Chapter 244 – The Next Day’s Conversation

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 244 – The Next Day’s Conversation

“So you made up your mind.”

Upon hearing Itsuki’s question the next day, Amane nodded earnestly, and Itsuki shrugged.

“I don’t have to worry about anything if it’s Kido’s recommendation, and anyway, it’s a good thing that you settled on one. I”m just wondering what you have to say.”

“Hm, well, she’s quite the personality.”

“If you say so, then she probably is.”

*Now I’m curious, *Itsuki leaned his entire body onto the chair, and Amane showed a wry smile, but he did not intend to say so. If he did, Itsuki would probably visit him soon.

At the very least, given that he would be starting work, he did not intend for any of his acquaintances to visit him until he got used to it, or even Mahiru.

Mahiru kicked quite the fuss when Amane told her so in the morning, and 10 minutes or so was spent coaxing and doting on her.

Speaking of Mahiru, she was chatting with Chitose, and it seemed the latter was leering at him. Amane decided to ignore her, for any reaction he showed would make Chitose gleeful.

“Well, I think she does have her quirks, but I should be able to work there. Kido said that if there’s anything, I can look for Kayano.”

“Ah, her boyfriend, right? The guy with the hidden muscles.”

“He’ll probably feel weird about it if you say that to him…and he’ll give Kido a condescending look.”

Kayano would most probably direct his ire towards Kido, who pointed this out, rather than the person saying so.

Kido herself probably showed no remorse, and Kayano really had it tough.

“Well, I’m quite relieved that there’s someone I know there. According to the owner, the regulars are usually of the older demographic, easygoing folk, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.”

“Oh, that’s good. Anyway, congrats on confirming your part-time job. If there’s anything, don’t forget to discuss with me next time.”

“Alright alright. I’ll rely on you, buddy.”

It seemed Itsuki still had a grudge over it. Amane slapped Itsuki hard in the back, and the latter appeared to be hiding his embarrassment as he turned his lips into a scowl, slapping back at Amane’s back with more strength.

It was his show of friendship, *you bastard, *and Amane coughed as he laughed, gently nudging his fist onto Itsuki’s cheek.

While giving the tense cheek a strange attack, Amane glanced aside at Mahiru. She was looking at them with her cheeks puffed, seemingly displeased.

She probably was unhappy that she could not visit him at his workplace.

However, it seemed she could understand the rationale. She agreed to compromise during their sweet time in the morning, so it should be fine.

Itsuki looked over at where Amane was looking, you really are loved, so he suddenly teased. Amane frowned, and Itsuki gently shook off the fist, laughing,

“Anyway, what did Shiina-san, Chii and your mom buy yesterday? Chii said that she had fun choosing your clothes. What did Shiina-san buy?”

“…Do I have to say it?”

“Yeah, the buddy who abandoned me.”

“You still have a grudge over that…erm, what’s that actually…cat pajamas.”

Amane recalled what Mahiru took out from the bag the previous night, and unwillingly said so. Itsuki immediately burst out laughing.

“Y-you, wearing cat pajamas…!?”

“Shut up. Mahiru will be wearing bunny pajamas. It’s fine.”

It was obviously shameful for someone of this age and physique to wear cute pajamas to sleep, but since Mahiru gave him expectant looks, he had no choice but to wear it.

And thus, Mahiru bought for herself pink bunny themed pajamas, and he wanted her to wear it during the next stayover.

It was a lot healthier than the baby doll dress she wore the last time, and he could last longer, his heart would be more at ease.

“I’ll get Shiina-san to send over a photo of you in your pajamas.”

“Oy stop it.”

“It’s fine. It should be cute, yeah.”

“Hide your wincing lips when you say that, you idio.”

The ends of Itsuki’s lips were twitching, and he made a strange resolve. Amane slapped at his shoulder, and he did not retaliate, instead shivering and reining in his laughter.

*They really get along well~. Of course. * And a little further away, Chitose and Mahiru nodded away as they chimed in. Amane grimaced, and launched gentle attacks on Itsuki.