Chapter 245 – Having Lunch with the (tentative) colleague

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 245 – Having Lunch with the (tentative) colleague

Usually, Amane would be eating lunch together with Mahiru, but on this day, he ended up eating with Kido and Kayano, on Kido’s invitation.

Kido did not mention so, but she probably intended for it to be an icebreaker between Amane and the soon-to-be colleague Kayano.

Amane was summoned to the rooftop, and it seemed Kayano was already there with a leisure sheet laid out. He did not move, and might have known that Amane would be here.

“So anyway, Fujimiya-kun and Socchan will be working together.”

Amane took a corner of the sheet, and sat down. Kido looked at him, and gave a genial smile.

“Oh…so Ayaka dragged you down?”

“H-how rude! I just chose someone appropriate for an appropriate workplace~!”

Kido’s angry side seemed a little more immature than her usual self, and she probably only showed this side to Kayano. Anyone watching would feel warm and fuzzy.

“Actually no, I suggested this. Kido helped me out.”

“Really? But isn’t Fumika-san troubled?”


Amane was a little stumped, for he did not expect Itomaki to be such a person. Nevertheless, she did not seem to be a bad person, just that she might be a little more honest if sufficient fuel was provided, and he should be fine if he provided a story that did not involve him much.

He could mentally prepare himself however if he was sufficiently reminded beforehand. He really wanted to protest to Kido pertaining to this.

He glanced aside at Kido, who tensed up the moment she opened her bento box.

“Well, how do I put it? People like Fumika-san have quite the personality.”

“Well actually, I just want to work. She doesn’t seem like a bad person.”

“She’s a nice person, but well, if she really likes you, she’ll dote on you. Sometimes, her delusions might be a little more serious.”

“I’ll sacrifice myself then. There’s no bodily harm, right?”

“…Probably not. Hm, well, sorta.”

*Can you please don’t lack confidence here? *Amane hesitated over whether he should retort, but he decided not to as it was not because of Kido. He then opened the bento Mahiru made.

Shuuto made pasta for dinner the previous night, so it contained the leftovers, along with the side dishes both Mahiru and Shuuto made.

He really felt apologetic to have them cook these side dishes for him so early in the morning, but he could not bring himself to stop them since they seemed really happy about this.

On a side note, Amane’s parents would be leaving before his return, so they bade farewell that morning. It was a short time, probably because he agreed to return home during the winter break.

Mahiru however looked reluctant as she sent them off with a smile, since they would still meet again.

“Ah, Shiina-san made it?”

Amane opened the lid, found the dashimaki Mahiru made, and was content. Kido observed Amane, showed a smile brimming with curiosity, and asked,

“Mahiru and dad made it, actually. My dad’s still around.”

“Your dad can cook? Mine too. Mom can’t cook, and can’t do housework. Dad does everything.”

“I think Kaori-san’s a special case though.”

It seemed Kaori was the name of Kido’s mother. It seemed she was completely incapable of housework.

“That’s why my parents hope that I can do housework. Ah, I can though.”

“They want to raise you as a good girl, and they really did, but you somehow end up with a muscle fetish. I’m about to cry.”

“It’s your fault, Socchan.”

“Don’t push the blame.”

Kayano pinched at Kido’s cheeks, and the latter protested while making vague noises. Amane burst out laughing.

Such was the distance between childhood friends, though it was probably because they were still dating. It was a refreshing feeling to see another couple different from Itsuki and Chitose.

“…Wh-what are you laughing at?”

“Nothing, just that you two are on good terms.”

“You don’t have the right to say that. You’re being so flirty with Shiina-san.”

“It’s not exactly what you say.”

“In any case, you’re flirting so much, it’s blinding me.”

Kido pointed her index finger at Amane, *stop pointing fingers, *and Kayano grabbed her hand. Nice chemistry, Amane thought, and sighed silently.

“…I don’t mean that.”

“So that’s just you being all lovey-dovey every day? That’s amazing.”

“Shut up.”

“But Shiina-san’s the reason why you can make up your mind to work. I think it’s great to act for the future.”

“…Oh, so you’re suddenly starting with part-time work because of Shiina-san?”

Kayano did not know of this, not because Kido did not mention so, but because Amane told Kido not to go around talking about it. Kayano nodded understandingly, and Kido looked a little distraught.

She might be worried, thinking that she did not abide by her promise, and blurted out that he was working for Mahiru’s sake.

Well, since Amane would be colleagues with Kayano, it was pointless to conceal the fact, and it was a matter of time until he would be questioned. It was fine as long as nobody mentioned so to Amane.

“Keep it a secret from Mahiru. I want to surprise her.”

“You hear that Socchan? You can’t say that.”

“You’re the blabbermouth Ayaka.”


Kido got a flick on the forehead, and covered it while looking teary. Kayano gave her a reluctant glance, and saw a speechless Amane, only to smile awkwardly.

“Anyway, I understand. I’ll help you out however I can.”


“Thank you too for being able to be friends with Ayaka.”

“…Eh, no way, I’m not at the point where I need you to worry about me, Socchan.”

“But you always blurt things out.”

“I do not!”

Kido pouted upon hearing Kayano’s criticism, slapping at the abs that were said to be healthy if he stripped (according to Kido). Amane watched on, feeling all warm and fuzzy.