Chapter 233 – The Next Morning

Hellping Heavenping

For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 233 – The Next Morning

Amane woke up to find Mahiru, whom he had cuddled to sleep last night, gone. For some reason, she was replaced with the teddy bear he gave her for her birthday.

It was probably Mahiru’s doing. She was no longer present, and movements could be heard outside.

He intended to ask her later about the matter of the teddy bear in his clutches, and looked down at it.

The round eyes had stayed by the bedside, watching the two flirt, and was showing a contented face at this point. Amane then recalled what happened the previous night as he looked on, felt embarrassed, and buried his face into the soft belly.

The bear had a sweet fragrance as it had stayed at Mahiru’s place for a long time, along with a refreshing scent of vanilla.

But that refreshing scent could not cast away the aftertaste.

A shrill voice by his ear, the sweat sliding down the reddening skin, the tenderness he did not have, the moist eyes filled with trust and expectations. They lingered within him, becoming a sweet torture.

He was restless on the mere thought of it, so he did his best to empty his mind, and sat up. The door could be heard open.

“…Are you awake?”

Showing her face suddenly was Mahiru. He could see an apron through the gap, and she probably was making breakfast.

She blushed the moment she saw him, just a moment, but she did not run away.

“Breakfast is ready. Do get changed and wash your face.”


It sounded as though they were living together, and he felt ticklish. Truth be told, they were somewhat living together.

“What’s for breakfast?”

“Rice, dashimaki and miso soup. Kinpira Gobo, hiyayakko and shishamo. I apologize that these are all I have.”

“No biggies, it’s more than enough…it’s like I’m in a dream.”

“That is a hyperbole. I can wake you up if you are still in a dream.”

Mahiru returned into her room, went towards Amane, and pinched his cheek.

It did not hurt, and it seemed she was flirting, rather than waking him up.

She had her fun, and Amane felt fuzzy, as though basked in sunlight. He gently put his hand on her neck.

There was a red mark at the base of the neck where he touched, like a camellia leaf fallen onto snown. Both of them were the only ones who knew that the mark extended far beneath the clothes.

“…Looks like you have to wear a high collar together.”

“I-it is your fault.”

“I’m really sorry…erm, I couldn’t control myself…”

He knew, or at least his sanity, knew that Mahiru would be troubled if that was exposed, but his head overheated, wanting to trample over the fresh snow, and he instinctively brought his lips over.

Mahiru quickly sorted out the clothes, and remained silent, her face redder than the kiss. It seemed she might ignore him for quite a while, after having recalled what happened the previous night.

She might have shown more first time expressions than Amane, but it was best for him to pursue matters further and end up losing his breakfast.

After all, Amane too was the same. He might not be able to rid himself of his memories just by washing his face.

“Al-alright, do hurry and get changed and wash up. Cool your head a little.”

“…You should cool off your head too.”

“You said something?”


Mahiru glared back, clearly looking more heated than him. He shut up, and put his hand on his shirt.

She then let out a pitiful shriek, and hastily left the room. Amane could not help but laugh.

You saw so much yesterday.

The escaped Mahiru was so embarrassed, it was unlike the her yesterday. Even when she was so hesitant, she saw and fondled his body. He laughed and heaved his shoulders, and got ready to get changed into plainclothes.