Chapter 214 – Do not Bully

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Chapter 214 – Do not Bully

Amane waited for the embarrassed Mahiru’s cheeks to calm down as he drank his coffee. Looking around him, he realized the impact a reputation would have on customers.

They prepared more seats than usual, but there were no empty seats available. It was the same during their customer, for there was an endless influx of customers, and it was packed full.

To be blunt, the most likely targets would have been Mahiru or Kadowaki, but there were lots of customers even during their breaks. Perhaps it was due to the clothes.

Young boys and girls were usually dressed in school uniforms, and it seemed the sight of them in service clothing were tantalizing to some.

As for Amane, he merely felt that it was something he was not used to.

For example, he never imagined Chitose to wear clothes that were used to service others.

She served the customers with a cheerful smile. Amane had a glance, and did not notice her being deft as befitting her clothes. However, her liveliness and approachable attitude were coupled with the short maid miniskirt, which seemed fine.

“…Is there anything wrong with Chitose-san?”

While Amane looked at Chitose and marveled at her positivity, Mahiru quizzed so, having successful stopped her embarassment it seemed.

“It’s nothing…I didn’t feel anything when we’re working, but when I look at it now, our classmates aren’t exactly comfortable in these clothes. We should be at the point where we’re used to it.”

“Fufu, we do hardly wear such clothes after all.”

“It’s rare to see that many customers here too. They say we’re all cute and handsome, but well, it does suit us all.”

There were students and visitors, and most of them might be active staff from elsewhere. One could hear them squeeing away at who were the cute ones, who were the handsome ones.

Their passion was understandable, but the staff members could only give wry smiles given how loud they were.

Amane glanced aside at the toiling staff, and then towards Mahiru. She seemed to be exerting more strength in her eyelashes.

“What is it?”

“Nothing…you do think they…the girls, are cute, no?”

“Just normal.”

Amane had an inkling of what Mahiru wanted to say, so he smiled, and hid his lips behind the joints of his fingers.

“In terms of beauty and etiquette, I find them cute, but don’t worry. You’re the only one who makes me want to dote on for being cute.”

“…A-Again with such words…”

“Looks like you want me to explain. You’ll be jealous if I don’t say this.”

This time, Amane whispered so softly that others could not hear. She frowned, pursed her lips, and bashfully lowered her eyes again.

“…I feel like a fool for being restless.”

“You can check as many times as you want.”

“I will be embarrassed though.”

“I’ll dote on you again. You happy with that?”

“Are you intending to kill me?”

“That’s hyperbole.”

“It is not. You are always torturing my heart…it causes me much burden.”

“You hate it?”

“Not that I do…but erm, please show some mercy.”

Mahiru’s shoulders shriveled, and Amane’s desire to tease her was piqued, but at the same time, he remembered that she might pout if he overdid. Some moderation would be fine.

I’ll see, so he answered, but she glared back at him unhappy. It seemed he was not trusted on me.

“…I shall retaliate if you bully me next time.”


“…I shall ignore you if you do so again.”

Mahiru turned her head aside, and she was so adorable that Amane chuckled. She then snatched his cookie unhappily, turning her head further aside.