Chapter 223 – The Things One Have, and Doesn’t

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 223 – The Things One Have, and Doesn’t

“…You’re usually aloof to Akazawa-san and Chitose-san, Amane-kun, but you were being protective of them back then.”

Amane and Mahiru had lunch, and broke away from Amane’s parents for the time being, got changed, and prepared to start their afternoon shift. They would wait in the rest room for 20 minutes before heading out.

Mahiru tied buns on her hair on this day, and her fingertips were on the white headdress she was going to wear as she smiled.

“…Well, he’s a friend.”

“You are dishonest.”

“Shut up. I’m being honest to you.”

“Honest? or direct…you do scare me from time to time, and caused my heart to jump.”

“Great, your heart’s jumping.”

“Goodness, you.”

Mahiru started whacking at Amane, giving a dumbfounded rather than displeased look. Amane shrugged, and said,

“I really won’t watch over them in ways they can see though, so that they won’t worry. I know what Daiki-san wants to say.”

“What does he wish to say?”

“Hm…he’s a really great guy. You probably never visited him before, but it’s a rather small mansion.

Amane was shocked the first time he visited, for he never saw a house that different.

Itsuki awkwardly stated that it was just some run down house, but there should be some history to it, and it was nothing to be ashamed of.

“Yeah, it seems like Itsuki’s from that kind of family. Daiki-san’s basically saying that though Itsuki has an older adult brother who’ll take over the house, he wants his younger son to have an outstanding female befitting of the family heritage.”

“…I see.”

“Itsuki said that he’s the younger son with no expectations on him, and that he should decide for himself. Daiki-san though wants him to have a better marriage. Well, I can understand both sides.”

Personally speaking, Amane was more biased towards Itsuki, but he did not think Daiki was completely in the wrong.

It was not that Chitose was bad, but that the bar Daiki set for her was too high. Since they had family prestige, there was a certain demand, which an ordinary person like Chitose could hardly reach.

Amane did not intend to side with Daiki, but it was never good to not hear out the parties involved.

“Personally, I think that tearing them apart will cause friction and turmoil. It’s better for their futures and relationship to let them be.”

I can say this since I’m not involved though, Amane shrugged as he concluded. Mahiru stared at him, and lowered her eyes.

“…I am a little envious of Akazawa-san.”


Amane naturally widened his eyes once he heard this completely unexpected word.

Mahiru in turn showed an awkward smile, it might be careless of me to say so, so she prefaced, and sighed before continuing.

“They might find it unbearable, I think. Itsuki-san’s father is interfering because he is worried about his son, no? I cannot deny that he has imposed his ideals into this…but it is still his love as a parent.”

Once Mahiru started talking about parents, Amane tensed up at an angle she would not notice.

“Ah, you do not have to worry about it.”

It seemed Mahiru had noticed Amane’s worry, for she showed a faint smile, fiddled with her fingers, entangled them in her bundled hair, and slowly looked down.

“I do not have any thoughts about my parents now, but I see such a close family bond, which makes me envious since I feel lacking in his. Even if my parents care for me, I shall not deal with them.”

I have nothing to do with them, so she gently quipped, and gently twirled the buns on the side of her hair.

Amane did not press on about the stress-relieving gesture, and instead removed the untied hair from her fingers, before his fingers slid down to her white face.

She looked up.

He noticed how shaken her eyes were, but he did not point it out, and instead smiled silently.

“Yeah, we got my parents, so you should be able to experience that. They said they’re entrusting me to you.”

The Fujimiyas had practically taken Mahiru as a daughter, and treasured and doted on her more than their own son. They doted her all the more, knowing that she lacked love.

He was dumbfounded however when they said that they would be burdening her, and told him not to let go of her.

She blinked away a few times once he said so. His words seemed to have reached her heart, and she slowly broke into a smile.

“…Fufu. Of course not. You are so wonderful.”

“Thanks…a lot of people care about you. You don’t have to think too much about it.”


Mahiru shyly leaned upon Amane, and he smiled.

If the experience isn’t enough, do I have to stick with her as I want for the entire night?

Since they would spend the night together, he should cling onto her, or perhaps they should sleep together, creating an environment of close contact.

He would then tell her often how much he treasured and loved her. She would be uneasy at certain intervals, and it would be best if he would convey his feelings to her.

Don’t lose control though, so he swore to himself. Mahiru seemed to have noticed something, for she shivered, but she clung onto him. He took her in, and remained with her like that for a short while.