Chapter 212 – Back to the Cafe

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 212 – Back to the Cafe

Amane bought some gifts that could be left for a while, and did as Daiki said as he went to his classroom to rest. There was a queue far longer than any other class.

He had an occasional look outside during his shift. It was hotter than it was in the morning, This might be due to the good reviews they had.

It was his class, but he was still a customer, so he queued obediently alongside Mahiru. His classmate hurriedly scanned through the namelist at the reception.

“Ah, Fujimiya and the An…Shiina-san. You’re not here to help, right?”

“Too bad we aren’t. I want to be a customer for once. Also to check on Itsuki and Chitose.”

“They’re very lively now. Yeah, sorta.”

“Why are you sounding so vague?”

“I guess it’s because Itsuki’s look frivolous.”

“That’s his signature.”


Itsuki’s cheerfulness and geniality was something everyone was used to, and his personality would not be erased completely unless something major happened. He would surely participate in such an event seriously, and exhibit his personality. That frivolous attitude was here to stay.

Some students liked how frivolous he was, and he was relatively popular as a butler. After all, it was a student event, and they did not have to act as proper butlers.

“Table for two? It will take a while.”

“Can’t be helped when there’s so many people. We’ll wait…you fine with this Mahiru? Are you tired?”

“I am fine. I-I was just worn out because of that, mentally…”

“You’re the one who stubbornly entered.”

“…I was not stubborn.”

Amane saw the eyes avert him, and had the urge to bully her given how sheepish she was. However, she might pout if he overdid, and thus, he did not continue on.

it’s a promise, we’re going to watch a horror movie, instead, that was what he said. Mahiru faltered, and glared at Amane, who in turn played dumb this time.

Even the reception boy next to them glared at Amane, and said, go somewhere else. Amane however could do nothing about it, and evaded his eyes all the same.

This little interlude passed, and it was finally their turn. The duo followed the staff to their table…and Amane frowned lazily once he saw the two familiar faces before him.

Itsuki and Chitose were in charge as the receptionist had sounded the alarm, surely.

They were beaming, looking a lot more serious than usual. Their cheeks quivered slightly as Amane looked a little displeased.

Amane saw from their expressions that their little prank worked, and his face and lips shook. Of course, he was cringing.

“Welcome back. Sir, Madame.”

“Oy Itsuki, that’s not what it says on the manual.”

It was a maid and butler cafe, but they were to address all visitors as ‘customers’. Amane’s face cringed once he heard them clearly addressing incorrectly.

Mahiru lowered her eyes bashfully, for it seemed the term Madame left her embarrassed.

“No no no, there’s a page customized for you two in this top secret manual. It’s written there.”

“Don’t reject reality and substitute it with your own.”

“Alright alright. Have a seat here.”

Amane gave a reproaching look, indicating that Itsuki should not give me some fancy, special treatment, but the latter ignored so.

It was pointless to say more, so Amane could only sit down begrudgingly.

Mahiru naturally sat on the sat Itsuki pulled out, and the elegance of her actions captivated Amane’s look. Had fun during your break? Chitose giggled as she handled over the menu Amane had memorized, as per the manual.

“Well, sort of. Got some places we haven’t visited. We’re planning to go there later.”

“That’s good. I was hoping Mahirun would drop by to rest earlier.”


“Of course. Didn’t she say she want to go out?”

Amane glanced aside at Mahiru, a set A please, who blushed a little as she tried to change the topic by ordering so.

She did not show much enthusiasm for the cultural festival at home, but it seemed she really looked forward to spending the time with Amane, in her own way.

Amane smiled at the adorable Mahiru, swore that he would question her later, and ordered the same. Mahiru glared back, probably knowing what Amane was thinking, but she did not seem displeased, so he heaved a sigh of relief.

*Fufu, *once she heard that, Chitose showed no attempt to hide her glee, and went to place the order at the counter. Amane then remembered to hand over a bag of donuts, which was on his lap, to Itsuki.

Each donut was mouth-sized, fried in a round shape. One could use it as a snack during their breaks, and it could be shared with the other staff.

“Oh yeah, this is from another class. Just a reward for you guys, get them to eat while having their breaks.”

“Oh, thanks thanks!”

“I just thought of buying it, so go ahead. If they want to thank, they should be thanking the guy who’s being like a butler…”

“Thank you for your graciousness milord…”

“Forget about it, and stop with that play.”

*I’m hungry after lunch, *Amane chuckled at the annoyingly cheerful Itsuki, and felt apologetic about what he would say, for this might affect the latter’s mood.

“Say Itsuki.”


“I met Daiki-san.”

It was obvious that Itsuki froze up upon hearing that.

Amane said it at this point as he did not wish to tell Itsuki with Chitose present, but this might affect Itsuki’s motivation. He did not want to say anything.

“Ah, he didn’t say anything about Chitose. I’m just reporting in. He said it’s inconvenient for him to be here, so he went elsewhere.”

“Ah…yeah, dad doesn’t really come to this place, and it’ll leave Chii awkward. Maybe it’s better for him not to come by.”

I never heard him say that he’ll be here, so Itsuki shrugged and muttered.

“I’ll ask when I get home. I doubt he’ll be looking for me today.”

He gave an inscrutable smile, held the gift in one hand, and went to the counter. Amane sighed.

…If only things go well.

It might not be easy, and it might be slow, but it would be great if this would eliminate the friction between them, so Amane prayed.