Chapter 222 – Between Parents

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Chapter 222 – Between Parents

“I caused them trouble.”

Daiki, who had been observing from afar, approached with a wry smile once he was certain Itsuki and Chitose left.

Amane too felt very awkward and apologetic, but he was not one to press the matter pertaining to the affairs of others, and could only watch them leave helpless.

Shihoko noticed the approaching Daiki, and approached alongside Mahiru.

“Ah, the father of Itsuki we just met.”

“Why, greetings. Our son has been under your care.”

“No no, I was…”

First was the common greeting. Amane’s parents and Daiki introduced themselves. Amane was peeved to see so.

“…Ah, erm, Daiki-san, that was…”

“It was to be expected. I was too harsh on her, and it is expected that Itsuki would avoid me.”

Daiki seemed to have given up, rather than feeling despondent, and took it as fact. Shuuto and Shihoko seemed to have realized that Daiki was on bad terms with his son’s girlfriend (Chitose), and lowered their eyebrows worried. They probably remembered their conversation with Amane, that a friend had fallen in love, but was not approved by his parents, and it troubled them.

Daiki did not seem to mind the expressions of Amane’s parents. He then seemingly recalled something as he looked diagonally upwards, and smiled.

“Speaking of which, Shiina-san, you do seem to be on very good terms with Fujimiya-kun’s parents. It shocked me.”

“Thank you for your compliments.”

“She’s my future daughter, and she’s so obedient that I want to dote on her.”

Shihoko and Shuuto’s personalities were such that since they had approved of Amane and Mahiru to date, Mahiru would be their daughter, and this relationship seemed so natural. This might sound like a dig to Daiki however, so Amane did not express further…Shihoko however did not mind, and flat out stated.

Amane felt that Shihoko already intended so, and since she wanted to, Shuuto had no intention to stop.

Shihoko clearly stated her interest in Mahiru without any malice, and Mahiru was embarrassed. Daiki widened his eyes in shock, and then showed a wry smile.

“I suppose. Both of you surely do not have anything to be unhappy about, since it’s her.”

“Yes. She is the one my son chose. She’s pretty, and after meeting her, we feel that we can leave Amane to her.”

Amane was peeved that to his parents, they would be entrusting Amane to Mahiru, and not the other way around. However, they were showing their care, and he did not have anything to really complain about.

“I’m envious. That foolish son of mine however is hopeless.”

“Do you not trust your son?”

“Well, he’s not as good as your son. He’s young, and doesn’t know stuff.”

“Oh? I don’t think so, you know? I heard from Amane that he’s kind and cares for others.”


Daiki stammered, and Shihoko gave a poised smile.

She probably felt something as a fellow parent. Usually, she would not press the matter, but she was not holding back this time.

The crux surely was because she witnessed Itsuki escorting his girlfriend away from his father.

“I know parents have their own thoughts about who their children choose…but boys do quickly grow independent, and they will resist if you impose too much. Since you raised him into such a fine boy, you should be able to trust his choice of partner. I do think an adult should watch on silently.”

Shihoko gave Daiki a smile, and the latter responded with the face of one who took a bitter pill.

He was not doing so out of disgust, but that it hit a sore point.

Shuuto showed a faint wry smile once he saw that Shihoko did not intend to continue further.

“Alright, I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to lecture since we just met…but since the child has not clearly strayed off, and intends to walk his own path, he’s not going to accept the fact that you’re stopping him.”

Shuuto surmised, and smiled just as Shihoko did. Amane scratched his cheek, and gently sighed.

He did not think he should interfere, but he understood that for good or bad, Daiki was a stubborn man. He knew that parents would look at things differently compared to their children.

Daiki understood that Chitose was not a bad person, so all that was left was the difference in perspectives and  expectations.

“Daiki-san, please let me say something as well. Erm…you might not like Chitose…but she’s not a hopeless person. Recently, she’s been wondering how to get your approval, and she’s working hard on it. I don’t mean that you should accept her…but please look at her for who she is.”

Given his high expectations, Chitose might seem unacceptable. Nevertheless, she was not completely dumb, was observant in crucial moments, and knew how to care for others.

Truth be told, Amane hoped that Daiki would not reject her outright just because of their difference in ideals.

“…I too wish to resolve this. Even so, it is best if she works hard. She’s going to bear our family name, so she needs the appropriate mettle for this.”

“You’re right. I’ll tell her that.”

I’ll compromise depending on the situation, so the implication, and Amane quietly shrugged, heaving a sigh of relief due to the small step of progress.