Chapter 247 – Pampering Pro

Hellping Heavenping

For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 247 – Pampering Pro

“You really love dashimaki, Amane-kun.”

It seemed Mahiru had heard the explanation from Kido, and she seemed to recall this matter on the way back from school, for she said so with a smile.

She was giggling away, for she might have found it interesting, but it was so graceful, and there were surrounding gazes upon them.

*Stop laughing, *Amane pinched the hand he was holding, but her smile did not abate. He really wanted to pinch her face, but he was holding her bag in one hand, and her hand in the other, so he could not do so.

“But there is dashimaki in the bento every once in a while. There were some leftovers in the morning, and I do make them at night, sometimes.”

“That’s that. I wanted it for lunch.”

“Goodness, Kido-san apologized to me so seriously, and even begged me.”

It seemed Kido had felt responsible for it, and obediently bowed to Mahiru.

Amane himself had no intention of reproaching Kido, for he was the one who dropped it due to his own miscue, the dashimaki did not drop onto the floor, and the taste was the only thing that changed slightly.

“Well, I think I need to apologize to Kido. I’m just lamenting to myself after all.”

“She said your face was terrible.”

“Eh…but that’s your dashimaki.”

“I can make it for you anytime.”

“…Even for dinner?”

“You wish to swap out tonight’s menu? You really are hopeless.”

*Goodness, *Mahiru sounded as though she was begrudging, but her voice seemed a little elated, and she probably was not unwilling.

Amane felt a little ticklish upon seeing her give a serene smile, but he had a feeling she was treating him like a child, and he nearly pouted, barely.

“I shall add it to the menu tonight then. Do dote on me lots tonight in return.”

“This request? Sure, I’m hoping you would ask.”

Mahiru was usually sturdy, and Amane would oblige if she wanted him to pamper her, or even do so without her asking. One might say his interest was in pampering her.

He agreed without a second thought, and Mahiru, the one who mentioned this, started to reel back.

“…That will trouble me too.”


“Because you do not know moderation, Amane-kun.”

“Eh, am I that violent?”

“I do not mean that…it is just that, you will pamper me without stopping the moment you decidee on it…”

“Since I decided on it, of course I’ll do it.”

“…I will feel unbearable if I am pampered too much.”

My waist will weaken, and I will not stand upright, so she muttered so, and Amane burst out laughing.

This doting was merely just skinship, kissing, and embrace, but Mahiru found it unbearable. If he devoted himself to pampering her completely, she would crumble completely, and he had seen this situation far too often, It seemed she did not want that to happen.

“Anyway, excessiveness is a no go. Please do so normally.”

“I can’t do normal, you know. That’s my normal.”

“…This is the skill of those with the Fujimiyas’ bloodline…”

“I’m not as good as dad though.”

Amane did not have the pampering skills of his father, and he would not do so naturally.

To him, his father was really kind to his family, and would grant his deep love. Amane hoped that his father was a little more poised, but his father was an ideal, and he wanted to become such a person. He did not think he had attained this ideal, for he felt that he lacked some emotional awareness.

“…I really wish Shihoko-san can hear this. It is a pity she is not here.”

“Why mention mom…she went back already.”

Amane’s parents had left, and obviously, it was because they had to work the next day.

Their weekends were never this lively, and once they returned home, the contrast seemed so unnerving.

“It is quiet now.”

“You’re really happy when you’re with mom.”

“Of course. I got to hear stories about you, Amane-kun.”

“…How about a super size portion of doting?”

“No, th-this is a little…”

Amane decided to pamper her lots to coerce her into telling what his parents said. She panicked, but it was her fault for letting her tongue slip. Amane had intended to control himself if he did not notice so, but there was no if this time.

*Now how do I give her lots, *Amane’s lips curled, and Mahiru showed a frozen look, headbutted into his arm, and maintained this pose until they reached the supermarket.