Chapter 238 – After the Rest Day

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 238 – After the Rest Day

The rest day after the cultural festival ended, but the intensity of the cultural festival in school had yet to dissipate, and the students still seemed flippant.

The class was a little more rowdier than usual, and from time to time, the classmates started talking about how certain so and sos from a certain class started dating, and one had to figure that the cultural festival truly was influential in inducing BGR.

There were occasional stares upon them, towards Mahiru especially. Some might be discussing about her looks during the cultural festival.


Itsuki entered the classroom, completely lethargic, and went to Amane, who casually waved back, *morning, *observing the former’s expression.

Itsuki probably would be in a bad mood if Daiki said anything, but he seemed normal, and Amane was relieved.

“Morning too, Shiina-san. Today…hm?”

“Good morning. Is something the matter?”

Itsuki naturally went over to Mahiru with a gleeful smile, but he narrowed his eyes in shock once he saw Mahiru’s face.

“…Say Amane, come here.”


“Just come here.”

Itsuki summoned Amane over for some reason, so Amane frowned, and was dragged to a corner of the classroom.

Itsuki then went over, and whispered, as though he did not want to be overheard.

“Say, did you cross the line with Shiina-san?”


“Huh your head. Why else would I call you here? I think she’s changed somewhat…the distance between you feels different. It’s like you’re married…”

Once Itsuki noted that the mood seemed different, Amane glanced towards Mahiru.

She was seated quietly at Amane’s place, looking at him intriguingly, and once their eyes met, she got shy.

“Hm, she’s a little more charming…it’s like she’s already married to you.”

“…Just to note, we didn’t touch home plate.”

“Heh, home plate huh?”

Amane noted ambiguously, and Itsuki leered away as though he had seen through everything. Amane then jabbed at Itsuki’s flank to rid the latter of that annoying face.

Amane did exert some strength into it, don’t be shy, but Itsuki teased, and it seemed it was not very effective.

Amane then kicked him instead, and sighed.

He was terrified that Itsuki could detect that change, but either way, he did intend to inform Itsuki and Chitose of his future plans. He did not intend to tell them how much he and Mahiru knew of each other’s bodies, but he would at least mention that there was an order to his plans.

“…I don’t have plans for that. I made a promise with Mahiru.”


“Yeah, until she’s 18. I swore that I’ll take responsibility for her life, and asked her to wait until then.”

Once again, he found it embarrassing to mention this promise to someone else. Once he was done, Itsuki widened his eyes, and looked at Amane with two conflicting emotions, speechless and yet impressed.

“Man, I’m rather impressed by your endurance and seriousness, but are you fine with that? In more ways than one.”

“…I think there may be issues, but there aren’t any yet. I want to cherish her, and I’m serious.”

Since he found someone he wanted to accompany for the rest of his life, he should respect and cherish her.

To be honest, he was a little worried that he might not last until then, but it would be shameful of him to break that promise, which he could not allow himself to. That was why he intended to hang on.

“I intend to live together with Mahiru after graduation, so I’m planning for that now.”

“Planning, as in?”

“Ah, Fujimiya-kun, morning. What are you loitering here for?”

Kido so happened to enter the classroom. Amane waved at her, and she gave the boys a skeptical look.

“You two boys are acting weird. Something unspeakable? I think Akazawa-kun’s asking Fujimiya-kun something weird again.”

“Am I that untrustworthy!?”


Kido brushed off the matter with a laugh. It seemed that once she saw Amane, she wondered if she could inform him. She glanced aside at Itsuki, probably hinting at the latter’s presence, inquiring if she could mention it at this point, or later.

Amane had no intention of hiding the fact that he would be working part-time, and he wanted to inform Itsuki of the reason. He took the initiative, everything okay about what I asked you? Kido seemed relieved, and smiled.

“My aunt said the part-time work is fine, so she hoped that you’ll inform her when you’re free.”

“Yep, got it. We’ll talk later.”


“Sorry to trouble you.”

“It’s fine. Aunt said she’s happy that I’m asking her for something.”

Kido gave a gaudy smile, and Amane too gave a wry smile.

Kido, who was so loved by her aunt, looked flustered, and Amane was grateful that she could introduce work to him.

We’ll talk later, Kido waved, and went to her seat. After that, Amane looked towards Itsuki, and found the latter nodding understandingly.

“I get it. You have it tough.”

“Dad’s willing to pay for the marriage and stuff, but I should at least settle the ring. It’s my choice, and I should suffer this much now for my wish.”

“You really put your mind to it. It’s amazing, but…”

“But what?”

“…Shouldn’t you have discussed this with me?”

Itsuki pouted, and Amane widened his eyes, before ruffling Itsuki’s head, I’ll ask you next time.

Itsuki seemed a little conflicted as he waved Amane’s hand aside, and slapped the latter’s shoulder. Amane knew that Itsuki was being embarrassed, and grinned away just as Itsuki just did.