Chapter 221 – Do Not Mix Dangerous Things

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Chapter 221 – Do Not Mix Dangerous Things

“You do understand how cute Mahiru-chan is huh?”

“Well, of course. Mahirun’s so charming…and I’m really knowing more and more of her cute points.”

“Don’t mix these two dangerous thins together.”

Shihoko and Chitose got along well on the first day they met. Amane saw them dote on Mahiru, and sighed hard.

Itsuki and Chitose were both in the same shift as Amane, so they were free that morning. They coincidentally met Amane’s parents, and Amane had no choice but to introduce his parents to them. It all went relatively well until this point.

Thereafter was the problem. Chitose initially acted obedient, but once Shihoko started doting on Mahiru, she could not help but join the fray instead.

They immediately got together, and because of their continued praise, Mahiru blushed and shivered.

The caramel-colored eyes were overflowing with shame as she looked to Amane, pleading for help, but there was no way he could defeat their passion. He could only let them continue, and gather amongst the men instead.

“Our child has been under your care.”

“No no.”


“What, Amane? You’re not denying it?”

“…Well, I did, but it’s a matter of whether you’re a busybody.”

Itsuki was really a busybody sometimes, but mostly speaking, Amane really was under his care, and caused him trouble. Amane was grateful to him, and though he usually would not say so, he really felt so.

Amane and Mahiru would not have deepened their relationship this much if not for Itsuki, and one could say that Itsuki and Chitose really influenced his own relationship.

And it was because of his gratefulness that Amane did not deny what Shuuto said. for some reason, Itsuki averted his eyes.

“You’re rather honest at such moments.”

“You’re saying that my personality’s twisted? You wanna fight?”

“You’re obviously twisted if you can infer that. Anyway, you still have self-awareness?”

“Shut up.”

You bastard, Amane slapped Itsuki on the back, but they were merely fooling around, and Itsuki did not mind as he grinned away and observed Amane.

Shuuto too smiled as he watched on. Amane had enough as he looked aside, only to hear the former chuckle.

“Actually, I think Amane’s rather eccentric. He’s dishonest, but rather straightforward.”

“He’s always like this. He’s not the most approachable, so it’s really great that he has a friend that understands him.”

“No no, I think it’s great to have such a great friend.”

“…Mind not talking about this in front of me.”


“I suppose. We shall message you later then…”

Amane meant for them to not mention that in front of him, and for some reason, Itsuki and Shuuto started talking about how they should contact each other, which troubled him. He had a feeling that they would discreetly report, and really hoped this would not happen.

But even if he stopped them at this point, Chitose and Shihoko might collaborate over something. He had a really strong feeling that it was pointless to stop them.

Mahiru and I are going to be teased anyway.

It was mostly friendship and parental love, but the one in the middle found it unbearable.

He wanted to remind them later, and turned his eyes aside……but in a corner of his eyes, he spotted Daiki, whom he met the previous day.

It was not weird for Daiki to appear as the guardian, but he merely watched from afar, and did not approach them. He was giving a conflicted look, which troubled Amane.

Daiki was looking at Itsuki, and probably worried about his son.

“Amane, what…”

Itsuki noticed Amane’s frozen stare, and looked over, only for his handsome face to tense up.

Amane knew that both father and son were not on good terms, but the reaction was so obvious that he found it awkward as a friend.

He looked over at Itsuki, not knowing what to do. Itsuki’s lips shook, not knowing what to say, and turned his back on Daiki, went to the chatting Chitose, laughing away.

“Hey, it’s about time to buy lunch, right? If we don’t queue up now, we’ll be hungry in the afternoon.”

“Ehh, that’s no good~ ah, sorry, we should go now.”

“Really? We’ll be at the cafe later. See you then.”


Chitose bowed politely, and was gently prodded by Itsuki to leave. The latter did so probably to avoid having Chitose look unhappy if she met Daiki, but it was too brazen to Daiki.

…Why did this happen.

Amane sighed as he watched Itsuki ignore Daiki’s existence completely.