Chapter 262 – The Cute Rabbit Angel

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For He Has Since Retired

Chapter 262 – The Cute Rabbit Angel

Amane was done with his bath, returned to the living room, and Mahiru, who was not in, had returned.

She had changed into her pajamas, the faint pink bunny pajamas she bought the last time. Amane had the kitty version, not a matching type, but he did not expect her to actually wear it on this day and had his usual nightwear on instead.

The heart that was usually dangling behind her hair was hung loose behind her ears, hoodie on, unadorned, and she looked really adorable.

The last two stayovers, she deliberately chose a negligee and a babydoll dress that were rather skimpy to test Amane’s sanity. This time, it appeared Amane could at ease.

“…It really suits you. It’s just like you, Mahiru.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Like, you’re little, fluffy, and cute, and it shows how you’re scared of loneliness…”

In fact, rabbits were not exactly such creatures, but the impression they had was that they were petite, soft, fluffy, cute, and scared of loneliness. They were basically an embodiment for Mahiru.

To be honest, he was praising her, but she appeared to be unhappy.

*Mmm, *she puffed her cheeks and looked up at Amane, and once she saw that his hair was wet, she frowned harder.

“I know how you look at me, Amane-kun…but more importantly, did you choose to deliberately not dry your hair because I am around?”

Why did you not use the dryer on your hair? Mahiru pinched at Amane’s hair, reproaching so. So you figured out, so Amane showed a wry smile.

He would dry his hair properly whenever Mahiru was around, and would occasionally wipe with a towel whenever Mahiru was not too busy, letting Mahiru dry the rest.

He knew this would cause her trouble, so this little bit of fawning was truly once in a while. The joy of Mahiru touching him and caring for him prompted him to do so, however.

Childish it might be, Amane could not change this habit.

“You’re thinking too much…alright, it’s not. I did it on purpose. I want you to do it for me, Mahiru.”

“Goodness…but it is fine. I enjoy this, and this is your way of fawning around.”

Mahiru had seen through Amane completely, and Amane felt conflicted, but he was then relieved once she saw how impishly she giggled.

Come here, she prodded, and so Amane sat on the sofa. Mahiru gave him a bewildered look that betrayed her delighted smile, so he too smiled as he plugged in the dryer.

The dryer at home was silent, and the wind warmer than Mahiru’s hair buzzed at him quietly.

Most of the water was dried off messily with a towel, and Mahiru only had to finish the job and dry off the rest. She continued to warm his hair carefully and even checked on the hair texture, “Good, looks like you did not slack in caring for your hair.” so she muttered.

When Amane last touched Mahiru’s skin, Mahiru said that it would be better for her skin to be a little smoother, so she did care for it well.  At the same time, Amane thought she would be happier if his skin was a little smoother when she touched him, so he did care of it somewhat.

Thanks to that, he had smooth hair recently, and it was easier for him to comb through.

“…But Amane-kun, you had fine hair, to begin with.”

“Thanks to my parents. They’re thinner and softer though, and get entangled easily.”

“But it is easier to make them smoother, so that is good now? I think a hair care product as a present might be fine.”

You should have made it a little more moist, so she said as she dried his hair. She pulled out a comb out of nowhere, and deftly combed the hair that was fluffy due to the air flowing through.

And thus, the hairstyle was just as Mahiru liked it. According to her, she also liked the men’s style which she was used to seeing at school, but at this point, she was calmed.

“If you want it a little more glossy, I’ll just improve on it then”

“I-it is not that I like it…I just find it nicer to touch, and more enjoyable to comb through.”

“I’ll ask Kadowaki and the others if they got any suggestions. If you’re happy, I’m happy.”

And just like that, she ended up touching more often than before. That would be the main objective, but he decided not to mention it for the time being.

If Mahiru liked it, it was worth Amane’s effort to care of it, and this probably would improve his confidence, which was a good thing…while he thought about it, Mahiru put the comb onto the table, her forehead onto his arm, and she rolled about.

The familiar manner of hiding her embarrassment had Amane chuckling to himself quietly. Whenever she rolled her head about, the ears on her hood would twitch, and Amane was all the more bemused.

“That bunny there has four pink ears now.”

“Quiet…I should have you wear one too, Amane-kun. I am a bunny now after all.”

“So it’ll be a bunny taking care of a cat’s fur.”

“That is cute, no?”

“…I’m fine with you being the only cute thing, Mahiru.”

If he were careless, the predator and the prey, the cat and rabbit, would end up getting so friendly, and he would have the urge to laugh at that. However, he did not think he would be cute, even if he became a cat.

Compared to the past, Amane was a little fitter, and the childish vibe on his face was gradually fading away. He lost his cuteness a long time again, and was mystified as to why Mahiru called him cute, but it was merely a sense of personal taste, which he could not do anything about.

The redness on her cheeks gradually faded away, and she looked up at Amane. He did not know of this cuteness Mahiru said about him, so he kissed her on the lips, deliberately rattling her.

She immediately blinked, and her face turned red. She did not resist, probably because she was so elated. Amane embraced her, and she lost all strength in her body, practically telling Amane to do as he pleased.

He gently ate up the alluring lips, and slowly pried apart the peach clams. Mahiru accepted him honestly, and did not resist.

There had been a little change to Mahiru recently, that she would invite Amane in, and also do the same things to him. To be honest, she was adorable.

He heard this weak sound all to himself, and was delighted that the adorable bunny welcomed the wolf, while shivering.

He did not like such a deep kiss, for the brimming passion would have gone overboard. One time he stayed over however, he overdid it and terrified her, so he tried to ensure the kiss was gentle and yet deep.

“…I should have bought a wolf pajamas instead of a cat.”

Both sides silently pulled their lips away from each other, and after a short moment, Mahiru paced her erratic breathing as she murmured begrudgingly. Amane smiled, trying his best not to let the embarrassment from the kiss run amok.

“In that case, the only cute thing is the little bunny Mahiru.”

“You bully.”

*Mm, *Mahiru pursed her lips that were wetter than before, and this time, she headbutted his arm, expressing her displeasure.

“…And this is where you’re not cute.”

“I am not.”

“You lie. You are so new at this.”

“Shut up.”

It was to be expected, since it was his first time dating.

At this point, Amane could barely conceal the embarrassment and nervousness that came with being a couple, but it was to be expected that he was initially not used to it.

If that innocence was cute, then he would rather Mahiru have that instead. he did not want the one he liked to see him lose composure.

“…I shall find a chance to shock you next time. I cannot be losing every time.”

Mahiru pouted unnecessarily, and Amane stuffed her lips again to prevent her ploy from leaking out, savoring the sweet lips.