Chapter 231 – Pain and Happiness

Hellping Heavenping

For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 231 – Pain and Happiness

“…Say, you are not going to keep kneeling on the floor, no?”

Amane kept kneeling until Mahiru returned from the bathroom, and the latter looked confused at his posture.

He did not look at her directly, as he did not know the consequences of looking over. She took the initiative to enter his sights however, and stood before him.

She was wearing the white nightwear, as she had said beforehand, and Amane’s eyes were restless.

As expected, her fine figure left him wondering where to look. Her chest was not that wide open, but there were distinguishable layers beneath the chest of the dress, emphasizing the contents.

The white lumpy colors further accentuated them.

The nightwear fabrics were not transparent, and the body lines could not be seen. Amane however knew some things, and his male instincts caused him to have unsavory thoughts.

Mahiru had a thin cardigan draped upon her, probably as a last shred of conscience, and he did not have to turn his face aside…though it was too stimulating for him to look at.

The swimsuit that once clung onto him exposed more, but the sight of her in her nightwear, fresh out of the bath, looked so innocent and tempting, attacking at his conscience and sanity.

“…Erm, uu.”

“You can wait on the bed.”

“Are you trying to kill me?”

“Why do you think so…?”

It would be too much for him to wait for a girl on the bed. He did not dislike it, and would really enjoy it, but it was better to keep his sanity intact considering what would happen next.

Mahiru sounded conflicted and reluctant, and then looked at his face.

“…Do I look good?”

“Of course of course.”

“And you say so without looking at me. Do you mind?”

Amane cautiously looked towards Mahiru once she said so, and widened his eyes.

She too lifted her head bashfully towards him. Her white skin had a tinge of red, and her embarrassment was seeping out.

Their eyes met, and she lowered her eyes, her eyebrows shivered, and she buried her face into his shoulder.

“…It is not that I am not flustered. I am working hard to tease you, Amane-kun.”

“N-no, you don’t have to do that.”

“I have to. I want to get one back at you since you have been tough to deal with recently.”

“G-get what back?”

“…The advantage?”

I am the only one getting all flustered recently, she murmured somewhat unhappily, squealed, and pressed her entire body onto Amane.

Amane could not take this hit from Mahiru as his legs were numb, and fell backwards.

He did not suffer a hard impact thanks to the soft carpet and cushion, but his back still ached. He frowned, lifted his head towards Mahiru, and immediately regretted it.

Her clothes and posture were truly bad.

He saw a marvelous scene, and it was obviously not one to be marveled at. He averted his eyes, and she got onto him, staring at him intently.

Truth be told, he did not care that she was on him, but he hoped she would get away from him, considering where they were at.

She then clung onto his chest, and showed no signs of getting away.

“…M-Mahiru-san, would you mind?”



“…I-I am doing this on purpose. It is fine.”

“All the more reason why it’s not!”

What’s with this little devil?  He shuddered, and wriggled upright. Mahiru was clinging onto his chest, looking at him, displeased.

“…Erm, I think Chitose and the others taught you something…well, you don’t have to force yourself.”

“…Do you think I am forcing myself, that I am unwilling?”

“No that.”

“Uuu…actually…I hope that you can be happy, and that I can give my all to you, for you to be enchanted by me.”

“Why do you want me to be more enchanted?”

It’s like you’re a different person in front of Shiina-san, so Itsuki once said.

His infatuation for her was obvious. He wanted to treasure her, to dote on her.

There was no way he could love her even more, and even if there was, it would end up with him being obsessive over her. He did not want to bind her, and her living freely was just as he wanted. He also wanted to avoid losing control of his sanity.

He believed that if he was too tempted, he could love her to a point where they could not get off the bed for quite a while. He hoped Mahiru would control herself⸺but she remained on him, showing no intent to back off.

“…You have become so adept at this, Amane-kun. It is unfair. I am the one who have been teased by you all this time. Even when your heart beats faster, my heart beats faster than that.”


“Sometimes, I want you to know my pain…the unbearable, anxious, yet comforting pain (happiness) that fills my heart.”

Mahiru murmured, and brought her lips close. Her feelings were so intense, and Amane felt blessed as he accepted her kiss.