Chapter 204 – Busy Shift

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Chapter 204 – Busy Shift

And as expected, there were customers at Amane’s classroom since the opening, mostly students.

“The Angel’s effect is really amazing.”

Muttering so was the male classmate Yamazaki, who was in the same shift.

All the seats were filled minutes in, a rarity for a student activity. He might be dumbfounded, or even thunderstruck by the passionate customers.

It was really difficult for a restaurant to hold so many customers at once, so they limited the numbers. It was no wonder that he was intimidated by the overwhelming numbers.

The male gazes would be on Mahiru whenever she went past them. Amane was reluctant, impressed, and peeved, his face on the verge of collapsing.

He already expected so, and gave up, but he was really peeved about this matter, which he was already happy with. These words might be applicable to Amane however, from Mahiru’s perspective. Vice versa.

“I guess that’s expected. That aside, we got customers.”

Amane informed Yamazaki, and led the new customer to the seat.

Usually speaking, the customer was to be served by anyone available, but some would specify certain persons to do so, which was awkward. This shop did not provide such services, and if needed, they could go to those shops.

The female student he just served appeared to be headed for Kadowaki, but he so happened to be serving another customer, so unfortunately for her, Amane had to serve.

“Please have a seat here.”

Amane pulled the chair, and showed the smile Kido taught him. The girl who seemed distraught that Kadowaki was not serving her was seemingly taken aback as she looked towards Amane.

Too bad if she starts running elsewhere, so he taught as he informed her of the basket to put her belongings, before brandishing the menu before her.

“The recommended item for the day is set A. Is that fine with uou?”

“I-I shall have one then…”

On a side note, though it was a recommended item, there were only three sets of snacks and drinks, A, B and C. They were sold as sets, to prevent customers from merely ordering drinks.

The entrance receptionist did remind them that they had to inform of an allergies, so there probably should not be any issues.

The girl ordered with some hesitation, *certainly, please wait, we shall serve immediately, *Amane bowed politely, and went off to inform the counter staff.

“One A. Orders are starting to pile up. Do your best.”

Some classmates were behind the counter, serving the desserts on the plates, some were hurrying between the cooking classroom and the classroom, and a certain idle classmate lifted his head slowly

“Woah…it’s ridiculous out there.”

“Don’t die now.”

“We can handle for now since we prepared lots beforehand, but…”

“But what?”

“…I guess you guys will really have it tough.”

“Really? Well, Kadowaki’s a hot commodity. We’ll be busier.”

“I’m not talking about that.”

He sighed, but did not mention why. Amane was confused, but it probably should not be too much of a problem.

This is ridiculous, such was the look Amane gave, but he was in turn pitied.

“…And also, Shiina’s been looking here the entire time, looking a little unhappy.”

“What now?”

“I think you’re the cause.”

“I need to serve. Not like I got a choice.”

“That’s one thing, but I don’t think that’s the reason.”

“I don’t get what you’re trying to say.”

Amane felt that he was gently rebuked, but he could not understand, and frowned.

The implication probably was that Mahiru was jealous, but it seemed that Mahiru was pouting because of something else.

Amane decided to ask Mahiru later, and ended the conversation there as he served the prepared dishes to the table.