Chapter 219 – The Muscle Fetishist of the Crafts Club

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Chapter 219 – The Muscle Fetishist of the Crafts Club

“Your parents really are on good terms, Fujimiya-kun. Just like you.”

Amane’s parents openly expressed their affection as they looked at the products of the crafts club. Kido the salesgirlgiggled away.

Amane did not really know which clubs his classmates belonged to. It seemed Kido was in this crafts club, and being the salesgirl.

“I thought you would be a sports club manager or something, Kido…”

Amane subtly kept his distance from his parents, and looked at Kido, who was wearing an apron, probably handmade.

Kido had openly proclaimed her love for muscles, so Amane assumed that she would be a sports club manager or something, as there were boys there, and she would have opportunities to see muscles. He did not expect her to be in the crafts club.

“I can enjoy the sight of muscular guys, but I’ll be doing so alone, and if actually join ed one, Socchan will pout.”


“He doesn’t mind me watching those trained professionals on TV or in the photos, but he told me not to drool at other classmates.”

“I don’t think he’s being jealous. He’s more worried about your reputation.”

Nobody would want to see a cute girl staring dumbfoundedly at muscles, drooling away, let alone a girlfriend.

Kido however seemed annoyed at Amane’s opinion, for she puffed her cheeks.

“How rude. Even I would choose who I will drool at.”

I won’t space out at those with so-so muscles.  Kido put her hands on her hips and puffed her chest, not denying that she would drool.

“Actually, I joined the crafts club because dad asked me to act more like a girl…and another important reason is that I want to personally make clothes for Socchan, and also measure him.”

“Woah you’re hardcore…”

“D-Don’t run away. S-Shiina-san too will definitely make clothes for you if you strip and let her measure.”

“Don’t give my Mahiru any weird fetish idea.”

Mahiru herself would feel really awkward. She was unwilling to see him bare his shoulders, and obviously would not want him to strip. Amane would have a headache if she ended up having a muscle fetish like Kido.

Amane made no attempt to hide his bewilderment as he looked at a crestfallen looking Kido. Mahiru, who had been accompanying Amane’s parents, came over, looking perplexed.”

“What are you chatting so excitedly about?”

“Eh, we’re talking about you being happy if Fujimiya-kun strips.”

“How’s that possible? Right Mahiru?”

“I suppose…not.”

“What’s with the weak denial?”

Amane had assumed Mahiru would blush and deny fervently, but she seemed strangely hesitant, which shocked him.

“Eh, because I told Shiina-san about how amazing muscles are?”

“Don’t do anything unnecessary. You don’t have to teach Mahiru anything strange.”

“I’m saying how good muscles are. Don’t take human beauty as some strange knowledge. it’s the final result of training the body. You describing it as that is rude, you know?”

“Ah yes I’m sorry.”

Amane instinctively apologized once he was unexpectedly given a serious lecture.

“…No, what if Mahiru awakens to that?”

“Can’t you just strip?”

“No way.”

Amane would never do so as he could easily imagine Mahiru overheating. She barely managed to endure when they bathed together, and if he stripped as he usually did, she surely would look away from him for quite a while.

Not everyone will want to see exposed shoulders, Amane gave Kido a dazed look, Shiina-san does though, and she did not mind as she muttered so.

On a side note, Mahiru was shaking her red head flustered. Kido probably had a delusion, wanting to increase the number of muscle fetishists.

She clearly was going to steam, for her lips quivered as she muttered, I have thought of that shameless thing, just a little.

She might clam up if he retorted about her saying just a little, so he pretended not to hear. Mahiru’s thought was probably out of an interest pertaining to her lover, and not due to a fetish like Kido.

“Oh my, you two are chatting happily.”

Amane was wondering how to coax the flushed Mahiru when Shihoko and Shuuto seemed to have bought something they were fond of. They slipped the item into a bag, and walked over with leisurely smiles.

Kido blinked away, and showed a proper smile that was directed to outsiders, with nary a hint of the girl who was chatting about muscles.

“Ah, Fujimiya-kun’s parents? Nice to meet you, I’m the classmate of Fujimiya-kun and Shiina-san, Ayaka Kido.”

“How courteous you are. I’m Shuuto Fujimiya, and this is my wife Shihoko.”

Shuuto introduced himself and Shihoko, and Kido bowed with a smile. The obedient facade had Amane chuckling.

“What were you talking about?”

“…About Kido’s interests.”

Shuuto asked Amane, who averted his eyes as he gave a neutral answer. Shihoko blinked away, and seemed interested.

“Eh, what kind of interest?”

“Erm, human observation…I guess? She also likes to see others work hard, and cheer for them.”

The human observation (marveling at muscles) aspect was not wrong, and neither was the part about cheering on people who were working on their muscles, though it was not right either.

“What do you think about our Amane? is he working hard?”

“Hmmm…I think he is. I don’t really know though, since I haven’t chatted with him for long…”

Amane had a feeling she was definitely talking about muscles, but he did not retort in front of his parents, for it would be bad if this led to more issues.

Mahiru probably understood as well, for she remained silently. She discreetly rubbed Amane’s belly while his parents were busy talking, and it seemed to be Kido’s influence.

We’ll talk at home, so Amane pried the hand away. Mahiru probably noticed what she just did, for she immediately blushed.

“Fujimiya-kun looks happy and hardworking whenever he’s with Shiina-san. I think I want to observe up close.”

“Ah, is their relationship good at school too?”

“Yep, ridiculously good. Everyone’s blinded by them.”

“Oy Kido, enough with the nonsense.”

“But really, I’m not wrong. It’s the truth. I always feel you two are a match for each other, you know?”

Kido leered and praised, probably as retaliation for him taking her muscle fetish as some strange knowledge. His parents too smiled happily, and he had the urge to get away immediately.

Amane had a feeling he was blushing as hard as Mahiru just now, so he glared at Kido, who did not mind.

“It feels like everyone in class has given their blessings. That’s good.”

“Shut up.”

Shuuto gave a kind smile full of joy. Amane felt he had nowhere to go, so he pouted and turned his head aside.