Chapter 216 – The First Day of the Cultural Festival Ends

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Chapter 216 – The First Day of the Cultural Festival Ends

“You never told me that you’re performing.”

After the live show, Kadowaki went to the wall, and showed up before Amane and Mahiru. Amane snarked, and Kadowaki put on the tie as he had undone it for the concert, giving a troubled smile.

“They didn’t plan for me to go up there, but the vocalist got an injured leg a week before, during the club activity…the doctor wouldn’t allow, so i showed up.”

The live show required the performers to move their bodies, and an injured person could not do so.

“I see. How’s the guy anyway?”

“Fine. He’s upset for not being able to go up there, and I feel a little sorry. From the looks of it though, he’s rather happy with how the performance turned out.”

“Well, I guess it can’t be helped…didn’t expect you to sing that well as a substitute. It’s perfect.”

“Really? That’s good.”

Amane already knew that Kadowaki had great vocal skills during their karaoke sessions, but he never expected that. Kadowaki was not overwhelmed by the crowd, and even captivated them.

Amane was amazed at Kadowaki’s ability, having heard the girls shriek. It seemed Kadowaki had seen this too, for he scratched his cheek in embarrassment.

“…it’s still a little embarrassing to be seen by friends while doing this.”

“Is it better for us not to see?”

“N-not that actually. I was a little relieved to see you two act normal. I feel more relaxed seeing those I’m familiar with.”

I really got to thank you two for this, Kadowaki said, looking awkward. The girls peeking on him discreetly started murmuring.

Amane gave a wry smile in his heart, noting that Kadowaki was still the center of attention. Don’t sweat it, so he joked back once he saw Kadowaki’s awkward yet proud smile.

Good work, Mahiru merely gave a calm smile, and did not go beyond what Amane had said.

It probably was to prevent any unnecessary envy. While everyone knew that Mahiru and Amane were dating, there would be a bad impression if she was too close to Kadowaki at such an open place.

“But it’s a pity. It’s not often that we get this everyday. I really wanted Itsuki to see this.”

“Eh no thanks. He’ll probably begrudge me for not telling him, or laugh at me.”

“Just hang on then. It’s your fault for keeping this a secret.”

“What can I do when it’s decided so suddenly? I don’t have a choice.”

Stop it man,  so Kadowaki joked. Amane made up his mind to mention this during the class meeting later, lol nope, and his face relaxed as he patted Kadowaki on the shoulder.

“Everyone worked hard on the first day! Good work!”

Amane spent time with Mahiru and Kadowaki until the live performances ended, and they returned back.

The first day of the festival ended, and gathered there were the students on the prior shift, along with the rested. They probably had enough fun themselves, for they looked really happy.

Itsuki the committee member praised them, and they voiced out their joy.

Once the commotion subsided, he coughed a few times, bringing their attention back.

“Now then, a little round up for tomorrow. Accounts team, please tally if our sales revenue match our orders and report to me. Put the money in the specified bag, and hand it to me. I’ll pas it to the committee. Backend team, prepare for tomorrow; receptionists, clean the classroom. Once done, backend, sort out what we need tomorrow.”


Once they were assigned their work, the students obediently got down to business.

Amane was in charge of cleaning, so he rolled his sleeves, filled a bucket of water, and hurried to get it done soon.

He had no inkling of the concept of cleaning just a year old. Through Mahiru’s guidance and experience, he was at average level, if not adept, or to be precise, he could at least keep a place neat and tidy.

“…You’re good.”

Kido noted in amazement once she saw Amane working alongside Mahiru.

“No no, Mahiru’s a lot better than me. She’s somewhat my master, and I really didn’t know anything about this at first.”

“I didn’t expect this, Fujimiya-kun. I thought you would be more disciplined.”

“Amane-kun is reliable whenever he is not at home.”

Mahiru, who was removing and folding the dirtied tablecloths, joked so as she looked towards them.

Amane could only remain silent even as she hinted at how horrible he was at home. Facts were facts, but he really disliked being teased.

“Well, that’s how it is for a guy living alone.”

“But that was too much. I had no place to stand on when I entered.”

“…That’s how it is.”

“Really? Well, our Socchan’s not living alone, but his room is neat, you know? He said he keeps things packed up because I’m entering, and there’s nothing under the bed.”

“Don’t look for those things.”

A girlfriend looking for those things would be a bonechilling experience for any male. One had to hope that all girlfriends in the country would never try to rummage for such things.

Amane felt nothing of it, for he did not have any even if anyone was to look, but most would always have some personal possessions they were hiding.

“Ah, I’m not finding something actually. I’m just wondering if it actually happens. Like those scenes in manga.”

“You read too much manga.”

“Yeah. Socchan laughed at me and said that I got carried away…what about you, Fujimiya-kun?”

“I got nothing, and I don’t want to be suspected.”


Kido burst out laughing, and Amane started to pity Kayano. Man, that was a tragedy… Mahiru in turn looked confused.

“What are you talking about?”

It seemed she did not hear fully as she was working. Amane tried his best to act natural given her curious look, and averted his eyes.

“Nothing really important.”

“Hm, Fujimiya-kun, you mean you don’t need them since you have Shiina-san?”


Don’t say anything weird now, Amane endured the overflowing embarrassment as he glared at the leering Kido.

Kido’s grin grew bigger, but ultimately, Mahiru grew increasingly skeptical. Amane had enough, held Mahiru’s hand, and pulled her away from Kido.

“What were you talking about?”

“Nothing at all.”

“Your face seems to imply otherwise.”

“As I said, nothing at all.”