Chapter 198 – Trying Clothes

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 198 – Trying Clothes

Two weeks to the cultural festival, they were notified that their requested clothes were delivered.

“Hm, these are the delivered clothes. Please wait a moment, I’ll distribute them one by one! There’s further instructions once you get your clothes, so please wait~”

Kido smiled as she distributed the clothes to her classmates. Once she looked towards Amane, here, she beamed as she went over to Amane, and handed the clothes to him.

“Ah, Fujimiya-kun, there’s a classroom for you to change clothes in. Do go there alone later.”

“Why alone?”

“Hmm…special situation.”

“What’s with this situation?”

“It’s a little wish from Shiina-san, and I think we should fulfill it for her. She says she wants to show you first, Fujimiya-kun…”

Of course, everyone else agreed, Kido then said something to assure him. Amane felt sorry about that, and was grateful to Kido for being willing to do this for Mahiru’s sake.

“Thanks.” so he said to Kido and the girls who heartily accepted this turn of events.

During this allocated time, Amane waited before that classroom, for he heard that Mahiru was changing inside.

Of course, the curtains were pulled up. Everyone was supposed to head to their changing room, but they borrowed a classroom to practice serving their dishes. Also, the fluffy maid dresses would garner much attention if they went out, there was lots of stuff, paint on the corridor, which could have dirtied the classes. This might be a major reason for this arrangement.

Why am I so nervous.

He felt strangely, indescribably awkward once he thought of how there was a girl changing beyond the door, It’s his girlfriend, and he did see her in her undergarments, practically, but his heart remained restless.

He leaned on the door, and waited silently. You can come in, a tense reply came.

Mahiru might have been nervous herself, and Amane chuckled as he did as she told him to. She was standing some distance away from the door.

He closed the door behind him, and stared at Mahiru before him.

She was dressed in a long sleeved waitress dress that reached her ankles, a classic dress that had suitably blended into modern times. There were lumps at the elbow sleeves, as though there was air packed inside. It was a blue one-piece dress accompanied with an apron.

Kido once said that when wearing miniskirts, they would wear another skirt underneath to prevent it from fluffing up. Mahiru was wearing a long dress that was not too big, and formed a neat, fine silhouette.

There were frills on the apron as decoration, and hardly any exposed skin, cultivating a prim, innocent image. Beneath the hem of the dress were ankles covered by black socks.

On a side note, the black socks belonged to Mahiru. She would wearing socks all year long, so as to not expose any skin. This too was the situation.

“How is it?”

Mahiru tilted her head slowly, and the hair falling by the side fluttered.

She would have to serve customers, and deliver their orders. The flax-colored hair was tied in the back to avoid inconvenience.

A white brim headdress ornamented her head, emphasizing her vibe as a maid.

“…Suits you more than I expected.”

“Is that so? Thank you. It is my first time wearing such a thing…”

Amane’s earnest praise was received with a bashful reply.

It suited her so well partially because of her beautiful face, and moreso because her demeanor meshed with it better than expected.

Mahiru herself was one who liked to serve others, and to be blunt, she was servile, and thus it seemed to suit her so well.

Amane saw her fluffy smile, and naturally had the urge to withhold her from serving customers.


“Ah…ahhhh, sorry. It suits you so well that I don’t want to show this to anyone else. It’s too damaging.”

“Fufu, what does it damage?”

“My sanity?”

“I shall pat your head later, so please endure for now. I too do not wish for others to see you in a butler uniform…”

“It’s alright, nobody’s going to throw themselves at me.”

“It does matter.”

Mahiru was fuming for some reason, so Amane apologized. It seemed she too realized that she overdid it, I should be the one apologizing, and softly apologized.

“…You are more approachable ever since you changed your image. Erm, I do hear other girls praising you.”

“I never heard of that though.”

“They will not say such things to you. It is simply chatter between girls…and they will not approach you boldly with me around.”

Amane did not know what the girls chatted about him amongst themselves, and felt a shiver up his spine. Their views were mostly good-natured, according to Mahiru.

However, he did not think he received their goodwill, and at most, some warm stares.

After all, he felt that those girls who would approach him even though he was attached unacceptable, and had to refuse. He did not recall meeting such a girl, and was numb at Mahiru’s words.

It seemed Mahiru was aware that Amane only heard half her words, for she pursed her lips cutely.

“I say, females will be more honest amongst themselves, you know? How is the relationship like, how is his personality like, what are the experiences, and so on. We do also talk about things we will never allow boys to hear.”

“What in the world did my girlfriend get involved in?”

“This is girls talk. There is no fluff, and it is all earnest talk…they do say that you are outstanding, Amane-kun, so I am starting…to worry.”

Mahiru’s hesitant look resembled an adorable maid, which riled a sense of guilt within Amane, along with a little sadism.

“So, what did they say?”

“…They did say that you are gentlemanly…and that you are not used to dealing with girls, which they are fond of.”

“I-I don’t think they’re praising me…”

“…And that you won’t fall for anyone else once you have someone.”

It was expected of him to only care for the one he loved. It would be rude to woo other girls while he was still dating, and also dishonest.

Amane did not date Mahiru half-heartedly like that. The Fujimiyas were often said to be devoted, ull of love, and truth be told, AMane had no intention of caring about anyone other than Mahiru.

“You’re the same right? Will you cast aside glances at other guys?”

“Of course not!”

“There’s nothing to worry about you then…you’re my only one, and I’ll only care about you. That aside, I don’t want others to give you coveting looks, and that’s why I don’t want others to see you in this getup.”

They reverted back to their initial topic, and Mahiru frowned slightly, before rubbing her forehead onto his upper arm several times.”

“…Let us endure for now.”


“…That aside, I want to keep you to myself.”

“Same here.”

Amane gently patted Mahiru’s back while she continued to rub her forehead onto him. She then lifted her head, and stared at him intently.

“…I want to see you in butler clothing sooner, Amane-kun.”

“Time for the guy to borrow this place and show off. Just wait a while.”

Thanks to Itsuki, Chitose and Kido’s goodwill, Amane got to see Mahiru in this state earlier. It was originally meant to be shown to everyone.

Soon it would be the boys’ turn to wear their rented clothes.

“…Let’s say this first though, it’s nothing fancy.”

“No, I am looking forward to it.”

Mahiru smiled, indicating that her words were not out of courtesy, but earnestness. Amane felt an indescribable tickle in his heart, just wait, don’t hope too much about it, and scratched his cheek.

“How about it?”

“What do you mean, how about it…it suits her.”

The boys in charge of serving were done changing, and were all riled up as Amane had just seen Mahiru in maid uniform.

Amane, upon being asked so, could only answer thusly.

His classmates were obviously disappointed to hear his dull reaction. He stared at them dumbfoundedly.

“Say, I don’t think that’s all you’re thinking right now, right?”

“What else can I say…there’s no way it doesn’t suit her.”

“Well yeah, it’s Shiina-san after all.”

“I want her service too.”

“I want her to smile and say ‘goshujin-sama’…”

“I’m never letting her serve you guys.”

“Miser…miser…let us dream.”

“Better to shatter the dreams that can never happen.”


Over this period, Amane got along with the classmates who were laughing out loud (though a minority was really despondent), and they could joke along. He started to interact with the other boys; I’m so envious. there were some who would occasionally say so while patting him on the back, and he would respond in kind.

Amane deliberately answered mercilessly as he casually interacted, wearing the clothes prepared for him.

The boys were dressed in navy blue jackets that were close to black, slacks, dark gray waistcoats. It was a simple, lanky design that exuded elegance.

He did not feel tight, and had no issues moving in it. He should be fine.

“It’s amazing. Itsuki looks like a playboy butler, the comedic type commonly seen in manga.”

“Eh, why roast me?”

Itsuki was done changing, and was teased by the other boys.

Amane glanced aside, and as they had commented, the newly dressed butler looked cheerful, to put it nicely. To be blunt though, he looked frivolous.

“Yep, you look frivolous.”

“You too Amane!? You though…uh oh, it’s the serious look that can be Shiina-san.”

“What nonsense are you saying.”

Amane would naturally dress well since it was for Mahiru to see. He combed some of his hair back, and looked more refreshing than usual.

He did not want to do the all back hair commonly seen in illustrations, but he would do this much without hesitation.

“He’s serious…this guy’s serious…”

“He was so unenthusiastic before this, and now he’s so motivated…”

“I don’t know why Shiina-san’s looking forward to it, but I’ll definitely get serious if I’m him.”

“They’re flirting…they’re flirting…”

“No well, if your girlfriends are looking forward to it, you guys will be enthusiastic too, right?”

“Stop it Fujimiya, it’s super effective against singles.”


“Don’t apologize man. It hurts…”

The classmates said so as they nonchalantly put Amane in a head lock. He took it silently this time, and shrugged at a smiling Itsuki, who was a little devastated to be called frivolous.

“Well, Chitose will be happy to see you like this, Itsuki.”

“Yeah, and she’ll go all Ikkun’s so frivolous.


Amane imagined Chitose answering so, though not maliciously, and quietly chuckled. Itsuki jabbed at Amane’s flank, and the latter slapped the back in return.

“Speaking of which, I think Kadowaki’s going to be the center of attention again.”

“Not really. The girls said that the prince-type, frivolous, aloof and shotas are all in demand.”

“Kuju has it rough to be called a shota. Also, you’re obviously the frivolous one.”

Kuju was forced to serve due to his looks. He was short compared to the other boys, and fit an archetype in a certain sense. He was often displeased to be called cute, moreso this time it seemed.

Amane glanced aside at Kuju, who looked displeased while having changed clothes. For good or bad, he was diminutive, had a baby face, and might satisfy a certain need.

On a side note, his buddy Hiiragi was in the back, the reason being that he was burlier than expected. He was sturdier than the other boys, and the decision was made that he should contribute as labor instead of serving customers.

“…Damn you Kazuya…you traitor…”

Amane heard a curse from the cute babyface, but he chose to pretend not to hear it.

“Ohhh, it really suits you Ikkun~! Frivolous though!”

The students in charge of serving were gathered in the classroom, and it was time for the reveal. As expected, Chitose leered away as she appraised him as frivolous.

Itsuki too knew that he looked the part, and did not deny so, but he looked into the distance, *is it that ridiculous?  *He muttered so. It was to be expected though, since he was usually like this.

Chitose too was to serve customers, and was dressed in a maid uniform.

Perhaps there were two kinds, for she was not wearing the conservative dress Mahiru wore. It was one focused on cuteness and decorative purposes, one that was several centimeters above the knees.

One could see the frills beneath the hem, and white knee socks on her long slender legs. The short size complimented the fluffy apron, giving the vibe of a modern maid.

“Anyway, how is it? Does it suit me?”

“Of course, anything suits you Chii.”

“You say that, but you were rolling on the floor laughing when I wore Mahirun’s clothes and showed you.”

“Ah, that’s a size…”



The frivolous (so-called) Itsuki too would be obedient in the face of his girlfriend. It was his fault for touching at her sore point, so Amane did not retort.

Besides Chitose, there were a few other waitress girls in maid outfits. Amane chuckled in amazement at how they would be carrying out this event.

Kido, in charge of hosting, was wearing the same uniform as Mahiru, and approached him with a smile.

“Ahh, you look handsome when you put in the effort to dress up, Fujimiya-kun.”

“Mahiru’s looking forward to it.”

“Fufu, such a good boyfriend. Shiina-san, your boyfriend’s dressed like a butler now.”

Kido whisked Mahiru over with a hearty smile and wave, and Mahiru did not do so for some reason. He thought she was unwilling, but it did not seem to be the case since she was blushing and fidgeting.

She’s so nervous looking forward to it, I guess she’s overimagining it, Kido giggled, and returned to Mahiru.

“Alright Shiina-san, it’ll be a pity if you don’t have a look up close. You two will be doing your shifts together, so you should get used to it.”

Itsuki and the others had arranged for Amane and Mahiru to be in the same shift. It was partially to ward off any harassment, and also to allow for them to tour the school together during their off period.

Kido nudged Mahiru’s back, and she approached him hesitantly.

“It doesn’t suit me?”

“N-not at all! It is wonderful, so unlike you, Amane-kun…”

“Is it that ridiculous? How do I look?”

“…More alluring than usual.”

“I’m wearing more than usual. I don’t usually wear this much, let alone at home.”

“Sometimes it is better to wear more!”

Mahiru emphasized for some reason, leaving Amane perturbed, but the other girls nodded with understanding looks, and the atmosphere could not allow him to deny so.

As usual, Mahiru looked up with blushing cheeks, fidgeting as she killed off the boys with cuteness. There was no stopping her.

“…Mahiru, don’t show others such a look. It’ll kill.”

“Same to you, Amane-kun.”

“Sure sure sure.”

“T-that is casual of you…”

Mahiru looked displeased, but Amane’s face was so unlike Mahiru’s prettiness, and there was no way he would have charmed both boys and girls.

*You don’t have to worry about it,*Amane brushed it off with such an implication, and Mahiru gently nudged at his upper arm in seemingly disbelief.