Chapter 246 – People have their own Interests

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Chapter 246 – People have their own Interests

“Ah, about work, you’ll have to wait a while. Probably for a week or two, since they’ll have to arrange your shift and prepare your uniform.”

The duo stopped their couple bicker, and started eating again when Kido suddenly remembered and muttered so.

“Well, it’s not like I’m hoping to start immediately. What uniform?”

“Ahhh, it’s not as fancy as the festival. It’ll be simpler, don’t worry. Same goes for the female ones, it’s not all frilly like that.”

“And I’ve been wondering what would I do if it’s as impressive as that cafe.

The other staff were at the back counter when he met Itomaki, and he did not know what they were wearing, but they were not clothes he had to worry about. He was relieved.

The clothes worn during the cultural festival was a little more formal, and somewhat glamorous. It would be unbearable to wear such clothes, even though it was for work.

“Ah, I told them about your sizes, Fujimiya-kun. Is that fine?”

“I’m fine with that, but how did you know?”

“I saw them during the festival. And it’s obvious anyway.”

A guy’s sizes is mostly the same through the clothes, she smiled. Perhaps it was the skill she obtained from her muscle fetish. Next to her, Kayano clearly looked dumbfounded, just call her for what she is, a pervert, and said these words that were a little rude to her.

“I can only get a rough idea of course, and I can’t really tell the muscle mass without touching…ah, it’s not sexual harassment. I’ll ask for permission before checking.”

“O-okay…yep, saves the effort of telling her the sizes…I guess.”

“Look Ayaka, he’s scared of you. You don’t have to praise this person, Fujimiya.”

“Don’t speak of me like a complete stranger.”

Kido pouted, and looked really adorable as she fumed away. Once her eyes met Amane’s, she lowered her eyes apologetically.

“Sorry for showing you such an embarrassing side.”

“Hm? It’s fine. It’s not the first time.”

“Ugh, that hurts. But you’re not wrong…I basically showed it during the festival…”

“Hm, well, I understand that you have different interests from others, and I don’t really think any different about it…as long as it doesn’t hurt everyone. Everyone has their own interests, and I don’t really feel uncomfortable, or that I’ll badmouth anyone.”

Everyone had their own good points, and should be respected as long as they did not harm others. Amane never thought of excluding anyone just because of some differences; that was not what he was taught at home.

And also, he really could not assume it had nothing to do with him, since recently, he had a feeling that Mahiru was starting to have a muscle fetish.

He did not intend to reject or deny anyone, but he was a little terrified, so he remained tentative.

*Anyway, I don’t really have the right to grumble about anyone. *Amane muttered so as he picked up the dashimaki Mahiru made. Kido then shivered, seemingly impressed, and then she smiled as she slapped at Amane’s shoulder.

“You’re really well taught, or a good person, Fujimiya-kun! No wonder Shiina-san likes you!”


“What is it Socchan? You jealous? Relax, I’m focused on you…”

“Ah, I know that, but you just hit Fujimiya…”

Amane lost his grip on the chopsticks when he got slapped, and the dashimaki rolled onto the black vinegar sauce coasted on the meat dumplings made by her.

Luckily, it did not fall onto the sheet or his clothes, but he liked the delicate taste of the dashimaki. He was stunned, stupefied, that the taste had changed. Kayano assumed that Kido had knocked him out.

Amane stared at the dashimaki covered in dark brown sauce, which caused Kido to panic.

“So-sorry! I didn’t mean it!”

“I-it’s fine, it’s still edible. I’ll just eat off the skin first…”

“Woah you look so sad! I’m really sorry! I’ll kowtow to Shiina-san to make you another one!”

“I’m fine…”

Amane was not that unhappy, but Kido frantically apologized. He smiled, and for some reason, Kido was really sorry as she lowered her head once again.