Chapter 201 – The One to be Called

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Chapter 201 – The One to be Called

The cultural festival at Amane’s school was not fully opened to the public; it was limited only to family and friends. They had to request for an invitation,

Of course, there was a limited number of tickets per person.

This measure was simply because it had not been peaceful recently, and there were incidents of visitors being violent in school. A student’s safety was priority, even though it was a festival, and thus the decision.

“I do not have anyone I can invite.”

It was after dinner, and Mahiru flatly muttered as she looked at the invitation list distributed by the school.

She was dubbed the Angel, adored by the masses, but she hardly went out to make friends. Even in middle school, she had no one she could call an intimate friend.

The other option besides friends was her parents; her father aside, she definitely would never invite her mother. Truth be told, she came to the conclusion that there was no one she could invite, simply because she was unwilling to invite her parents.

“I do not have anyone on close terms that I can invite out, so this has nothing to do with me. The people I am better terms with are all at school, so you do not have to worry.”

“Same here…ah wait, mom’s going to yap a lot if I don’t mention this…”

“Will Shihoko-san and Shuuto-san be attending too?”

“I hid it from them last year, and got yapped at for so long.”

Shihoko made quite a ridiculous fuss when she found out.

Given her personality, she would definitely go all out on the skinship with Amane, even in public, and it would be embarrassing for him to have a clingy mother even in high school. Also, he did not want to let others see how lovey-dovey his parents were.

‘It’s the cultural festival soon’, it seemed she remembered about it this year as she sent this message. She was definitely asking for tickets.

“I reminded them not to be so open about that before inviting them.”


Mahiru too knew full well how Shihoko and Shuuto would flirt openly, and gave a wry smile.

“Hmm, I’ll be inviting them. It’s quite some distance from my hometown to here, and I don’t really have anyone I’m on really good terms with.”

“I see.”

Mahiru had no intention to continue further, for she understood part of the past history Amane had.

Amane paid no attention to it however, and got on fine with the friends he made in high school, so it turned out well. It seemed she was still concerned however.

He was more concerned about Mahiru’s parents.

Mahiru’s father Asahi was fine, but neither side had any intention to meet. Mahiru had no intention to meet her mother, and Amane could tell through the one conversation they had. There was no way Mahiru would invite her mother to the cultural festival.

Despite that, Amane did not know about Mahiru’s life before high school, and assumed there was nothing he could say,

“…Anyway, you say that you can’t call anyone, but what about the housemaker?”

He then remembered that though her parents ignored her, there was a woman who imparted love and knowledge to Mahiru.

That housemaker appeared to be the one who taught Mahiru’s housemaking and culinary skills, and Mahiru’s eyes looked blissful whenever she recounted about the housemaker. It would not be hyperbole to say that the housemaker raised her in her parents’ stead.

She widened her eyes once she heard so.

“You do remember about Koyuki-san? I probably mentioned a few words.”

“It’s about you after all. You’re not calling her?”

“…I cannot do so.”

Amane felt he had a good idea, but Mahiru writhed, looking a little forlorn, despondent, and he realized he misspoke.


Something happened to the housemaker Koyuki, and he carelessly suggested to invite her. He frowned once he realized this, and Mahiru then realized what he was imagining, hastily waving her hands, telling him not to worry about that.

“This is not what I mean! Koyuki-san stopped being the housemaker when I was in middle school…she had waist issues.”


“It was part of her work, but she had to tend to such a massive house alone, and I felt sorry for her for putting her through with such hardship.”

Amane felt it was no wonder then since Koyuki’s had an injured waist.

Even when recovered, the old ailments could flare up again. It was akin to tying a bomb onto the waist. She could not work, and could not get careless.

“She is staying with her daughter and son-in-law. I do not wish to call her over because I am worried about her. There are not many places for her to rest in school, and she does stay far away. I really cannot bring myself to have her make a trip here.”

“I see. That’s a pity.”


It was obvious from Mahiru’s face that she really admired the housemaker.

Amane too wanted to meet the person who shaped Mahiru’s living ability and personality, to thank her. It was unlikely to happen however due to health issues.

“I find it a pity too that I can’t greet the person who took care of you. Maybe I should give her a holler in the future?”

“Eh, gr-greet?”

“Yes. She is like your mother, right?”


“Then I should pay her a visit.”

Amane had basically declared to Mahiru’s father that he would take her in, and was recognized for that. He should also pay attention to the mother who took care of her.

Mahiru herself was under the great care of the housekeeper, who went far beyond her duties to love Mahiru. It would be rude to the magnanimous person to sweep away the daughter without informing her.

“We’ll think about it in the future then. It’s rude to make a sudden visit, so let’s get the chance to write a letter…Mahiru?”


“Doesn’t feel like it from your face.”

“It is is nothing.”

Mahiru stuffed her favorite cushion onto Amane’s face, blocking his sights, goodness me, and he chuckled as he let her be.