Chapter 215 – Live Performance

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 215 – Live Performance

There were too many people, and it was inappropriate for them to chat. Amane sought an opportunity to end the conversation, and left the cafe. He sighed, not knowing where to go.

The festival was open until 4pm. It would be half an hour until the day ended.

They would have to tally their sales revenue, report in, and prepare for the next day. Amane wanted to tour around once again before then, but they had visited the main attractions.

“Anywhere else you want to go to?”

“Actually…we have visited many places. Shall we have a look at the gym stage?”

“Stage? What’s over there now?”

There were stage activities starting from the afternoon, and students volunteers would perform various shows. He remembered there were skits and performances.

He had a look at the pamphlet, and noticed the light music club was having a live show.

“It’s a live show. Are you interested?”

“I do not really listen to music. Perhaps I should use this chance to.”

“Well yeah, you don’t really play BGM. Western music at most.”

Mahiru was aware of the current trends, but not music. In fact, she preferred the classical Western music to the trending Japanese music, out of personal likes.

Even when there were some popular male idols who often appeared on TV, she could only match the faces and names.

“Since you want to go, let’s do it. I’m rather curious myself.”


There are no shops they wish to visit, so Amane held Mahiru by the hand, and led her to the gym to kill time.

Most of the lights were switched off, and the remaining ones shone upon the stage.

They could hear music outside, and it got a lot louder after they entered, which jolted them. Amane felt ticklish as he gently closed the door to avoid disturbing others, and quickly sat down at an empty space.

He lifted his head, and spotted the volunteer team singing on stage. There was one familiar face there, and Amane narrowed his eyes at that person.

Standing before the microphone was the person he often saw since morning.

“…Eh, Kadowaki? He never mentioned he’s performing.”

Amane knew that Kadowaki could sing, as they had been to karaoke a few times, but he never expected the latter to be on stage, or even heard rumors about it.

The vibrant vigor to prepare for club, cultural festival and live performance on stage really astounded him.

However, it was all the more surprising, given that he hated to stand out.

“Kadowaki-san really can do everything.”

“You of all people shouldn’t be saying that, Mahiru.”

Mahiru seemed rather impressed, but she was capable of everything. Studies, sports, housework; few were as capable as her.

“…There are things I am bad at too.”



“I guess. You still couldn’t swim at the end.”

“I will be underestimating it if I feel that I can learn it in a day. I just cannot grasp it no matter how I tried…”


Mahiru might seemed a little peeved to hear Amane say that she still could not do it, and she started flailing fists at his arm. He gave a wry smile, and looked back at the stage again.

He hated the attention, but it seemed he was used to it, for he showed no fear before the masses, and truly imposed himself on it.

He even eagerly waved back at a few fans.

Coincidentally, there was a space that did not obstruct his vision much. His face cringed a little once he met Amane in the eyes.

It seemed he did not expect the latter to appear.

We’ll chat later, so Amane implied as he waved and approached. Kadowaki blinked, and showed a different smile from before.

That smile triggers squeals from the girls. Amane and Mahiru burst out laughing at this usual scene.