Chapter 202 – A Little Jealousy and Worry

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Chapter 202 – A Little Jealousy and Worry

Running a cafe during a cultural festival was really tedious, but there was more progress than Amane had expected.

The crux was that someone lent them clothes. Once this issue was resolved, they chose to run a cafe.

Following that was the interior decoration and the beverages and foods to be served. For the former, they simply needed to arrange the desks and chairs, and make it presentable. The latter part was the troublesome one. The cultural festival would last two days, and they would have to estimate the amount of food to serve, and also to pay attention to hygiene while serving.

Despite that, it not such a problematic issue this time. Due to hygiene and the efforts required, they decided to purchase wholesale this time.

To be precise, as Amane’s class was hosting a maid and butler themed cafe, the core entertainment should be the appearance and atmosphere. Thus, they could only compromise on food.

Given that many classes requested to use the cooking classroom, one would see that choosing a wholesaler was a wise choice.

“But I’ll be a bit more serious about drinks.”

Saying that was Itsuki, still the committee member, giving a harmonious smile as he winked and told them.

He said he had contacts that could provide him low prices for coffee beans. He happily slapped the bag onto the table, and it contained grounded beans.

The best beans would be freshly roasted, but there was no time for this as high schoolers would be running the shop temporarily. Thus, the coffee beans were prepared, and so were the tea leaves. Everything that was to be provided was available.

“That’s better than expected.”

Chitose muttered as she looked at the somewhat decorated classroom.

There was a limit to how much they could decorate a classroom. Tablecloths, cushions, and little locker ornaments were place on the desks, ensuring that they did not seem like desks, creating an atmosphere.

It might not be an orthodox maid cafe, but it should suffice for a student activity. The most important aspect was still the dressed students.

“Hmm, I think this much should be enough.”

“Yeah. A change of curtains and decorations changes lots.”

“Good work, you guys. The curtains really suit the mood.”

The borrowed curtains had yellow knots, and looked grand. Amane pointed at the curtains, *will be bad if we dirty them, *and Chitose muttered so.

There were a few seats set next to the windows, and if they got dirtied, it probably would ve really costly to wash them.

“I guess this much should be enough. Let’s just hope that the customers will come here.”

“…I think they’ll be baited with Shiina-san as the maid. Might have too many coming after all that we can’t handle.”

“My girlfriend isn’t bait. Also, the other girls are dressed nicely too. Isn’t it rude to the other girls if they’re going to charge towards her.”

Amane only focused on Mahiru, but objectively speaking, the other girls in maid outfits looked decent, and the clothes matched them. His bias aside, Mahiru’s cuteness was otherworldly, but it did not mean she was the only one suited for this.

“Ikkun, I think you should take pointers from Amane.”

“O-owie, you’re cute too.”

“Your praise is too insincere. If you don’t praise me more, I’ll punish you by bringing to to that last we last talked about for a tea course.”

“Wargh that’s expensive!”

“Every table is assigned a butler. You can go learn from there.”

“That’s way too expensive a lesson!”

So Amane ignored the bickering two friends who were happily deciding on their next date plans, and looked towards Mahiru, who sat next to him silently.

For some reason, she was giving an inexplicable look.


“…Amane-kun, do you think, I-I am the cutest?”

“What’s with this out of a sudden? You worried that I just praised the other girls…isn’t it obvious? What’s there to ask? It suits you best, and you’re the cutest.”


For Amane, the one golden rule was that ‘Mahiru was special’, but it seemed Mahiru would feel concerned.

He softly praised the somewhat jealous Mahiru, and that alone delighted her as she smiled happily.

She would not cling onto him as they were at school, but she bashfully tugged at his sleeve. This little gesture was eyecatching enough, so Amane was a little frustrated by how cute his girlfriend was.

…There’ll be a lot more stares on that day.

Warm stares were emitted from his classmates, and though conflicted, Amane was fine with them.

The problem was the day itself.

He foresaw that some would give rude looks, and some would be unruly.

I’ll try my best not to leave her then.

Amane was quietly grateful to Itsuki and the others for assigning him and Mahiru in the same slot. He looked back and forth between Mahiru, who was smiling bashfully, and the bickering lovebirds Itsuki and Chitose, before giving a wry smile.