Chapter 243 – Meetup After Returning Home

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 243 – Meetup After Returning Home

For good or bad, Amane was hired on the spot, and after receiving the contract form, he returned home.

It was said to be an interview, but it was merely a meetup. It seemed Itomaki was really fond of him, and he was relieved.

He did not know if it would be a problem if he agreed so readily, but it was a good thing to have a job.

All he needed was a signature and a stamp from himself, and his parents, and send the contract over.

Kido apologized to Amane on the way back, but Amane already heard from Kido that Itomaki had a strong personality, and it was no wonder then that Kido was terrified. Itomaki was someone who would impose herself, though in a different way from Shihoko.

“I’m back…eh, where Mahiru and mom?”

“They said they’ll be out for dinner, two of them, ah no, three. It’s too sudden, so I’m staying home to watch the house. I’ll be making dinner tonight.”


Shuuto welcomed Amane home, said so, and Amane responded.

Amane did hear that the ladies were going out, but did not expect them to eat out for dinner. It certainly showed that they really got along well, which was a good thing. Too bad though that Mahiru was not around to cook, for it was what Amane looked forward to for the whole day.

Of course, he had nothing to complain about Shuuto’s food. His father liked to cook, and was good at it, exceptionally good. Amane was familiar with the tastes.

But to him, the matter was simply that Mahiru’s cooking was special.

“Don’t show your disappointment that much.”

“I-I don’t mean that.”

“Alright alright, who knows how many times you’ll get to eat your parents’ cooking. Just be patient with me. You’ll get to eat her cooking starting tomorrow.”

Shuuto sounded as though he did not have long to live, but he probably meant that once Amane graduated from high school, he would get married, start a family, and this would be one of the few times he would get to eat Shuuto’s cooking.

His parents would go on regular hospital visits, and were still relatively healthy. Their families were rather long-lived, and Amane did not have to worry about that.

In any case, Shuuto was teasing Amane.

Amane frowned, and Shuuto merely chuckled. He turned his head aside, and went to his room to get changed.

After having his father’s meat sauce pasta, Amane took a little break, and then heard the door unlocked. Mahiru and his mother should be back.

He went to the door, since it was not often that he got to welcome Mahiru back. They were there, holding a bunch of bags.

“…Why so much stuff?”

“Ah don’t worry, we got yours.”

“I don’t care about that. I’m just wondering why you have so many. What did you buy anyway?”

“I wanted to buy clothes for Mahiru-chan, cute little things. I also bought some clothes she chose for you. She really wants you to wear them, you know?”

“Well, if you’re saying really, I know that means they aren’t clothes I’ll usually wear.”

Amane was conflicted that his mother bought clothes for him. Since Mahiru chose them however, it probably was not too outlandish.

He would ask Mahiru about it later on. In any case, there were too many bags.

And before he could point that out, Shihoko gave a hearty smile, and passed Amane by. Amane then looked at Mahiru, who stayed behind.

“…There’s nothing weird, right?”

“Th-there is nothing weird…?”

“Sure, let’s go with it.”

Amane was relieved while Mahiru looked skeptical for some reason, and received the bags from her. He did not know if they were hers, but he could not let her hold them.

“Anyway, how is the visit to the workplace?”

“Hm, well, liked me enough, said I’m hired.”

“How is the owner like?”

“Actually, she’s a big sister with quite the personality, I guess…?”

“Big sister?”

“Don’t worry, she loves to see couples and watch them closely. She wants to hear how we got together too.”

Amane prefaced this before Mahiru was about to be jealous, and she blushed, shriveling in embarrassment.

“…I, I am not doubting anything, you know? I am just thinking, what will happen if she falls for you?”

“No way no way.”

“She will.”

Mahiru emphasized so for some reason, and Amane responded with a wry smile, gently patted her head, feeling sorry for worrying her.

The somewhat displeased look she had initially started to ease up, and so Amane gently slid his hand through her hair, enjoying that softness.

“Even if that’s the case, I won’t agree. I’ll quit my job if it affects business.”

“Y-you do not have to do so…I am just a little frustrated.”

“Hm, well, if my girlfriend’s unhappy, I might as well not work there. I’m not aiming to work there, I’m aiming to get enough money.”

It seemed nobody would actually hit on Amane, and if there was a really unlikely instance happening, he would have to look elsewhere, even if he was sorry to Kido.

The job was for the sake of granting Mahiru happiness, and if he ended up causing her sadness, he could actually leave. There were other means.

So don’t worry, so Amane added on, and Mahiru buried her face into his chest.

“What is it?”

“…This is what I like about you?”

“This is?”

“This too, fool.”

Amane teased Mahiru, who seemed to pout as she headbutted his chest. He took it on with a smile, and gently patted her back.