Chapter 241 – Matter on the way

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 241 – Matter on the way

Amane left Chitose and Mahiru, and went along with Kido.

It seemed he would have to take a train to the workplace, but it was a lot closer than Itsuki and Chitose’s place, and he should have no problems commuting there.

The problem was whether he would be hired…so he asked Kido, *don’t worry, *who smiled back.

“Aunt’s shop doesn’t have a lot of people there. There has been more customers there recently, and they’re lacking manpower. They’re hiring polite people, and they’ll be more than happy to have your request. You don’t have to worry about that.”

“I don’t know if I can be considered polite though.”

Amane would never intentionally offend anyone, but his courtesy remained in doubt. He felt he knew some basic etiquette, but he dared not say that it would suffice.

“You’re able to show the appropriate attitudes to different people though. You’re very polite to the teachers, and you act like an honor student.”

“Well, they’re our elders…I rather receive care from them than have their eyes on me. It’s better to leave a good impression on the teachers.”

Of course, Amane would treat the elderly or his superiors with respect, but he had some indecent motives too, that a good impression from the teachers would grant him benefits in his grades and his future graduation. It did not encompass everything, but it was part of his thought process. He was not exactly a model student.

Even he found himself a little indecent to actually think about these things. He shrugged, and Kido giggled.

“But that’s good, isn’t it? The important thing is to be polite and courteous, act according to time, place and occasion, and respect others. Whether you have the motives, the only thing that can be seen is the outcome.”

“…You’re that kind of person, Kido?”

“Didn’t think so? I’m actually capable of acting based on the situation. I’m not going to seek the benefits in everything, but I’ll do so in certain areas, but that’s to be expected. I can’t just always act on goodwill.”

Kido made it sound easy, but the thought process was serious by itself. Amane’s eyes widened, partly not out of malice or disdain, but more of a kindred spirit.

“It’s the same this time. I’m suggesting this because it benefits me too. It’s not completely out of goodwill.”

One could see how kind Kido was from how she could easily say this. With a slightly wry smile, *what’s the benefit this time, *Amane asked,

“Uuu…I want Socchan to have more friends.”


“Yeah. Actually, he’s very honest, always spacing out, and doesn’t have much interest in anything else, but he does have a good impression on you, and he probably gets along well with a calm person like you. That’s what I thought, and since you’re looking for part-time work, I introduced my aunt’s shop to you to solve the manpower issues, and also because Socchan’s working there.”

*Sorry, but it really helps me out a lot here, *Kido apologized, sounding rather despondent. Amane shook his head, and smiled.

“Don’t worry. I’m a little shocked to know now that Kayano’s working there, but you’re introducing work for me. I’m more relieved that a schoolmate’s there.”

“Really? Thank goodness.”

Kido’s tension was immediately gone, and Amane firmly believed then that Kido was still a good person.

“That aside, your boyfriend’s working at your aunt’s, but you’re not working there?”

“Ugh, well, my aunt likes me, and she loves it when Socchan and I are together…she’s giving us happy looks whenever we’re together, and we can’t get work done. She really doted on us since young. Also, whenever Socchan’s next to me, I’ll look at him, and he’ll go all, stop, your drool’s coming out.”


“Yo-you’re laughing? I know the time and place. I’m not going to drool in front of anyone else.”

Kido raised her eyebrows, her face somewhat blushing, but all the vigor was gone from her words, and Amane wanted to burst out laughing. He decided not to play pretense, and deliberately let it out.