Chapter 203 – The Cultural Festival Starts

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Chapter 203 – The Cultural Festival Starts

They were blessed with clear weather on the day of the festival.

The weather started to cool, and they were sufficiently dressed to the point that they could keep warm. Even with ties, they would not sweat much.

“We’re in the first shift. I’m a little nervous.”

“We’ll change shift at noon, so let’s work hard until then. I get the feeling it’ll be crowded with you and Mahiru around.”

“Sorry about that, but I really can’t bring myself to do this. I’m about to give up.”

The first event was the opening ceremony for all students, so after they attended it at the gym, Amane was in the changing room with Kadowaki, who was in the same shift, and they chatted away as they got changed…Kadowaki however gave an enlightened smile.

He was already used to having stares upon him, and probably gave up and accepted even though he was just changing.

Handsome guys sure have it tough, Amane instinctively gave a look of pity, and Kadowaki chuckled once he saw that.

“Be careful. Shiina-san will get jealous too.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t stand out much with you around.”

“What are you saying now…but well, you might have more instances of getting jealous than her.”

“Jealous? I’m in cold sweat.”

Mahiru was cute, and was really suited for a maid’s outfit. One might worry if there would be any strange man harassing her, or even sexually.

Lots of students would swarm towards Mahiru then. As the boyfriend, Amane was peeved to imagine so, and was worried if there would be any insolent stares.

It seemed Kadowaki understood what Amane was thinking, *do your best then, *for he frowned slightly and made a wry smile, patting Amane on the back.

They got changed, returned to the classroom, and their classmates were already waiting for them there, appearing to be all ready. The students that were not present might be at the cooking classroom.

Itsuki’s shift would begin at noon, and thus he was dressed in school uniform. Once he saw his classmates here, he stood at the podium, showing the usual hearty smile.

“It’s the first day of the festival. Honestly, I’ve no idea how many people will be here. It’s not like we don’t have any past references, but we have some popular people here.”

Itsuki glanced aside at Kadowaki and Mahiru, who gave wry smiles, probably having steeled themselves.

“Anyway, we’ll sort it out in our way. It’s not often that we get a cultural festival, and no point if we don’t enjoy ourselves, even if there aren’t any customers here. We don’t have that much time next year, so our second year will be the time we’ll enjoy ourselves most. We’ll only be thinking about exams next year.”

“That’s a downer.”

“Sorry sorry, let’s sweep the gloom aside! We’re going to enjoy ourselves this year!”

It seemed the class was gloomy for a moment, but Itsuki’s smile soon cheered them up. It was the right choice for him to step up and lead.

“Ah right right, some business intel, or rather, a reminder. I guess everyone understands that we don’t allow photos to be taken in the shop. We’ll remind them at the entrance that no photos can be taken. If anyone asks for it, just refuse and tell them that we don’t provide such services. Otherwise, it’ll get really troublesome.”

The specialized shops at the electronics street often provided such services, but not here, of course. It was after all a student’s cultural festival, and the selling point was not the appearance of the attendants.

Also, there was a notice pasted in the shop, forbidding photos. A similar notice was written in the corner of the menus.

Also, no footage was allowed to be taken during the festival. Students from another school had uploaded their activity footage onto video sites and apps, resulting in cases of girls being stalked, which was why the school had new rules forbidding this.

Times changed, resulting in these new restrictions. Amane was impressed yet bewildered thinking about it. In any case, there would be some who would not follow rules, and they had to pay attention.

“That’s about all we have to pay attention to. We’re starting soon.”

The moment he finished, a noise blared through the speakers.

Following that was the principal declaring the start of the festival.

“Let’s work hard over these two days then! We’re aiming for top sales for our year!”

Itsuki raised his fist and boasted of something a little reckless, riling the class up. It seemed they were already riled up.

Amane straightened his back again, and Mahiru, listening next to him, let us do your best, softly muttered so.