Chapter 205 – Aloof Maid (Customer Limited)

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Chapter 205 – Aloof Maid (Customer Limited)

An hour and a half passed since the opening, and the customers did not seem to dwindle in numbers. It increased instead.

More people entered as time went on, and the queuing crowds kindled the curiosity of many.

Most of the initial customers were students, and later, one could see visitors.

They were not as passionate as the students, but there were instances of visitors being amazed by the many good looking students.

Some younger visitors wanted to seize the chance to woo, but the issues were calmly resolved by the service staff.

“You’re really cute Miss.”

Of course, some tried to speak to Mahiru, who showed a faint smile, thanked them, and went on her way.

She did not intend to continue the conversation, have you decided on what to order?  and cut off any male attempts to woo her.

This universal retort reminded the customer that he was merely a customer.

“I have, but I want to talk about you…”

“If you have, please place your order.”

“Erm, if it’s convenient later…”

“Apologies, but we do not provide such services. Please place your order if you have decided.”

This customer appear to have intended to continue further, but Mahiru responded with a standard smile. The customer noticed a few staff members staring coldly at him, and deflatedly placed his order.

It happened a few times, and Amane could only show a wry smile.

…Guess I’m not the only one being overprotective.

He could sense that none of his classmates was going to let Mahiru be hurt.

Mahiru truly was adored by his classmates, but he never expected them to show such concern for her.

“I know you’re worried, but we’re paying attention too. Don’t be too tense.”

While Amane was surprised by this, Kadowaki showed a wry smile as he approached Amane, having some available time.

On a side note, he too was often approached by the ladies, but one could often see him dodging them artfully, probably out of habit.

“We know you’re restless about how popular your girlfriend is, and you can’t always keep an eye on her, right? We’ll chip in when we can.”


Amane realized then that Kadowaki and the other classmates were so kind, and he felt a warmth spreading in his heart.

“We don’t want a friend to be hurt…or to be honest, we don’t want to see someone wrecked again after being healed.”


“The whole class is basically going, don’t ruin the sweet and sour mood between you two.”

“Sorry, I don’t get what you mean.”

What’s this guy saying? It was no wonder then that Amane showed such a look.

He cringed, having heard Kadowaki say something so unlike him. The person who said such vague lines grinned away, and could not help but burst out laughing.

“Anyway, just take it that Shiina-san’s really doted on, that everyone in class is being friendly to you two.”

“So you mean everyone’s looking at us?”

“No, just think about it. Everyone’s definitely looking when you two are flirting so naturally.”

“Since when were we flirting?’

“No no no no no.”

What are you saying? Kadowaki gave Amane such a look, and Amane pursed his lips.

He had no memory of flirting openly.

Despite that, one could assume it was the atmosphere caused when he unwittingly touched Mahiru from time to time.

…I got to be careful.

Otherwise, he might carelessly ruin something one day.

Well, as long as you two are happy,  Kadowaki giggled at the silent Amane, looking completely relieved. Embarrassed, Amane pursed his lips harder than before.


Amane returned to the back counter, and met Mahiru, who happily went towards him.

Her smile was different from the business smile she showed. It was a sincere, heartfelt smile shown only to him. He felt his heart jolt, and welcomed her with a smile only to her.

“You’re not tired?’

“I am fine. Everyone is concerned about me…but I was shocked to see everyone intimidate the person with the camera through smiles.”

“Ah, we did say that cameras are forbidden, and reminded them before then. Can’t help it when they ignore it.”

“It does seem that everyone is extremely motivated…”

“Well, yeah.”

Amane did not mention that it was because everyone was gently watching over them, and brushed this matter aside. Mahiru gave a bell-like giggle, and it seemed she had not noticed it.

One had to wonder if she really did not notice, or that she was used to it. She was worried about the cafe,  for she had a glance at the shop.

“There are more customers than expected.”

“I think people are just hopping onto the bandwagon. Just join the long queue.”

“Perhaps it is. Of course, there is…”

Mahiru then turned her eyes towards Aane.

“…I think people will come in with eyes for a certain person. I overheard chatter outside that this seems to be the case.”

“Yeah, most of the students will come for you…”

“…Amane-kun, I have lots to say to you after this festival ends.”

“Sure, what are we talking about?”

“Many things.”

Mahiru seemed displeased, and frowned as she tried to keep her emotions to herself. Amane felt that he might have stepped onto a landmine, so he hastily looked towards her eyes, only for her to avert.

It seemed she was not trying to convey her anger, but rather, she was bashful, for her face was red.

“…Your attire is too sleazy.”

“Ehhhh…you should get used to it. You had enough of it during practice, right?”

“I cannot do so. Your eyes towards me are different from when you look towards others.”

“There’ll be trouble if it’s all the same…”

It was natural that his expression directed at his girlfriend would be different from one directed at the customer. No matter how cute the female customer was, he would serve her in the same manner.

Truth be told, he did not think there was anyone cuter than Mahiru before him. To him, the bashful, pouting expression shown only to him was more adorable than anything else in the world.

“You do not understand, Amane-kun…I shall not hand you over even if others see how good you are.”

Mahiru suddenly changed topics, and Amane was confused as to what this was about. She did not continue on however, and hammered at his chest, as though venting away.

“You said you’re not going to flirt.”

“It wasn’t on purpose.”

“So you say.”