Chapter 234 – Cute Boyfriend

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 234 – Cute Boyfriend

After breakfast, Amane intended to return home, are you leaving just like that? But Mahiru’s eyes seemed to imply this as she looked up to him. He could not bring himself to, and decided to stay until noon.

She really did not intend to make him stay, but she might have unwittingly given that expression. It seemed that if similar instances were to happen again, and she were to actually show such a face instinctively, Amane’s conscience would be heavily reproached.

She smiled, for he would stay a little longer, and her face was a little red once she saw him a little restless in the room.

She continued to cling onto him however, and that was terrible for his heart. He should have been used to it, but the memories of the previous night’s incidents flashed through his mind, and he was unable to calm down.

“…Erm, can you, forget about what happened?”

“That is impossible.”

They were seated on both ends of the bed, clearly feeling bothered.

There was no way they could not think about that. The alluring sights were etched in Amane’s memory, and so was the various expressions and changes in voices she showed.

She started hammering at his chest, probably because she was feeling embarrassed, but it did not hurt at all. Clearly she was not angry, but just hiding her embarrassment.

Even that gesture was so adorable, and he felt his sense of comfort surpassed his shame.

It seemed Mahiru had noticed him smiling at her, and she pushed her fist onto him. *Owwiee, *so he called out, and fell onto the bed.

He fell onto the mattress, and the bear next to him tumbled off. He immediately grabbed it, and then recalled about what happened in the morning.

“You swapped in the bear, didn’t you?”

“…I woke up and got off the bed, and you were looking for me on the bed…so I accidentally…”

“Accidentally, huh? Say, that aside Mahiru.”


“Can I check your phone later?”

He tried to bait her, and as expected, her face cringed.

“……I do not understand what do you mean.”

“I think you can show me if you didn’t do anything guilty.”

“E-erm…can you show me yours then?”

“Sure? Have a look if you want.”

Amane’s phone did not contain anything unspeakable, or rather, there was the photo of her in her nightwear Chitose sent over. They saw some things spicier than that however, and this photo was nothing.

He nodded boldly, and her eyes started to waver.

“I-it is unfair…you have nothing to be taken advantage of since you are so honest, Amane-kun.”

“…Speaking of which, what kind of BGR books do you have?”

“Th-that is another matter altogether!?”

“So you mean there’s another secret?”


He lifted his head towards the caramel-colored eyes, indicating that he was either going to find photos, or the books she had. She grumbled a few moments, and unwillingly handed her phone over to him.

She then collapsed onto his chest, causing him to squeal while unlocking her phone.

Amane usually would not peek at her phone, since it was a matter of privacy, but since she agreed, it was fine. On a side note, the password was Amane’s birthday, which he found endearing and fuzzy. He unwittingly reached a hand out to pat Mahiru on the head.

“…Are you angry?”

She asked timidly, her face half buried in his chest. Amane gave a wry smile, and patted her head again.

“I’m not. I’ll probably do the same if I cuddle you to sleep. I just want to be sure if I’m drooling.”

“Rest assured, it is adorable.”

“That doesn’t sound assuring…found it.”

He hurriedly searched through the album, not wanting to see more out of embarrassment. The most he found were a few of his sleeping faces.

He looked so comforted when Mahiru stuffed the teddy bear into his clutches, sleeping soundly. He was so contented, for part of his desires were released the previous night.

He felt awkward that his immature side still showed in his sleeping face. He returned Mahiru her phone, and told her it was fine.

“Don’t show this to anyone else, not even Chitose. She’ll laugh at me.”

“I-I shall not. I shall keep this cute side of you to myself, Amane-kun.”

“I feel happy and yet unhappy about this possessiveness…”

He was glad that she was possessive over not wanting others to see her lover being so careless, but he found it gaudy that he was deemed cute despite that possessiveness. It was one thing for a girl to be called cute, a boy being called cute was not exactly a compliment.

Amane pursed his lips hard, and Mahiru beamed as she rubbed her face onto his chest.

“I do find you cute though.”

“Can’t you call me suave, dear?”

“You really are not in such situations.”

Amane was very peeved that she insisted so.

It was a loss of his pride as a man, and as retaliation, he rolled over Mahiru, and got onto her.

Her eyes sparkled, and she froze. Amane smiled.

“You’re adorable too though.”

“…It feels like you are skilled at this when you put your thoughts into it, Amane-kun. That is not cute.”

“I’m really not skilled at this. You’re my first, and I don’t want anything to do with anyone else.”

“That is what I mean. You are always like this.”

Mahiru immediately got louder, like a can being crushed, and wrapped her arms around Amane’s neck while he was atop her, biting his lips.

She did not stop, for it might be due to her experiences the previous night.

She took the initiative, and Amane was so happy, the back of his head got numb.

One had to wonder if she was getting used to it, or that she wanted him to be shocked, but she started to plead with him with her clumsy gestures, eradicating the space between him and Mahiru beneath him.

Once again, he experienced the warmth he felt the previous day, and whispered,


“I shall continue to trouble you.”

“You little devil…”

She deliberately taunted his sanity, and he grumbled. He was no longer holding back, and she looked elated, her face increasingly delighted with the bubbly smile on her face.

You’re too much for doing this to your boyfriend who’s been holding it in. So he whispered, and kissed her, robbing her from her joyous thoughts.

After a while, she recovered, her body melted away.

Amane brought his lips to her ears, and gently took a nibble. She shivered, and he kept this posture, smiling next to her.

“…Be troubled then.”

Mahiru’s body would shiver on a mere breath. Amane smiled again, and she pouted as she hammered at him, looked away at his face, and resulted in him having to apologize.