Of course, this was his bias as her lover, but her cooking really was delicious, so much that Amane had no desire to go out to eat, and wanted hers.

Looking forward to it, he marveled, and Mahiru gave a perturbed smile.

“…I guess I have to exhibit my skills now that you say so.”

“Just the normal will do.”

“I shall do my best since you are looking forward to it, Amane-kun. Please look forward to it.”

He was delighted to hear her say this, but Amane was sorry about having her work so hard, so he patted her while she sat next to him, getting her to relax.

Mahiru, who was suddenly patted on the head, started to murmur, have you cultivated a habit of patting heads for no rhyme or reason, but she did not look unwilling, and let him play around.

After patting for a while, Mahiru naturally leaned over, and he too cuddled her naturally, putting her on his lap, and she gave him a strange reproaching look.

“…Why are you pampering me again?”

“Because I want to…I want to cuddle something like this.”

“I shall lend Kuma-san to you.”

“I prefer Mahiru.”

“Goodness me.”

This is special, so she said, and comfortably leaned on Amane, who chuckled as he pulled her to his chest, beginning to pat her head again.

“…Don’t ever show this those guys at school.”

“I do not wish to let them see. It is only for you, Amane-kun.”

“Thanks for that.”

Things would really got rowdy if the boys saw Mahiru completely melted and fawning away. Amane was the only one allowed to see this.

Mahiru would never go to them, even if they did see it, but he would be peeved about them imagining her acting like that, so he had no plans to show.

“…Speaking of which, everyone knows that I’m your boyfriend, but there are some still trying to woo you.”

“They are asking if I was threatened, wondering what kind of person you are.”

“Those that don’t understand me will think that I’m unimpressive.”

“…I will be angry if you say this again.”

“That’s what they say. I’m working hard to stay by your side, so that they won’t say anything. I have confidence.”

“That is good.”

Just as Amane patted Mahiru on the head, so Mahiru repaid the favor.

I wish to spoil you too, such was the attitude she showed, and Amane showed a wry smile as he let Mahiru pat his head on his lap.