Chapter 217 – When are we changing how we address each other?

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Chapter 217 – When are we changing how we address each other?

They returned home after preparing for the next day, and Amane went to buy ingredients for dinner before heading home. For some reason, Mahiru welcomed him in a maid outfit.

“…Why are you wearing that.”

it was expected that they would bring their outfits home, given that they were responsible for what they loaned. Amane wondered why Mahiru was wearing it however, and narrowed his eyes.

One could say he was stupefied to see the strange sight of a maid appearing before him at home.

She said she wanted to head home earlier, and I expected her to plan something.

They usually returned home together, and on this day, Mahiru had Amane do the shopping while she went home. He was mystified by it, but he never expected her to welcome him in maid outfit.

Mahiru welcomed him home with the usual smile, dressed in the clothes he saw at school.

“I returned home to wash the clothes…it is not often that I get this chance, so I wore it.”

“Well, I guess people usually wear a maid outfit once in their lives, or not at all.”

They usually would not wear this unless it was for cosplay purpose.

He however never expected her to wear this, and was perturbed.

For the time being, he removed his shoes, got changed, and went to the living room. Mahiru was waiting for him there, preparing to serve tea. Her gestures were no different from a real maid, if one did not look at the interior decors of the room, and Amane felt unbearable.

“…So, how long are you going to remain dressed up like that?”

“Hm, until dinner is cooked? I have prepared the side dishes yesterday, so I have to do is to take them out of the fridge, or fry them.”

“I see.”

“…Is this, bad?”

Mahiru might be sensitive about how Amane looked bewildered, and lowered her eyebrows sadly as she observed him.

“Not that I don’t like this. I just can’t calm down.”

“Really? I do feel motivated to take care of you in this.”

“Take care…well, you’re taking care alright.”

“And, you will not touch me unless we are both alone.”

Mahiru said with a smile, sat silently by the side, leaned on Amane’s stiff shoulders, and latched upon his shoulder.

What she meant was that Amane would never hug or hold her hand while she was wearing these clothes.

“Contact with maids usually are forbidden, right?”

“…It is fine, since you are the master of the house, Amane-kun.”

She stammered and eked out this bashful voice, looking really adorable. Amane really had the urge to hug, but he held back, and instead grabbed the hands latched upon his arm.

He was not too interested in those clothes, but she was wearing such adorable clothes, giving such an adorable look, which was enough to knock his sanity off balance.

“…You say that, but what will you do if I force myself onto you unreasonably?”

“…You are not being unreasonable, and not forcing yourself onto me. I want to devote my utmost to you.”

“You’ve always been.”

“It is not enough. I have gained lots and lots from you…and I wish to give you lots.”

It seemed that to Mahiru, Amane had given her lots, and one could imagine that she was referring to human relationships, love, warmth and such.

…I gave her these not because I want her to owe me. I just want to do something for her.

Amane did out out of his own intense emotions, rather than for Mahiru’s sake, and she really did not need to worry about it. After all, her smile was sufficient compensation, and he really hoped for her to not be bothered.

But she would not accept this explanation.

“…I’ll gain lots of things from you in the future. I don’t need that much now.”

Amane expressed that he would gain lots from Mahiru in the future. She widened her caramel colored eyes, blinked, and seemed to understand what he meant by gain, for she immediately boiled over.

Amane gently chuckled once he saw his cute girlfriend look up at him flusteredly, let go of his arm, and put her on his lap.

Her face turned redder immediately, and her eyes swam about, the rigor she had from before gone elsewhere. He huffed his shoulders, quietly giggled to himself, and put his lips near the fiery cheek.

“That’s why you should wait a while until you call me husband, right?”


Mahiru nodded hastily, and moved her white headdress aside. Without saying anything, Amane bit on her pink lips.