Chapter 192 – Natural Order of Things for the Two

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Chapter 192 – Natural Order of Things for the Two

Dozens of minutes passed until Mahiru, who loved to fawn and be pampered, retreated from Amane’s lap.

Her face was flushed once she realized that she took a bold position. Amane found her adorable, and was comforted by her.

Truth be told, she was not exactly on both his legs, just one, but the posture and distance had her increasingly embarrassed…once he saw Mahiru take on his shame and panic, he felt a little relaxed.

“…You could have told me to stop.”

“Ah no, I just accidentally…you’re fawning so hard over me, there’s no way I can tell you to stop.”

“You should have reminded me at least.”

“Don’t put me in a spot.”

Amane’s heart was really beating wildly as he enjoyed her embrace, so he too was powerless. However, he really should be not saying this to him.

Mahiru frowned a little once she saw Amane play dumb, but she was the one riding on his lap, so she could not say much. Goodness.

“…I am unwittingly doing something so bold because I love you. Please limit yourself.”

“Be careful. Those words are dangerous enough.”

“…I cannot help it. You know the extent of my feelings for you.”

“Well, yes yes…it’s a little embarrassing hearing you repeat how much you like me.”

In a certain sense, these words caused him more shame than the posture just now.

Amane thoroughly understood that Mahiru would instinctively do something very bold, but pinpointing this fact caused him an unspeakable sense of shame.

Mahiru too blushed as she gently hit Amane. It seemed both sides got hurt.

“…You are not doubting my intentions, are you, Amane-kun?”

“Of course. I know I’m the only one next to you, and you’ll only care about me.”

Amane was confident about this one point.

It was likely that Mahiru would not care for anyone other than him.

Such was her personality, and Amane was confident that she was fond of him, and even planned to pledge her future to him. She would always treasure him unless he did anything to annoy her, and she would continue to accompany him.

He said it so confidently, and Mahiru’s face got redder. She headbutted him, that’s a violent way of hiding your shame, Amane chuckled as he let her be.

Truth be told, he too found it embarrassing, but Mahiru’s actions allowed him to disguise his mood.

“…Good that you know.”

Mahiru stopped headbutting, and leaned her forehead on his elbow as she grumbled. Of course, Amane too answered as he gently held the quietened Mahiru by her hand.