Chapter 199 – Service Practice and the Angel’s Smile

Hellping Heavenping

For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 199 – Service Practice and the Angel’s Smile



After the showoff, it was time to practice, but they could not.

Mahiru’s work smile immobilized all the boys. They, who had volunteered to be customers, crumbled before the smile. The Angel’s smile truly was terrifying.

Those that managed to survive the initial attack were led to their seats, and were shot down by another smile. Amane felt it would be terrible if she was not under control, and his face twitched.

“The Angel is really scary…Amane, go stop Shiina-san.”

“That smile isn’t at full power though.”

“Wait, she’s not going all out yet…”

“Stop watching the fun. This isn’t a joke here.”

Amane watched from the sidelines, and Mahiru’s smile remained a little pretentious to him. It was truly because she was giving a business smile to appeal to customers. If she put in a little more effort however, the boys would surely crumble.

The girls too were mesmerized. The Angel’s smile was super effective.

“…We can’t practice service like this.”

Kido could only give a wry smile as she observed on.

Amane was used to it, and might have underestimated the smile’s probably because they were always together, Mahiru herself had a beauty and disposition that would mesmerize anyone, and he should have expected this beforehand.

“I think the serving part is fine…but we cannot cause our customers’ heads to numb there.”


“No, this isn’t your fault or Shiina-san…”

Kido said, and gave a thousand yard stare. Amane was really apologetic, but he was hapless.

“…We should have ordered some cold drinks.”

“Yeah…make it all cool and icy here.”

The classroom might be boiling thanks to Mahiru, and they decided to pay attention to the air conditioning.

“But seriously, it’ll be troublesome if we don’t control her.”

“Yeah, the victims…”

“Ahh no, its partly because of the victims…but mostly because I’m annoyed.”

Kido gave Amane a dumbfounded look once she heard these true thoughts blurted out.

“I don’t want my girlfriend to start smiling at other guys, even if it’s a business smile. Look, I’m petty alright.”

“…Say, I thought you’re rather matured.”


The sudden change of topic had Amane widening his eyes this time. Kido smiled, and looked up at him.

“I used to think you’re more calm and poised, more adult-like compared to the other guys. To be honest, you seem a little inapproachable…but you’re rather cute.”

“Are you roasting me here?”

“No no no, I’m just praising you. You seem to act your age now. Uuu, like, I get that you’re a guy since you’re acting all jealous, and you really like Shiina-san, so I’m relieved to see that. Yeah, anyway, it’s good…I’m not falling for you. Don’t worry.”

“What’s that at the end?”

“Eh, Shiina-san’s stare.”

She’s looking at us. The nonchalant words had Amane noticing that Mahiru was look.

Mahiru was not giving a suspicious look, but rather, a little displeasure. Amane felt that she probably was not doubting his fidelity.

And just as Amane felt conflicted about Mahiru smiling to everyone, so would Mahiru be peeved that Amane was getting along well with other girls.

It seemed Mahiru liked Kido as a person however, so the stare seemed a little anxious.

“You really are loved, Amane.”

“You’re really loved, Fujimiya-kun.”

Itsuki appeared to have eavesdropped as he joked, and Kido too happily imitated. Amane frowned for a single moment, but he gave Mahiru a gentle smile.

The girls practiced serving the customers, and it was the boys’ turn.

“I want to be Kadowaki-kun’s customer.”

“Ahh no way, me too!”

“Hey, don’t decide! Anyway, me too!”

“Since when is it on a by name basis?”

The girls frantically volunteered to be Kadowaki’s practice partner, and Amane watched from afar, thinking that these girls were really amazing. Kadowaki was available, which was one reason for the skirmish.

The highly popular Kadowaki seemed a little conflicted, and yet weary as he smiled away. Popular guys sure have it tough, so Amane pitied.

“It’s amazing.”

Kido did not join in, and watched on.

“Kido…you have a boyfriend, right?”

“Yep, I do. He’s from another class. I’ve known him since young, and he has decent muscles.”

“That’s quite the introduction. You boasting?”

“Ah, I don’t just like the muscles of course. He’s a klutz, but he’s kind and poised.”

I’ll introduce him to you if I get the chance, Kido giggled, and Amane nodded.

The skirmish for the customer’s position became slightly chaotic. Kido smiled away as she clapped hard to gain everyone’s attention, quelling this conflict.

“Alright alright, we’ll go by order for who’s to practice with Kadowaki-kun. Once you decide on the order, I’ll come up with a namelist. We’ll get several tries, and I think everyone should be able to experience this once, given the numbers. That’ll be fair, right? Anyway, do your job Akazawa-kun. Show us what the guys can do.”

“No well, we don’t need to get the guys to perform. I think Yuuta should be fine.”

“We can’t leave it all to Kadowaki-kun! And Chii-chan, stop watching already!”

“Ehh, but”

“No buts. Anyway, those who want to volunteer for practice, decide on your order and tell us. See, the other guys are all so free. Get practicing!”

Kido was obviously more reliable than Itsuki, who was supposed to lead. Amane gave a wry smile, and Mahiru approached quietly, standing next to him courteously.

“…I shall be your first customer, Amane-kun.”

“Alrighty. Anyway, why is everyone picking people?”

“…Because everyone is dressed well?”

“Hmm, well, Kadowaki’s a handsome butler. That’s probably an ideal one.”

Kadowaki showed a perturbed smile while surrounded by the excited girls. His butler outlet looked decent on him, form fitting.

He already was handsome to the point of being called the Prince, and the clothes too suit him. Anything would probably suit him unless the clothes looked outlandish.

The handsome aura he oozed was so dazzling, and Amane felt that if he were to stand next to Kadowaki at this point, people would likely compare them, which would trouble him.

“It does suit Kadowaki-san…but he is not my type.”

“Well yeah, I’ll be in trouble if I’m not your type…it’s a lot better for me.”


Amane felt a little awkward to hear Mahiru’s insistence. You are the best, so her expression implied, and he could not say anything.

…This is proof that she likes me, right?”

He felt gaudy and yet elated, and it was no wonder that his lips were slightly raised.

He covered his lips with his white gloved hand to hide his embarrassment. Mahiru showed an elegant smile, as though she had seen through him.