Chapter 232 – To Cherish

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 232 – To Cherish

It was rare for Mahiru to kiss him, and Amane let her be.

Truth be told, he might fall over if he did not hold up his body with his hands, and if he moved, something terrible would occur. Thus, he could not move. His waist was unstable, and he was filled with shame and anxiety once Mahiru expressed her love for him.

Her movements were a little stiff as she hardly took the initiative. She kissed away, happily staring at Amane’s anxious and embarrassed face.

She too was so embarrassed that her cheeks were red, and her eyes were moist. Even then, her expression looked so alluring. Beauties really could do anything.

Mahiru saw Amane’s expression, grinned, got down onto his chest, and he had enough.

“…E-erm, Mahiru-san?”

“What is it?”

“Actually…my butt’s aching from sitting on the floor. Maybe that’s enough?”

Amane just wanted to break away, and get himself to calm down, but she might not listen if he said so, so he tried to plead using a plausible reason.

She blinked away, I apologize for that, and got up from Amane. She was unexpectedly obedient, and probably knew that Amane had a different intent.

Amane thought of retreating for the time being while Mahiru was away from him, but the latter, quite the observant one, clung onto his arm, and prevented him from escaping.

He tensed up due to the heat, the touch, and the fact that he was seen through, *I say, *and heard her murmur.

“Who was the one who said that I would have it when we return home.”


“Such boisterous words you said.”

Amane had intended for something else when he said that, but she did not mind.

“…But well, I did plan for this, and I am glad. It is just that you always try to escape.”

Amane hoped that she would understand that he was trying to escape, for biological reasons, but it seemed she was fine with whatever situation he was in, and did not mind…actually, she probably meant something.

Truth be told, Amane never expected Mahiru, who was so flustered when the stayover was suggested, to be so enthusiastic. At the same time, he knew that he was being so useless because he was rattled by her clothes.

He felt it was reasonable for him.

He did not intend to do anything when he suggested to stay at Mahiru’s place, and naturally was disturbed by Mahiru’s bold temptation.

Mahiru herself might disagree with the sentiment, that she just wanted Amane to understand her feelings. Amane however felt that it was a cruel yet captivating temptation.

“Erm, I understand your feelings, so, can you please spare me?”

“In detail?”

“Like, another piece of clothing or two…?”

“Nope. I shall not promise so, since I finally seized the initiative.”

It seemed Mahiru wanted to drive a stake through Amane’s heart.

“…It is a little embarrassing, but I shall continue as long as your heart jumps, as written in the guidebook.”

“I say, what is that guidebook about? Mind giving your big brother one?”

“We are the same age, just a month apart.”

“That’s not the problem. I’m very curious to know what’s inside there.”

“…A secret.”

Mahiru clearly averted her eyes, and latched firmly onto Amane’s body, as though brushing this matter aside.

“…I can change my clothes if you dislike so.”

Mahiru muttered so as she looked up at him, and he murmured as he wrapped his arm behind her back.

He could feel beyond the fabric that there was something missing. The fabric was thin, the soft body, the sweet fragrance; churning in the chest were the various thoughts and feelings, along with the looming desire.

He understood that, and at the same time, he knew that he did not have to reject Mahiru.

“…You know I won’t exactly dislike it, right?”

“Yes. I am asking just in case.”

Amane groaned, knowing that Mahiru was being forceful on this day. A voice rang from her throat, and she smiled happily. He dared not say that she was blushing, for his was moreso.

“…You little devil.”

“I did say before that girls can become angels and devils in front of those they like.”

Amane was peeved that the smiling Mahiru looked so smug, made up his mind, and lifted her chin with his fingers.

He stared into her caramel-colored eyes, as though looking into her. Her eyes started to waver again.

…She’s completely hopeless when she’s the one being pushed around. Same old, same old.

Mahiru was being very aggressive on this day, but like before, she was never one to stand up to others. This was probably the reason why she wanted to seize the initiative.

Amane too might fit that description well. It seemed there would be quite the tug-of-war.

Amane hesitantly kissed her once he saw her eyes waver.

The sudden kiss left Mahiru frozen, but she liked this, and did not refuse.

And so, he gave her a deep kiss, as she wanted. Halfway through, she started hammering at his chest.

A voice was eked from her throat, either out of protest, or something else.

She shoved his chest before he could get the answer, prying the lips away with the body, and stumbled back, sitting on the bed.

She blushed, glared at Amane with teary eyes. He licked his lips that were moist from kissing, and went over to Mahiru, who retreated.

“…You laugh at me for always running away. Aren’t you doing the same too?”

“Uuu…n-no, it is bed time. I am just getting onto the bed.”

“I see. I’ll get on too.”

Amane got onto the bed, and Mahiru had nowhere to escape to. Her body quivered, but she looked up at Amane defiantly, and stopped looking for some reason.

“…I-it is despicable of you. I had you bath earlier because of this…”

“What do you mean?”

“You are still so alluring even after this while.”

Mahiru exclaimed her inscrutable thoughts, and murmured as she snuggled under the blanket.

Well, I have to get in anyway…so he thought, but it would be inappropriate for him to say so at this point.

His eyes were at ease once she did so, and he was quietly relieved as he got next to her, embracing her little back.

She shivered, he chuckled. She probably realized that he was chuckling from his breathing, and turned towards him. Her eyes were so filled with shame, seemingly displeased, seemingly pouting. She was adorable.

“…I wanted to tease you today, Amane-kun.”

“You haven’t had enough?”

“What are you saying? Have you not turned the tables on me…baka.”

Amane took a punch in his abdomen, but it did not hurt or itch. Mahiru pursed her lips slightly, probably due to the reaction when she hammered onto him, impressed and yet unhappy.

“…And you trained. It is no good as well.”

“What do you mean, no good.”

“…It is despicable of you.”

Mahiru slid her hand down Amane’s shirt, towards his abs. He could tell it was due to Kido’s influence, but he let her back.

He did not have any particularly visible abs, but he felt that his body was firmer. Mahiru would surely feel something if she continued to fiddled around.

So she fondled away, and sighed. Amane felt ticklish, and started to observe her.

She might be reinvigorated again, for she blushed and checked his body. He did not expect her to reach beneath his clothes, but since she liked it, he let her be.

“…I’m fine with you touching, but I’ll act if you overdo it, okay?”

Mahiru tensed up the moment he whispered so, and looked up at him with teary eyes.

He said that as a reminder to her, but it contained some desire. However much she touched, he would touch. That should be fine.

He had felt ticklish right from the beginning, and was at his limit in various ways. He was terrified that Mahiru would touch places she should not have, and when that happened, his endurance would crumble.

He said so, hoping that she would stop, but she pursed her lips and buried her face into Amane’s chest.

“…Erm…I too, have care for my skin today.”

The voice seemed stifled through the chest, but it was unambiguous. This time, it was Amane who tensed up.

He met Mahiru in the eyes, right when she looked up at him.

The caramel colored eyes remained moist, as though a sweet droplet would fall at any given moment, timidly observing every action.

Amane inadvertently gulped.

She probably, no, surely, she would accept everything he would do, and enjoy the one most important thing in her life.

She trusted Amane, and loved him. He too was confident of that.

Could he reciprocate her trust and love?

Various feelings churned within him.

His body desires throbbed within, conflicting against his wish to cherish her, wrecking his sanity.

He exhaled, and she trembled.

She had entrusted her future to Amane, and might have been feeling expectant and uneasy.

The females were usually the passive ones, and if anything happened, they would be the ones who would have their futures affected.

Upon that, Amane got his answer,



“Personally, I want to cherish you.”


“…But, well, I’m not at the age where I can take responsibility for you. If anything happens, you’ll be the one with the most trouble. Ah no, I’ll take responsibility, of course, but with the law present, I can’t guarantee my relationship with you.”

There was no other way to bear responsibility, but the law dictated that they could only marry at 18. If any mishap happened thereafter, she would have to bear a child as a student. It was best to be avoided.

“I love you, and want to respect you. I won’t stop you if there’s anything you want to do in the future, anything you want to learn. I don’t want to affect your life just because of a spur of a moment, or my own desires.”


“I’m prepared to spend my entire life with you, but…”

“You do not have to say anymore.”

He was cut off before he could finish. He assumed Mahiru would berate him for being timid, but she showed an innocent smile, somewhat conflicted, and yet somewhat delighted, as though it was expected.

“…I know that you have been trying your best to respect and love me, Amane-kun. I…truly am blessed that you cherish me so.”

She earnestly smiled, kissed him, and smiled once again when their eyes were so close.

“…I too love you so, from the bottom of my heart.”

Before him was the lady he loved, giving a smile more blissful that anyone else. Amane rewarded her with a kiss, and wrapped her petite body once again.

“…Can I wait until your birthday next year?”

The ideal suggestion would be to wait till graduation, but Amane gave this vague compromise as he was afraid he might not last.

Mahiru could identify Amane’s inner turmoil. She looked down, nodded bashfully, and buried her face into his chest.

Certainly, what welcomed her was throbbing heartbeat.

Amane did not regret his decision. His desire to cherish Mahiru was without pretense.

However, he hoped she would forgive him, for his body was about to creak.



“May I say something useless?”

“Please do. I shall accept everything of my beloved, whether it is the dashing parts, the useless parts, or the pleas to me.”

He panicked a little when faced with her magnanimity, and kissed her neck, made up his mind, and said,

“…Erm, well…can I touch you a little?”

He did not intend to waste the determination he showed, and his oath was not to be defied.

However, his desire caused his head to overheat, and it was best if he could relax a little.

Mahiru probably never expected him to say so, for she blinked abruptly, and her face clearly turned red.

It did not mean that she would refuse, on the contrary even. She smiled, and looked up at him.

“However much I touched you though.”

“…What if it’s not enough?”

“I shall touch you some more then.”

She giggled, and started touching Amane’s belly. He lamented that he could never beat her, and snuggled into the bed, no longer embracing her.