Chapter 213 – As You Like

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Chapter 213 – As You Like

The matter about Daiki left both Amane and Mahiru a little depressed when Chitose served their food, and she quizzed once she saw their faces.

“Eh, what’s with you two? Had an argument?’

“You think we will?”

“Normally speaking, there’ll be quarrels even in love…but I can’t deny what you said since you two are willing to listen to each other. It’s amazing.”

Chitose sounded dumbfounded and yet impressed as she praised them, but Amane did not think it was anything weird.

Mahiru was usually gentle, magnanimous, and hardly got angry, only doing so for others. Even if it was the case, hardly anything would rile her, given her personality.

If he really argued with Mahiru, the fault would usually be on him, who angered her, and even then, it would become a discussion over where the problem was, why she was angry, and how they should resolve this.

Amane had never gotten to this point with her, and if he did, he would apologize profusely.

Thus, they hardly argued.

It was the same for Mahiru, who seemed numb to the concept of arguing as her caramel colored eyes blinked away. It resonated with Amane’s thoughts, and the latter chuckled.

She never was furious at Amane.

She lashed out once at him when he was down on himself, but she was critical of him, rather than furious, and only did so for his sake.

“I say, we aren’t arguing. We’re just frustrated by something. Don’t know what to do.”

“Oh, it’s good that you aren’t arguing. Your parents aren’t coming, Amane?”

Amane froze the moment he heard the word parents; Chitose closed in on him, not noticing his gestures.

It seemed she had completely forgotten about Daiki, and he was relieved.

“Well, Mahirun said that your mom will really get along with me, so I’m curious. Just want to say hello to your mom.”

“More than get along, I guess. You two are so similar that Mahiru will be the victim of your antics.”

They loved cute things, were aggressive with their skinship, and really loved Mahiru. These were the three similarities they had, and it was likely they would dote on Mahiru so much, she would become their plaything.

It seemed Mahiru easily imagined that sight, for her lips twitched, and Amane pretended not to notice.

They’re going to shove a bunch of clothes onto you, or go for some skinship. Do your best.

If there was any consolation, it was that they would not hurt Mahiru. The latter gave Amane a pleading look for help, but Amane alone could not deal with this, and could only pray that she could hang on.

“Anyway, that’s enough. You sure it’s fine for you not to go back?”

“Woah really, Makochin’s glaring here~”

Their classmate Kuju seemed to have some choice words for Chitose as he looked over, and it was inappropriate for her to keep chatting.

Chitose stuck her tongue in apology, and was met with a cold look from Kuju. Amane prompted Chitose to hurry back to work.

He saw her back as she reluctantly returned to work, and sigh.

“I can only support you mentally. Do your best.”

“You seem rather hands off.”

“Actually, I’m not going to stop those two passionate idiots. Do your best. If you really can’t handle them, just reject them outright.”

“I-I do not mean that…er…I suppose they will put all kinds of onto me.”

“I guess so.”

Shihoko loved to dote on Mahiru and dress her up, and she would be all the more enthusiastic with Chitose around. After all, Shihoko had taken Mahiru as her daughter, and would probably take the latter to fashion shops to try various clothes, and have her try them on. One could expect Chitose to join in enthusiastically.

Amane could not forcibly stop Shihoko, for she wanted a daughter, and took a liking to Mahiru.

“Well, if you’re willing to dress up, I don’t think I have to stop her.”

“You know this means that I cannot refuse, no?”

“Actually you can refuse them both. I’m more than glad to dress you up.”

Amane did not actually have any clothes in mind, but he thought it would be fun to have her wear clothes he felt would be suitable to her.

“…I do plan to dress up as you like, even without considering them.”

Mahiru softly muttered, and lowered her eyes bashfully. You are the one I like, and I’ll like anything you wear. Amane was unable to say this however, and took a sip of coffee, smiling at how adorable she was.