Chapter 240 – Separate Actions After School

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Chapter 240 – Separate Actions After School

“Hm, you got something with Chitose today?”

It was after school, and Amane intended to return home with Mahiru, only for her to reject him apologetically. He smiled, and easily accepted so.

He never intended to bind her, and it was not that they had to be together. He was however unsure as to why Mahiru was concerned about his thoughts.

“Erm, I may be returning home late, but it should be fine with Shihoko-san alround.”

“Why mention mom?”

His parents had yet to return home. They planned to do so the next day, and said that they would be touring around.

“Hm, Shihoko-san said she wants to chat with Chitose-san…”

“I think she’s just say something unnecessary.”

“Haha. I do not think so…”

“Mom might. You’ll have to stop her.”

Though he said so, Amane knew that there was a possibility that Mahiru would not stop them, as she too might want to hear, or that if Shihoko was too forceful for her to stop. He did not pin much hope into it.

Stop her from revealing my black history at least, so Amane earnestly wished as he stared at Mahiru. He had no intention of showing such a passionate look, but she blushed and averted her eyes.

Chitose, who was preparing to head back, saw that, and laughed away.

“Yes yes, husband and wife, what are you doing?”

“Just worried that mom will say anything weird to you.”

“You’re finally not refuting that you’re husband and wife…but anyway, I thought something happened from the way you two looked at each other. You don’t have to worry.”

“My mom’s a blabbermouth. She’s able to say anything with a grin.”

“Ohhh? So you mean there’s something embarrassing about you?”

“Not really. It’s just that I don’t want her talking about my childhood. Let’s put it this way, you won’t like it if people started talking about your middle school days, right?”

“Ugh, yeah…”

Itsuki only became friends with Chitose in middle school, and according to Itsuki and Kadowaki, the Chitose back then was a complete opposite.

She was unwilling to mention them, and deemed them a black history. *You know what I’m going to do if you ask too much, right? * So Amane hinted with his eyes, and she shrugged, got it, got it, she nodded away.

“But another thing, I want a proper chat with Shihoko-san. It’s not about you.”

“What’s that about then?”

“A girl’s secret~ anyway, I’ll borrow your wife then.”

Chitose grinned away as she latched onto Mahiru’s arm, and the latter lowered her eyes bashfully, yet walked alongside elatedly.

It should be fine if Mahiru was fine, but Amane was still a little worried about what they would chat about.

“Eh, you two aren’t going home together?”

*Don’t talk about anything weird though, * so Amane sent his thoughts towards his mother elsewhere as he watched the duo being on such good terms, clinging to each other. Then, a girl suddenly appeared.

“Kido? Ah, those two got something on.”

“I see. Shiina-san, can I borrow your husband?”


“If Fujimiya-kun has nothing going on, I’ll like to borrow him for a while. Ah, don’t worry, it’s not like that.”

“E-erm, I am not worried about that…”

Kido was asking Amane out, and it probably was about the part-time work.

This might be the perfect opportunity for him to get everything sorted, with his parents around, the assumption he would be hired on the spot, a contract, and his guardians’ consent.

“Are you free today, Fujimiya-kun?”

“Yeah. No plans today.”

“That’s good. The shop’s open. I can’t really interrupt when you two are always together.”

“Has it really been? We don’t always stick together even at home.”

“You say that, but you two are at the same place, right? it’s like you’ve taken your home for granted. You two are really flirty~”

Amane could not refute when Kido pointed out that couples would not usually spend that much time together, and went quiet. Kido giggled, clearly enjoying herself.

“Well, that’s because you two are on such good terms, and you treasure her, right, Fujimiya-kun?”

“…Yeah. Can’t I?”

“It’s a good thing actually. I feel warm and fuzzy just by looking. Shiina-san’s really doted on.”

The mention of Mahiru being doted on left her really bashful, and everyone else became a victim, which she somehow did not realize. It seemed Kido was being intentional, but as Amane owed her a huge favor, he could not begrudge her.

*Just don’t mention why I’m working. *However, Amane hinted so with his eyes, and Kido laughed, and gave a thumbs up. He sighed, and did not press on.