Chapter 208 – Girlfriend’s Worry

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 208 – Girlfriend’s Worry

“Anyway, have you two eaten?”

Amane was coaxing Mahiru when Kido suddenly thought of something.

They were in the same shift, and were out at the same time. Kido quickly got changed and got out as she had her boyfriend waiting however, and her classmates in the same shift probably would not have the time to eat this early.

“Nope, we’re about to buy some yakisoba.”

“Ah, yakisoba? This is good. Socchan’s class did this.”

Socchan ate most of it though, Kido giggled, you’re the one who forced me to eat more, and Kayano retorted so.

“Anyway, that’s how it is. Here, since you want yakisoba.”

She smiled, and gave Mahiru a voucher listing a hundred yen discount on it.

“It’s a promo for internal use, and Socchan says he can give this to those he’s more familiar with…can I?”

“Just give if you want to. It’s not going to affect our sales anyway.”


Kido grinned and handed over two vouchers. Amane felt grateful and sorry for this, and looked towards her face once again, finding her beaming away.

“Ah, don’t mind. We’re sick and tired of eating yakisoba now. We won’t be using this again. Actually, I want some sausage instead.”

Proteins are better than carbs, so she chuckled. Amane felt that a sausage would have more fat, but he did not mention so, thanks, he answered sincerely, and decided to use it.

“Thank you Kido-san. I shall repay you one day.”

“Ah, don’t worry, I’m not doing this as a favor…ah yes, Shiina-san, Shiina-san.”


“How are Fujimiya-kun’s muscles?”

Amane was wondering why she was making such a serious face, and was dumbfounded by whatever she said. Mahiru in turn blinked a few times, and started panicking for some reason.

“N-no, Amane-kun belongs to me.”

“Woah, how cute. Relax, I love Socchan most though? I’m just a little curious.”

“You still have eyes for others?”

“Th-that’s not true! Trust me Socchan!”

Kido too started flailing her hands, but it seemed she knew Kayano was half joking, for she clearly puffed her cheeks.

Socchan no baka, she muttered with a sweet voice, and then showed a genial smile towards a somewhat wary Mahiru.

“I don’t mean that. Since you have such fine ingredients…well, I just want to help out in training him…otherwise it’ll be a pity? Fujimiya-kun’s so tall and thin, it’ll be better if he gain more muscles.”

“…I will be in trouble if he is more dashing.”

“Ah, he performed well today. His popularity might skyrocket.”

Kido seemed to have understood so, for she nodded away, and Mahiru pursed her lips.

Amane wondered if he should be elated that Mahiru and Kido were getting along well, or that he should retort that Mahiru was being strangely jealous.

He probably would not be as popular as she was worried about. If any girl was to approach him after he dressed himself well, they would have lots of chances to do so. Of course, they could not open his heart however.

There were lots of people who were more handsome than Amane, and he did not think he was as handsome as she assumed.

He gave a wry smile once he saw how worried she was, and ruffled her hair.

“Relax, I’m only interested in you, and if any girl likes me, she’s just getting in the way of our happy relationship. I won’t fall for her.”

“…I do find it unbearable though.”

“It’s normal. I feel the same too. Anyway, you don’t have to be that worried. It’s fine.”

“…I do think you do not understand…”

Amane wanted Mahiru to relax, but she frowned unhappily for some reason. While he remained confused, you really have it tough too, Shiina-san, Kido teased.