Chapter 220 – Curious about Her House

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Chapter 220 – Curious about Her House

“Why do you look so gloomy, Amane-kun…?”

“Why exactly…”

Shuuto and Shihoko left the exhibition sales of the crafts club, and started touring around again. Mahiru leisurely followed them while latching onto Amane, not letting him run away.

Amane concealed his pouting emotions as he stared at the back of his delighted parents, looking completely unmotivated.

The stares hurt.

He could feel stinging stares upon him, for he was moving along with his parents who gained much attention.

He did not like the attention, but he started to get used to it, especially as Mahiru’s boyfriend.

The stares this time were different, for they were neither jealous nor malicious, but curious. The familiar looking faces had everyone all the more interested.

His parents flirted around as they went to another shop, and Amane could only trudge along behind them.

Having witnessed this, Mahiru lowered her eyes awkwardly.

“…We can split from them if you are that unwilling…”

“Not that I’m unwilling. It’s just, a little awkward…seeing my own family like this…”

“…It is hypocritical of you, Amane-kun. I think you are very similar to Shuuto-san.”

“How so?”

“…Well recently…erm, you will instinctively give that ‘you belong to me’ possessive vibe…”

You started holding my hands, grabbing my shoulders. Mahiru’s cheeks turned increasingly red, and she pursed her lips slightly. Amane was silent, and kept his mouth shut.

“…To be honest, I think it is good to be forthright, and…my heart does jump. You have the self-confidence now, and I am glad for you, while also starting to panic. You do pay heed to the strangest of things however…and occasionally timid.”

“…The last part is unnecessary, right?”

“It is true though…but that is good, since you are not you if you are not timid.”

“Oy what do you think of me.”

It seemed Mahiru felt that Amane was uselessly timid, which frustrated him. They had been dating for four months, and stayed over, but did not gain any experience. Perhaps it was right to say that he was timid.

Both sides had a mutual understanding, and Mahiru understood that it was a choice made because he wanted to cherish her.

However, he was a little miffed that it was taken as his standard.

“…Since you find me timid, we’ll see at home then.”

“The-they will be staying over tonight, right?”

Despite that, it would be boring to have Mahiru underestimate him completely.

“…Then can I stay over at your place?”

He said partly to tease her, and partly to visit her house even if they could not stay over. Mahiru was stunned, and then looked down.

She stopped, reeled in her shoulders, and lowered her head. Amane sensed that he overdid it, and was about to apologize when she timidly lifted her head.

“E-erm, yo-you may, uuu…I-I will do my best, to clean up.”

It was a joke, but she seemed to have taken it seriously, for her fists were shaking, and her face was so red, Amane worried if she was fine. It seemed he really could not overdo it, so he swore to control his hands.

Whether he could do it however was another matter.