Chapter 207 – Fetish

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 207 – Fetish

They got changed, kept the clothes in the classroom locker, and strolled around, wanting to enjoy the festival together.

A while had passed since lunch, but the setup food stalls remained bustling. Many students would change shifts at this point, and the customers might increase in numbers.

Amane was worn out as he was not used to serving customers, and hungry. He went around wanting to get something to eat…and as expected, Mahiru really stood out.

Wow, it’s that maid, such chatter could be heard from time to time. One could say that the class shop was doing well, and there were a lot of visitors.

Amane was a little uncomfortable with this, and Mahiru seemed to have given up, or rather, used to it, for she ignored her surroundings. Amane thus decided not to mind too much.

“What do you want to eat, Mahiru?”

“Hmm, I guess I will prefer something that I do not usually eat.”

“I don’t know what you don’t usually eat…yakisoba maybe? Or takoyaki?”

While Mahiru did cook yakisoba before, she did not like food that were too heavily flavored, and if she were to, she would either make it salted flavored or ankake. Takoyaki was even more unlikely as they did not have the machine.

Mahiru hardly ate outside, and did not know much of food sold at such events.

It was a rare chance for them, so Amane decided to go for the sauce flavored yakisoba they hardly ate. He went to a class selling them, only to hear a familiar voice on his way there.

It came from the stairs leading to the roof. Amane had assumed it would be locked as he went up the stairs, looked at the landing…and spotted a classmate he had been chatting with reently.

“Eh, Fujimiya-kun? Shiina-san?”

Kido called their names incredulously, and Amane blinked away.

It was not shocking for her to be here, as there was no place to actually sit around in school…but Amane was shocked by her posture.

A boy was next to Kido, chomping down on yakisoba. She leaned on him, her hand lifting his chin, as though she did not want him to drop the yakisoba.

“…What are you doing here?”

“Eh, it’s obvious, isn’t it? Lunch, lunch. Come on Socchan, this is the Fujimiya-kun I talked about.”


The boy’s voice sounded vague as he had not finished chewing; he looked up at Amame, and swallowed…perhaps he was too impatient, for he frowned, and slapped his own chest.

Your fault for not chewing properly, it seemed Kido had expected so, and handed him a PET bottle of tea.

She had uncapped it beforehand, and the boy immediately drank it down.

He downed a third of it or so, and the choked item might have fallen down, for he looked relieved. Using a wet tissue, Kido wiped his mouth, which was full of the yakisoba sauce, and the tissue turned brown.

You mind not treating me as a kid?  The boy looked a little displeased after his mouth was wiped, but Kido continued to wipe with a smile. One might assume their relationship was of sufficient mutual trust, for he looked gaudy, but did not refuse.

“Eh, Kido’s boyfriend?”

“Oh, correct. He’s my childhood friend and boyfriend. Come on Socchan, introduce yourself.”

“You think I’m a kid who won’t do anything unless prompted…?”

“Well it’s because you’re shy. Come on, he’s not a bad person.”

“You wouldn’t introduce him to me if he’s a bad person…I’m Souji Kayano.”

He lowered his head, and Kido patted his head as though praising him, only for him to shake it off.

Kido did not seem to mind at all, but this might be because of habit. In a certain sense, Amane was impressed with Kido’s feisty spirit, and looked towards Kayano.

All he knew from Kido beforehand was that her boyfriend had amazing muscles. Amane had assumed he would be more physically imposing…in fact, though he looked taller than Amane, he did not look impressive beyond the uniform. Instead, it was Hiiragi who looked muscular.

Amane gazed discreetly while trying not to be rude, and Kido seemed to have noticed Amane’s eyes, for she laughed jokingly.

“Socchan’s amazing when he strips.”

“A-amazing when he strips…?”

“Yep, Shiina-san, my boyfriend’s amazing. Ufufu.”

Kido leered for some strange reason. Amane felt it might be better for Mahiru not to hear, but the one interrupting was Kayano.

“Alright, stop boasting. It’s embarrassing…say, what did you say when I wasn’t around? Boasting about muscles again?”

“I said my boyfriend’s muscles are amazing.”

“Please stop it already…there’s nothing to boast.”

“There is something to boast! Yours are the best to me!”

“What? Weren’t you salivating watching the bodybuilding special episodes that had been airing on TV recently…?”

“Ahh, that’s just some occasional snack…you’re my favorite main dish, Soochan. I can’t do without you! You’re special!”

Kido said it so earnestly, and Amane was so focused on the bodybuilding special that he omitted the flirty words before him.

She really likes muscles huh…I don’t get her world.

Truth be told, Mahiru had a smell fetish, and Amane had a feeling that she could get along really well with Kido. However, he might feel conflicted hearing about what they liked about their boyfriends, and if possible, he hoped they would not talk about it before the ones they were talking about.

He was astounded in many ways, took a step back, and observed Kido. Kayano might have noticed what Amane was thinking, and clearly looked dumbfounded as he slapped hard at the back of Kido’s head.

“Enough already. You’re scaring him.”

“It’s because you said something weird, Socchan.”

“…I apologize for our Ayaka here.”

“You’re blaming me!?”

Kido gave Kayano a look that clearly showed that she disagreed, but it seemed they were just fooling around.

Say, you, she pouted her lips, and appeared to be reproaching Kayano while nonchalantly touching his muscles. Amane was left gobsmacked at this sight.

Kayano did not look displeased, and left Kido be, for they seemed to have done so every day. He lowered his head towards Amane, who in turn inadvertently lowered his head.

Mahiru, who had been silent the entire time, seemed to be considering something. For some reason, she suddenly clung onto Amane, and gently caressed his tummy.

“…Amane-kun is amazing too when he strips.”

“No need to fight over that. And I don’t have much. I’m not the type to gain much muscle.”

“It is sufficient for me.”

It seemed Mahiru remembered about the bath, for she blushed as she touched Amane, who naturally showed a wry smile, wondering how it turned out this way.