Chapter 239 – Friend’s Support

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 239 – Friend’s Support

“Ahaha, no wonder Ikkun’s pouting.”

It was after lunch, and Chitose was wondering why Itsuki was pouting a little this morning, so she called out Amane to ask.

Amane obliged, and she burst out laughing, slapping his back. He frowned, but her attacks were relentless, becoming more intense, and even looking dumbfounded.

“Say, Ikkun has so many friends who can help, but you asked someone else. It’s no wonder that he’s pouting. The closest to you other than Mahirun is Ikkun.”

“Ugh, I’m a little sorry about that too.”

Amane asked Kido as the latter had once invited him to work part time, and Itsuki was unhappy about that. Itsuki was the closest male friend Amane had, and Amane had always looked to him for help. Truth be told, he was a little sorry to not look for Itsuki this time.

“Ikkun hopes that you’ll ask him for help. He always thought you two are buddies.”

“…I’m really sorry.”

“Hm, if you’re really sorry, how about you discuss something with him? You can ask him too.”

Chitose grinned away, and lifted her head towards Amane, who froze up.

“…You’re not angry too, are you?”


Chitose’s smile was strangely glowing, seemingly sincere, but her eyes were devoid of a smile. She usually gave an innocent smile, but it was hard to describe so this time.

“Think about it. You spent a year and a half with him, and you’re not asking him for help? It’s no wonder he’s sad.”

“Ugh, I-I’m really sorry. I’ll take note of that next time.”

“Goodness me. You’re overthinking it. Anyway, you can’t keep it a secret from Mahirun if you don’t tell us, you know? You want to give her a surprise, right?”


“Then you should have told us.”

Amane’s flank was being hammered away, but he deserved it, and he did not reach his hand out to stop it.

After punching Amane for quite a while, Chitose let out a long sigh, and changed topics.

“Well, you’re thinking about your future with Mahirun, and I can tell how much you love her. I can’t imagine you being heads over heels for her when looking at your past self though.”

“Shut up.”

Amane too knew that he doted on Mahiru far more than he did before. He sensed that he was getting closer to others. It was not just thanks to Mahiru, he also had to thank Itsuki, Chitose and the others.

He was a little unhappy to be said that he was heads over heels, but the undeniable fact was that he truly loved her.

Even so, he inadvertently frowned, for he was told this straight to the face.

“Anyway, I made up my mind. So well, please help me out.”

Amane wanted assistance from a feminine perspective, and also from a friend. He bowed solemnly to formally request, only to be met by a reluctant sigh.

“You don’t have to say it~ it’s for the happiness of my good friend after all~”


“I mean Mahirun, you know? You’re overthinking it. Hold up~”


“Fufu, just joking. You two are important friends to me. The most important thing is that this ends well, and I’ll chip in with whatever I can.”

Amane lifted his head, and saw Chitose giving her usual hearty smile, puffing her chest. He too was relieved, and chuckled as he slapped Chitose on the shoulder.